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Username: [Dezmond]
Alignment: Evil
Character Name: Serge
Physical Description: Auburn tinted tresses fall Just passed the shoulders, somewhat choppy against his lithe frame. Serge has a lightly tanned complextion, and a striking amethyst gaze. Facial features are sharp, angled cheekbones accenting a pointed chin, with thin lips atop it. HIs body is his masterpeice, covered from head to toe in an ever elaborating tatoo. Each addition represents a new part to his life 
Weapon of Choice: A lance, the blade of which comprised of a unique onyx tinged metal.
Chosen Enchant: Stunning blow
Personality Description: He has a sharp tongue and a fowl temper. Not many people get past that.
Chosen Element: Water
Additional Information Not only does he manipulate water in a physical sense, but he uses the moisture in the air to create illusions, or to put it simply, mirages.
Time Period: Rennaisance

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