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2005-11-26 17:43:16
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Dear God;;

201. I DID cut myself on purpose
202. feel really awful when someone of the opposite sex confesses to me. I am a lesbian and will solely love women. I've been rejected twice in my life by someone whom I loved dearly and I feel really bad for rejecting someone who likes me.
203. I have had these really weird cravings for my dog to lick my pussy. NO I don't want penatration by my dog, but just to have him lick me is a thought that goes thru my mind.
204. I dont know why shes being like this but its pissing me off.
205. Why is it so hard to just say [//no]?
207. He's an ass and it's ok.
208. Why can't I just be happy?
209. Thanks for all the medical inventions. it's really amazing.
210. Pleas give me the patience I need with those I truly care about.
211. I'm with 210. Oh and give those I care about patience they need with me too.
212. I'm with 212 also.
213. I hardly care anymore
214. i'm sick of ppl interferrin with me and my gf.. it has got nothing to do with them, and im sick of one person in particular with her over exaggeration of what is going on and makin ppl hate me just coz she does, all because i sed that she was going off wiv my gf!!
215. I really want to make a difference but I blend in so much I never do. No one ever notices me because im shy.
216. He touched me ;; Hes my uncle.
217. I'm in love. Its the most beautiful gift ever. Thank You.
218. I'm still in love with him. He's still in love with me. He's gay.
219. We kissed in the back of my aunt's car over and over and stayed the night in the same bed, and I woke up to his lips on mine.
220. Im just so upset right now. Why did it have to be HIM thta got hit? He didnt do anything to deserve it...omg this sucks so bad...
221. i hate him but i love him. i hardly know him
222. I barely knew him, and now I'll never have the chance to.
223. I miss Pampam.
224. I'm never going to think highly of myself.
225. I want him to stop loving me. I am who i am, and i can't love him like he wants me to. He looks at me like he wants to hit me when i speak to other guys. I'm not his girlfriend. He shouts at me when i didn't do anything. Can you please make him stop loving me?
226. I want him to stop coming to see me. I make his girlfriend jealous, and i don't want to. Nothing's going on. But it looks like there is.
227. Now i know who my real friends are.. the people who stuck up for me last night even though i didnt appreciate it at the time, i do now though, and they aren't worth the time of day, y i ever thought they were my friends in the first place when they are jst going to make me feel like crap!! just glad i know who my real friends are the people who were there for me last night.. the people who are there for me now!! THANX ALOT, MEANS ALOT TO ME ATM!! *huggles*!
228. I'm .Ugly. and pretend i don't care. But I don't know how to tell people that I really do hate my looks. I must be vain to think about myself like this.
229.I Miss Mally.
230. Today I'm too small.
231. I'm back. Er, could you please let me stop making a mess of things? Only, i want to stop accidentally putting my foot in it and upsetting people. Thankyou.
232. I thought I could do things on my own, but I can't. I can't do anything.
233. Nicholas means everything to me.
234. I may be involved, though i don't want to be. Am i going to be the only Neutral Ground in this fight?
235. My mom saw my wrists. I guess a part of me wanted someone to see them....
236. Im sick of not giving a shit anymore
237. I don't know what to do now. I don't think I can fix this mistake. And it's pretty big. And I don't even have anyone I can cry to.
238. How is life treating you?
239. In response, I would say that at this moment, rather poorly
240. I wish everything was like it was.. i wish we never got together, i wish we were still best friends.. i wish you didnt mind who my friends were.. i wish everyone would just get along because people are going to be the death of me... on the outside i may look like im happy, but on the inside i want to cry, i cant tell anyone you though coz u'll end it.. :( jst so confused and dont want to be in this life any longer
241. Today I felt like giving up.
242. Why do I expect things to screw me over when they are going well, so I can't exactly enjoy them? Could you just zab my brain a little bit so I wouldn't be this stupid..? Btw, thanks for the free lunches the chaplaincy gives out weekly, it's really good not to worry about food...
243. Could you stop the sun in the sky again? Please? I need more time!
244. Please could I Have Pam's number? thanks.
245. Look after her. I know she said it was her time to go, but i know that she would want someone to watch out for her. I wish you wouldn't give good people cancer. RIP Marjorie, you died today, and the world has lost a wonderful person.
246. please please please let me do something right for once in my life :(
247. Why Do I seem To Bring Badluck.
248. I'm praying to you. Im praying that this christmas will work out && I can touch him. Finally.
249. I feel upset lately. I feel depressed, and I never thought i would ever say that because I dont believe in the silly people who prance around screaming [I m . D e p r e s s e d];; I feel like im going against all my princibles. I hate the person Ive become. I dont know what ive become. I dont understand my self in the slightest and its tearing me apart.
250. Why do i have to take everything out on other people especially him, when hes the most important thing to me in this world.
251. I hate crying. Please make it stop.
252. What if I can never ever orgasm with someone else?
253. I secretly like it when my bestfriend touches me :S
254. I dont know anymore.
255. For once in my life, I feel like im doing the Right thing and everybody says its wrong. Do you know how much thats hurting me? How much thats KILLING me? But thats besides the point. I really feel i can get somewhere in this life, I feel inspired by, by, myself. It sounds strange but I know im going to turn out alright. Thank you.
256. EEEP!
257. I cheated on him, and I don't feel sorry about it.
