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Welcome to

*Yours and Mine: ET Poets United*

By [Pink_Pixie]



If you haven't noticed yet this is a place for Elftown(ET) Members to post their poetry. Your poetry may be about anything(for it is your poetry), I'm not judemental or picky. And If you'd like to post your poetry on Yours and Mine please sign up to be a member first. Then If you would please put a banner in your ET "house"

I'm giving mega props to [Linderel], She helped out a lot on here!

<img:img/drawing/87698_1156889143.jpg?x=15&y=15> Yours and Mine:Members <*sign up to be a member

<img:img/drawing/87698_1156889143.jpg?x=15&y=15> My Poetry:Pink_Pixie

<img:img/drawing/87698_1156889143.jpg?x=15&y=15> Yours and Mine:Member Poetry <*a place to post your poetry

<img:img/drawing/87698_1156889143.jpg?x=15&y=15> Yours and Mine:Poetry by catagory <*famous poetry that I've posted by category

<img:img/drawing/87698_1156889143.jpg?x=15&y=15> Yours and Mine:Banners


[*]We're always needing more banners for this wiki so if anyone would like to donate one for this wiki, feel free to do so!

[*]Also If You like this wiki, try going to the bottom and start watching this wiki to keep up with all the new poetry and convos

[Some recommended wikis:]
Elftown Wiki Poetry Dueling Arena
Poetry communities
Pink_pixie's wiki<-a wiki about me [Pink_Pixie], yea I know its still a little wierd to me, too.
Writing Contests
poetry and music

Username (or number or email):


2006-06-07 [Linderel]: Uhh... :P I'm not good at explaining stuff. xD Just Google it, and you'll be sure to find something. We even have Gimp tutorials somewhere in Elftown, I just don't recall the wiki names right now. I'll try to dig 'em up at some point.

2006-06-07 [Kitara Softpaw]: Cool

2006-06-08 [moonscale]: Hi! Does anyone know how to shrink pictures? I have a few I'd like to upload but they are all huge!

2006-06-08 [Blaithin]: [moonscale] just open them in a photo program and crop them. Removing the edges that you don't need makes them smaller.

2006-06-08 [Kitara Softpaw]: And see the Psuedo HTML wiki for ways to thumbnail the images on Elftown. Or you could take them into Paint, grab the corner, and pull the bottom corner towards the opposite top corner. But sometimes that blurs the images.

2006-06-08 [moonscale]: I tried using paint but then I just had a liitle picture on a big white background and that is how it saved too.

2006-06-08 [Kitara Softpaw]: Okay, you sized the picture down instead of the whole image. There is a way to size the whole image down.

2006-06-08 [moonscale]: oh...

2006-06-08 [Pink_Pixie]: Hi everyone!! hey I need mega help I'm going to be appling for a poetry scholarship but I'm not sure which poem to enter, which one do you guys think I should enter?

2006-06-08 [Kitara Softpaw]: From a quick read-over, I'd say "New Day"

2006-06-08 [Pink_Pixie]: cool thanks!!

2006-06-08 [moonscale]: A poetry scholarship? Whichever poem you choose, I suggest you edit it a couple times or ask someone else to. :) That's what I always do. 

2006-06-08 [Pink_Pixie]: Yea I'll go back and edit them

2006-06-08 [moonscale]: "Admiring From Affar" or "A New Day" are some of the best I think.

2006-06-08 [Pink_Pixie]: thank you!! I've been really considering "Admiring From Afar"

2006-06-29 [Pink_Pixie]: Hi everyone, Sorry i haven't been on in awhile..I got a little busy lately!! So how has everyone been?

2006-07-03 [Linderel]: Hear, hear! Springing forth with a challenge, the admins at Solemn Lines have decided to bring all poetry communities of Elftown together in a tournament of skill. During July, members of each community that answers our call will choose a representative among themselves - the procedure for that will be up to you, but make sure that come August, you're all ready to roll and cheer your champion on. Get ready, ladies and gentlemen, for the World Cup of Poetry, hosted by Solemn Lines!

2006-07-03 [Linderel]: And now that the ad's over with, to answer your question... I don't know about the others, but I've been okayish.

2006-07-10 [Insanelife]: if you write poetry or lyrics please visit poetry and music by the way, great wiki...

2006-07-11 [Pink_Pixie]: Thats a cool wiki..I added it to our recommended wiki!!

2006-08-29 [Pink_Pixie]: My apologies for not being on ET in a while...
but I've posted a new banner and changed a few things..Check it out!!!

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