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*Phoenix* Reviews

Here is a list of a bunch of things I've reviewed. Feel the power of my opinions!

Have fun looking at them.
Back to April's Stories.

General Rosario+Vampire Review
Fruits Basket General Manga Review
Vampire Knight Review
General Death Note Manga Review
General Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Review
Angel Sanctuary Review
Angel Diary Review

Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley Review
The Edge Chronicles Vol. 1 Review
Pendragon Review
A Room with a View review
Paradise Lost/Paradise Regained Review
Frankenstein Review
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda Review
Avalon: Web of Magic Review
Septimus Heap Review
Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales Review
I Am Mordred review
I Am Morgan le Fay review
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland review
Through the Looking Glass review
Fish Out of Water review

Trading Card Game
Battle Spirits TCG review

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