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2005-11-26 17:43:39
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Dear God;;

101. I dont think I know how to Love.
102. (m)(17)i confess i have had normal/oral sex with my little cousins (7)(12) and i always masterbate to the thought of what i have done with them in the past i am adicted to masterbation and am atracted to wierd stuff like doctor sex incest, rape and i am also bi incest is great. Nobody else knows this.
103. I fuck ugly guys cos theyre the only ones that will have me.
104. I love my best friend. I also what to fuck her.
105. Sometiems i dont wash my hand after i masterbate and see how many people will shake hands iwth me.
106. I hate this one girl who goes to my school, i make up reasons like shes annoying, immature, pathetic, sad, etc. but shes really pretty, i just dont like her because shes overweight.
107. I hate it when people are less inteligent than me. if they would just try a little damn harder they wouldnt be so stupid.
108. There are times when I suspect that I wouldn't care about the ills of society if I were thin, beautiful and getting fucked senseless six times a day.
109. I used to be cool with my exgf but recently she told me that she just got tired of being a virgin so when she was at a party one time she got totally drunk and let some guy have sex with her.
I still act like it's all cool, but ever since she told me that I've lost so much respect for her. She's just not the same person anymore that she was before...I'm kind of disgusted by her.
110. mom made me get an abortion. i was going to name my baby Poppy.
111. Whenever i see an old woman walking across the street, i always want to just kick their heal in.
112. i want to know why, nobody really loves me. i want to know why, you let someone truely love me, i cant have him the way i want to because of his belief's((open relationships))..i want to know why you would do this to me.
113. I have a confession. I love the attention.
114. I hate always being the dominant one. I wish he'de take controll more often.
115. I had sex with my sister after she passed out at a party, and I really want to do it again but everyday i hate myself a little bit more.
116. I really want to be inside her.
117. I love smelling my blood when im on my period.
118. I HATE MY BEST FRIEND. He's gay and he thinks i respect that. I dont.
119. The last girl i was with, told me I was her worst time ever.
120. I decided today, im going to start smoking.
121. Hearing myself moan turns me on alot more than he does.
122. I tried heroin today O_O. I want to do it again.
123. I have gential warts. Nobody knows this yet haha.
124. I shaved my girlfriends pussy the other day and now that the hairs growing back its really itchy. it makes me laugh everytime i think about it.
125. Im in love with my spanish teacher. He kissed me and we had sex in his class room.
126. i know i act happy and all, but i really hate myself. i hate myself for being a nobody
127. Eh, could I bum a smoke off ya?
128. i know they l i e to me when they call me beautiful.
129. Thank you for music. And love. Those two are your greatest creations.
130. Why did you let me meet him, if you knew we couldn't be together, it hurts to be so far away.
131. Although I ask him if he wants it, I Hate it when he needs "Space" from me.
132. He wants me to choose between him or the drugs. Why cant I choose both ?
133. Its him all the way.
134. What's the point of free will when they don't understand that they make the decisions?
135. I hope he gets lung cancer. Except not really- but who the fuck is he to lie to me?
136. He Hits Her but im not allowed to say anything.
137. I starve myself. Now I'm sick and I can't eat, I really wish I had that choice again.
138. My message to God: I'm listening. Now just let the universe help me get what I want, ok? Oh and please help me find out what I want. Cheers.
139. Why am I Never good enough?
140. people always say im cute, but never beautiful!
141. he likes my best friend, and now i hate her!
142. I called someone an arrogant idiot behind his back, and it felt good.
143. It cut myself for the first time today and I was shaking. I cried because i couldnt even draw blood. But i kept trying, and now i cry a lot longer.
144. I too, like #143 cut myself. I feel so ashamed of it, but secretly I want everyone to see, to see how much its hurting me.
145. Do you ever get sick and tired of being the scapegoat?
146. Please give them an emotional map and compass, they're so lost.
147. Thank you for all my flaws, I love them.
148. How was your day?
149. Why is it so hard to get along with him?
150. i was relived when my cousin died. he molested me when i was 6.
151. the scars on my arms arent from my cat like i told you
152. my mother has never trusted me. and its kills me every FUCKIN day. so i smoke behinde her back to make me feel better. but it doesnt. its makes the pain worse so i keep doing it.
153. i scare men off.
154. im beatiful.
155. I feel Special today. Thank you so much. Its been a long time.
156. Im trying to stop myself crying. Please hold back my tears. I dont seem to be able to find the strength.
157. I scare some people... why can't anyone see all I really need is to be held? JUST CUZ I'M NOT LIKE YOU DOESN'T MEAN I DON'T NEED LOVE!!
