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2008-10-21 21:44:50
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Pastkeepers art contest gallery

By [5thwitch] and [pianista]

We were so delighted by the pieces submitted in this contest that We decided to make a gallery to expose them. it was a hard decision because we were taken by those pics, so we will explain the motive We judge this drawing so incredible.


by[5thwitch]This is really Gin. The expression, the eyes, the hair... I mean, if I wasn't sure that i didn't draw this picture, I could say that I was the artist who did it...

by[pianista]Wow! Actually a realistic expression!


That's Telepathy, This is Aenima in one of my first thoughts of her.

It's like [Galatea] opened my head and just extracted that memory, she put it into[5thwitch]

What else can I add? =) by[pianista]

<img200*0:stuff/Aenima2.jpg>[Future Dictator]

by[5thwitch]What an intense portrait!if Aenima had realistic shape she would be so sensual and mystic

by[pianista]I love colors in this portrait!


Interesting composition, with the two by the side and Aenima in the middle but detached. the logo is a cool[5thwitch]

It would be perfect as a film poster! by[pianista]


by[5thwitch]Wow, such beautiful bright colours, above all for the eyes and Aenima's hair. I love the atmosphere [0-Aki] gave to it

by[pianista]I agree with [5thwitch]. It's like a comic strip :)


So ethereal, like a far memory from the[5thwitch]

I love graduated shading in this portrait by[pianista]

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2009-04-06 [Astrid.]: Is the contest still going on by any chance?

2009-04-16 [5thwitch]: The contest i closed, for the winners take a look at Pastkeepers art contest Winners by the way if you want to add something, you're welcome

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