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2007-02-15 02:39:40
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and why shouldn't we tell her all the wonderful adjectives that she is

In on word describe [dayah]...

1. Huggable ~[Cia_mar]
2. adorable [Jitter]
3. talented and improving [yusuf]
4. A redhead! :D [deus-misereatur]
5. Great friend [Ikko]
6. Skilled ^___^ [Lady of Lore]
7. Really awesome!!! [schitzo]


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2006-11-22 [dayah]: hehe thanks cia...*huggles*

2006-11-22 [Cia_mar]: you are most welcome! *huggles back*

2006-11-22 [dayah]: oh new work in progress on my house.

2006-11-22 [Cia_mar]: yes i saw very good i like the archeress!

2006-11-22 [dayah]: thanks...need to figure out the background...sigh...

2006-11-22 [Cia_mar]: trees?

2006-11-22 [dayah]: yeah thought about that...trying to figuring out how exactly to do the trees..but may have and idea...hmmm..gonna go work on it..hows everything going with you?

2006-11-22 [Cia_mar]: good just getting things done on here before heading off to get ready for my long i will be having withdrawls for ET by the 2nd day for

2006-11-22 [dayah]: lol I am sure...I do...

2006-11-22 [Cia_mar]: hee hee

2006-11-23 [dayah]: yay...i be adorable too..*huggles*

2006-12-20 [Cia_mar]:


2006-12-20 [deus-misereatur]: XD

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