158. Dear God, if you really exist, and humans are supposed to be your greatest creation, You're an idiot for letting them destroy the rest of your work as they decend to "hell"in a spiral of hatred
159. How come I'm not dead yet? I thought you were supposed to be merciful...
160. Why do people always ask me if I'm gay...? I'm not!
161. Why do I get depressed over being alone, and ignore the things I should be grateful for?
162. my father loves my brother more then he loves me
163. i hope i die tragically so that every one i know will always remeber me
164. ive never kissed a boy. but ive made out with a girl. and im straight
164. i wish..he'd stop telling people my secrets..and i wish he'd just forget about me entirly. please. please just let him forget about me..and let me forget about him
165. Does it have to be this way?
166. Is it possible to be in love with two people.
167. Yes I love him, and yes i also love my boyfriend. I love them both like ive never loved anyone before. But i love my boyfriend like "i want to spend the rest of my life with him" kiond of way, and my friend in a different way. a different but none the less, nothing like ive ever felt before. There is a difference, right God?
168. i feel to happy right now, something is going to go wrong!
169. I live a happy life and have things I should be thankful for, I have a loving family and many friends. Then why do I want to just disapear from the earth?
170. I love him so much but he just lives so far away. And I can't even tell anyone.
171. I can't hold down a decent guy. They're always on crack or something. I smoke too much. I drink too much. I pull to many meaningless guys. Then I feel used. Sometimes I want to crawl into a hole and die. Sometimes I want to walk on the clouds. Sometimes I want to stay right here on earth.
Why do you let it hurt so much?
172. Why did you make us live so far apart.. why did you make us both be with someone.. we could of been something if we had the chance.. and if you made him like me.. not say he likes me but really likes my best friend... Why did you make that happen? maybe we coulda been happy if we had the chance to be....
173. Why dont you let me sleep at night?
174. You let him force himself inside of me. I was screaming but you didnt even try to stop him.
175. Do you ever get sick and tired of having all the control? Why not let someone else have a go?
176. Ide make a better God than you. Firstly I wouldnt put everyone through so much suffering.
177. Today was an alone day.
178. I wish everybody would just leave me alone.
179. Does physical contact obstruct mental communication? It really feels so.
180. Me again. Is it considered a sin if I just have homicidal THOUGHTS? And by the way, if I could sell my soul just to be with him for the rest of my life, I would. WHY are we so far apart???
181. It's me from 171.Didn't go to school again today. Couldn't face it.I was going to be a good girl this year, and go to school every single day. But i already missed 2 in the first week, to go to a funeral. I don't think I could have lasted through today. Seen the hatred on certain people's faces. Heard the whispering, the spiteful conversations, the bitchyness. Even my best friends can be bitchy when they're together. Oh well. I'm talking to the big guy upstairs now. If you can sort my school shit out, i'd be really grateful.
And why did you let my uncle die? And my granddaddy? And my nana? My daddy's never going to get over them you know. Im so scared that I might lose him too. Don't let me lose my daddy. Please God. Thanks man xx
182. Why Cant I Just Say No.
183. Why do I feel like im making other people jealous because im his friend. MayBe I should back off, even though it will be hard and he IS my best friend. He doesnt have a girlfriend, and i have aboyfriend but hes so fucking popular and I feel like im upsetting alot of people who are just as/almost as close to him. Just let it work out.
184. When will they realise im not asking for their permission.
185. Sometimes I just wish I could fly away... Sometimes I wish I could forgive and forget... Sometimes I wonder why you made the little girl I used to be cry herself to sleep each night, so much so she was so scared to close her eyes incase she saw his face again... Most of the time I wonder that if you do really hear us, why do you ignore our cries for help? Is your only purpose to break heart after heart until every beat fades into the ocean, and everyone ceases to exist?And maybe I wish & I wonder too much..
186.hello God..sometimes i want people to feel bad for me....then i see others just like that...and well thank you for leting me live...
187.shes could have saved her....they all died EVERYONE I took them away...and now i cant see because of the tears...
189. I feel ugly.
190. Why did you make me so Fucking ugly. And everyone else so Fucking Beautiful.?
191. Thanks for another love-filled day and for that great safe-sex in the afternoon. I know that when I listen to You, You'll make my world work just they way I want. So umm, yeah, good teamwork mate. Oh and as an unselfish addment, please let other people learn to see and hear Your signs, so You would be able to make their life as perfect as mine.
192. thank you so much for him. and thank you so much for my friendships, my sister..i'm a really lucky girl, i have real friends..
193. why the HELL did you think hot dogs were a good idea?
194. He's too good for me, Am I good enough for Him?
I dont think so..
195. I hate a completely random person who hasn't done anything wrong. Please don't be mad at me God...
196. I have a confession to make. I havent really slept with 10 guys, I havent given head to 15, I havent been eaten out more times than i can even begin to remember. Im a virgin.
197. I cut myself.
198. Im afraid to eat.
199. I want to be with him more than anything, but i think he hates me...
200. I like it when I'm around people who wouldn't want me to be there, because I know it bothers them more than it does me. seeing them cringe makes me feel good.


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