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2011-04-09 14:25:50
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Name: "Blitz" Krieg Adelbert

Age: 37

Affiliation: Nazi

Rank: Sergeant First Class

Gender: Male

Description: Like many of his brothers, Krieg is the epitome of the German Ideal, blond and blue eyed. Though he does have his quirks, he takes great pride in his generalized appearance. His hair is kept neatly trimmed, never EVER coming beneath the tips of his ears, and always kept swept back beneath his hat. He has a neatly trimmed beard that lines his face ever so slightly, given him just the slightest appearance of jolliness. His eyes are such a striking blue, they almost appear inhuman. He stands at a rather meager height of 5'4". He does not give off the overall appearance of dominance as many of his other comrades do. In fact, he appears quite laid back.


Enhancement: Krieg has taken up the increased speed and agility enhancement, however because of this he does not sleep, canNOT more likely. His metabolic rate is so high, that he cannot go more than an hour without consuming calories.

Dark Arts: yes

Weapons: Mauser C96

FG 42

Allgemeine-SS Sword
It was believed that the blade would do better than the bullet when used with his speed.

History: Krieg was not always the successful soldier that he is today. Before the enhancement programs were initiated, he was simply a meek and meager soldier who did as he was ordered. He was so ordered to take the enhancements, never even given a choice, unlike some of the higher ranked officers. He was simply a Private First Class when he started treatments. He was told that his rank made him expendable and if the enhancements did not warrant positive results, he would be terminated.
Although the results were not entirely what they had anticipated, he had proven to be an acceptable compromise. He was no where near as fast as they had hoped the enhancement would provide, but he was a great deal faster than the normal soldiers they tested alongside of him. Which, therefore, labeled him as a success and thusly, he was granted life. It did not take him long to move along the chain of command. Being as he was now, he was far superior to Private First Class Adelbert.


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