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2005-08-15 09:14:09
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DAWN!!!!!!!!!!! she kicks ass, so she deserves a fan club thingy or whatever, so there, I love her soo much, and you should too, you must if you know her, i mean who couldnt, so just add your damn name and say something nice jerks, im kidding your not jerks, unless you dont add your name and say something nice, ok im done, bye bye







awww shes beautiful, no matter what she says


*Neener Neener Neener*



1. [Just a little off-white lie.] - Dawn is awesome, beautiful, wonderful, sweet, nice, adorable and more, she rocks, I love her!!!exlcamationpointexclamationpoint
2. [DEDGE.] - I cant believe you made this thingy for me. whats with the typing of the exclamationpoints? but its cute. just like you... but anyways. ITS MY WIKI!!!! YAYNESS!!! *blushes* i feel spoiled. :D
3.[Rin] -Amazing what one late night of clicking random members on ET and you find a good friend from Seventh grade! I can't wait to see you again Dawn! ^^

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