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2007-08-05 23:31:13
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The ONLY places I post my art...


A lot of people have mistaken my art thief "Paine" for me. I wish to clear up this confusion as quickly as possible. I will do this by posting links to THE ONLY sites on the web on which my art is posted in gallery form.








No place else!


Here are some major things to look out for when trying to distingish between the thief and I:

1. She always copies my bio and image descriptions directly but changes one or two things in them for some reason.
◦ She usually changes my boyfriend Glenn's name to Bryan, but she'll prolly pick some other name now.
◦ She also likes to say she lives in Egypt. I live in North Carolina in the United States.
◦ She always changes the "stand alone vocal artists" that I like. My bio said Sarah McLachlan and Celine Dion, but I've changed it since then but you can find my favorite junk on FavoriteJunk.

2. I do NOT post my art on forums, online journals, or online communities other than Elftown and

3. If you talk to the person and the person has horrible grammar, can't spell, and has limited abilities with punctuation, you're not talking to me. :3

4. If you see that she has a screenshot of her desktop posted somewhere, and the taskbar is that of Windows XP, that is HER, not me. ;3 I have Windows ME, to my own dismay. :P Plus, I really don't take screenshots of my desktops. I only did that once for my DeviantART gallery. Amendment: I now have Windows XP, though I still don't take screenshots of my desktop for no reason.

5. If the contact e-mail is NOT, then the gallery is NOT mine. I will always have my e-mail visible as well. She likes to hide hers when possible.

6. Finally, if the gallery has been made after October 3, 2004, the gallery is not mine. I opened my DeviantART gallery on October 2, 2004, which was the last gallery I've opened. Amendment: I created May 9, 2007 as a new home for my Anthro Pirates, which are originally here on Elftown.

Also, these are my only LiveJournal accounts:


That pretty much concludes my disclaimer. Now for that animation I was talking about. ;3


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2005-06-23 [Tranquility]: awesome

2005-07-05 [K.a.c.]: I'll keep my eyes peeled...wait, that might hurt...

2005-07-05 [Adnama]: *cringes at the thought* x_x;

2005-07-26 [♥.Flowers Of Carnage.]: xD Teh animation is really good && Wouldn't you have thought she would have just given up? I read paine && My god, that girl doesn't tire :S

2005-08-19 [K.a.c.]: peeled eyeballs!

2005-08-19 [K.a.c.]: bwahahahaha

2005-09-23 [x_phoenix_x]: -__-U yup... if she's not stealing art, she's dragging ass... The new era of Stacey Hunters is dawning....

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