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2007-10-14 04:37:28
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I asked my friends to describe me in one word...thought this was interesting enough for a wiki so enjoy

ok well it looks like some people think that i am worth more than just one word *blushes* so i take the restriction of one word have funa d anwrite what ever you like!!!! *huggles to all*

"Cia is..."

1....FUN! by [Lady Ice]
2....AngelHearted by [Iske]
3....Awesome by [Arwen Elf Friend]
4....Fantastic! ^^ by [Teufelsweib]
5....peaceful by [yusuf]
6....Artistic! by [Atayemi]
7....Beautiful [dayah]
8....Lovely-lady [moira hawthorne]
9....Lovin' da creds! XD [Yuriona]
10...Fun! [Jitter]
11...magic [Dr.Mandarian]
12...Lief<3 [someelf]
13...Verycutegirlwithabrillianttalentfordrawingandpersonwhoyoucanturntowhenyouneedhelpgreatgirl [Rain S.]
14...talented and a tad mad but good fun and wears skimp outfits(Cia_mar told me her self)[Leon Silver]
15...√úberness [KnightAngel]
16...too cool for school! XD [deus-misereatur]
17....a very good person.[Zab]
18....a very nice, good, friendly, wholesome, warm, gifted, charming, down-to-earth, Christian lady & friend! *huggles* :D [Artsieladie]
19...A great friend[schitzo]


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2006-11-27 [Cia_mar]: wow.. that is long one word [Rain S.] lol

2006-11-27 [Kyrinn]: Is that in the dictionary? XD

2006-11-27 [Cia_mar]: hmm i wonder that myself?

2006-11-27 [Kyrinn]: *adds it*

2006-11-27 [Cia_mar]: lol

2006-12-16 [Cia_mar]: *runs and hides skimpy outfit and turns and tries to look innocent* *wink*

2006-12-16 [moira hawthorne]: I SAW THAT! <img:stuff/mood-gif.gif>

2006-12-16 [Cia_mar]: lol

2006-12-20 [Cia_mar]: thank you Angel!!!

2006-12-20 [KnightAngel]: Hehe your welcome ^_^

2006-12-20 [Cia_mar]: this is fun!!!

2006-12-20 [KnightAngel]: I've noticed XD

2006-12-20 [deus-misereatur]: yeh

2007-02-13 [Cia_mar]: and you are here too! wow scotty, you get around!

2007-02-13 [schitzo]: Hmmm please people don't take that the wrong way, I'm Very faithful*Winks at Cia*

2007-02-13 [Cia_mar]: lol

2007-06-30 [Zab]: Someone forgot to add their name:P

2007-07-01 [Cia_mar]: i normally would not delete comments or things that people say... but i do not appreciate anonymous people saying things in a sarcastic manner

2007-07-01 [Zab]: I think you're in your full right to delete it:P
And you are brave too. ;)

2007-07-02 [Cia_mar]: i may be brave... but that person definitely was not being "complimentary" in his/her words...
i have reported them for harassment

2007-07-03 [Zab]: I know that.

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