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Race: Dark Elf
Siding: Dark Army
Rank/Occupation: Captain
Age: 2,860

Abilities: Advanced in fire.

Weapons: Rayne fights solely with magic, and is very dexterous. Though she despizes weapons, she does keep several knives on her person, per Ullari's request. She keeps a small one hidden in her bodice, one bound to her leg, and sometimes others hidden in various places.

Appearance:<img:> Rayne is tall, standing at about 6’5”, and thin, she has very angular features, high prominent cheekbones, and a sharp chin. She has the extraordinarily pail skin and red eyes characteristic of her race. She has long black hair, which she keeps in a thick braid that reaches her waist. She wears black and red clothing, usually a long black dress with a red sash or corset. She is very beautiful, with a good figure, but no one has ever so much as touched her and lived, save for Ullari.

Personality: Rayne has a fiery temper and is very passionate. She will strike out at anything that she feels is a threat to herself, Ullari’s cause, or Ullari himself. Though Rayne has devoted her entire life to Ullari and is one of his highest officers, she is still very young by Elvish standards, and still tends to be rather childish at times. Ullari's treatment of her is almost akin to how one might treat an adored pet.

History: Rayne was the daughter of a widower, one of the Elvish High Counsel members. When her father discovered that she had joined Ullari’s Dark Brotherhood at 538 years old, he was livid. Her most painful memory is of her own father's denouncement of her before the High Council. But when Lomien slew the Counsel, and her father with them, she became all the more devoted to Ullari’s cause. She has been with him since the beginning and is passionate, almost to the point of obsession, in her abiding devotion to Ullari and his cause.

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