258. I keep messing up. And I think that I may be bi...
259. Do you know how bad it hurt me to tell him nothing can happen between us anymore?
260. Thank you.
261. I laugh at everyone's flaws.
262. Please let me and david have fun together when he's here. And please let Mally know that i miss her so //F u c k i n g much.
263. Wouldn't it be nice if everybody would stop complaining? It would be, wouldn't it? But they never stop. And I hate them, why can't they shut up?
264. Thank you God, For Nicholas. I really believe that you made him for me. Thank you for letting me find him. He saved me.
265. Please let me stay right here... until the end of time. Until the earth stops turning. This is where I want to be - with her.
266. Thanks for making Nick so Hot. Thank you for letting the most beautiful man in the world fall in love with Me. Thank you for letting Him choose Me out of all those other girls.
267. So what exactly does this random nervous feeling you've possessed me with mean?
268. Thank you for my 3 choir directors. I love them so much.
269. So why is it, that right when I had climbed out of my bowl of sorrow, and gathered my feathers to fly again, you tear away the ONE thing that lighted my way? - [The Unwanted And The Unknown]
270. He's GONE now.
271. how come everyone else seems to have time for school work, a relationship, friends, family and work? i can only find time for one of them!
272. Thank you for making my friends, they mean the world to me, the real friends that is, not the backstabbers, the bitches or the users!
273. and while im here thanks for taking him away from me, i was falling for him until he ditched me! I HATE HIM! i tried my best, looked my best, only talked when i knew it was the right thing to say, wasted MONTHS on him and i doubt he gives a secong thought about me now! thanks..
274. Me again. I need a Muse. I can't do this alone. Please?
275. Why the fuck do you have to take away everything and everone I care about? What is wrong with you? Why the fuck do we have to live so far apart, I love him but its not working -- the distance needs to fucking disappear. Why the fuck do I have to be in love with her brother too? What is wrong with you? Why do you have to make life so miserable? I pray and pray for answers from you, I never get them. NEVER. YOU are half the reason for the these fucking scars! You, God, and your fucking idiocies. Might as well put a fucking bullet to my damn brain, does it please You now? I'm goin' to hell anyway, might as well speed the passage, right? Like you'd give a fuck either way. No one would.... Am I insane?
276. I feel nothing for him anymore. I Like it.
277. If it hurts him so much, Why cant I just stop?
278. People ask me stop doing something or else Ill get addicted, and when i tell them i cant stop they presume I AM addicted, when they never really asked me, if I Wanted to stop. I dont.
279. Happy Halloween .x.
280. You know you're wrong, and so are your "people"
281. Halloween isn't evil...Halloween is [fun] no matter what you fucking say. So go die bitch.
282. I want them back.. i want us to be happy again, we can't be if you dont like my friends and your friends dont like me.. i love you, but feel like im losing you and i dont want tht to happen! do i end? do i carry on feeling crap so your happy? please help me!
283. Remember the scare crow in Oz? Do you watch a lot of people and think that they're just like him, in need of a brain? Or the Tin Man, in need of a heart? Because that's how I feel about most people. Maybe it's just because their mouth is in the wrong place... Anyway, give them hearts and brains, will you?
284. How on Earth am i supposed to make sense of this?!
285. I know I shouldnt have done it. But I did. And EVERYONE knows. And I dont know what to do. I like him too. He broke up with her, he likes me. Drama
285. I like him way too much
286. I have fallen madly, I do believe, for one the guys that one of my best friends dig. :/
287. I cannot believe they did that to me. How will I ever look him in the eye again.
288.I'm gonna see Him soon. So soon....Sunday. Please don't make me make a fool of myself. <3
289. "Thou shalt not kill". I could bloody well kill him! And be perfectly happy doing so! How much does it cost to think before speaking?! He probably didn't mean to, but i'm still annoyed. She was cut up by that.
290. I feel like .crying. and i don't know why. I keep seeing him in my head, conversations with him that are..wonderful. You have a plan? I hope so, because i'm tired of being lonely
291. I love her.
292. Why did you take her away from me? RIP Hayley
293. I miss you so bad, they are all forgetting, but i am not.
294. Help me be someplace else.
295. I miss being in your house. I miss playing in your garden. I miss you laughing. I miss you princess.
296. I had fun, thanks for the good times.
297. reading through my past messages on here, how cute we were, how sweet you were to me! i thought it was love, i still do.. shame its only love from my side!
298. I cut my leg and wrists. I made my self throw up. And I dont regret it. But I did quit smoking.
299. She's my best girl friend ever. But I hope he hurts her.
300. Why am i so lonely all the time? It's not like i'm alone. But, God. It's not that kind of loneliness, is it?


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2005-10-30 [Pamcakes.]: shit #275, that is no way to go..if you're actually thinking about it. =\

2005-10-30 [Disconnection]: never again, and never again, they gave us 2 shots to the back of the head and we're all dead now.... the truth behind a shot to the head is it's quick... generally death on impact.... only thing that keeps me from doin it is thinking about the mess it'd make... I don't like messes....

2005-11-01 [Internal Damage]: sad that you aren't 275 huh.. funny how i am

2005-11-01 [Disconnection]: yes... I know I'm not you... but I've tried my hand at suicide... terribly sorry if you find me cold... even though I don't know you, I still care... but the thing you gotta look at is how many people around here feel the same as you.... you're not alone.... something I believe is "depression" is something that happens when you finally look around and can see, through open eyes, what is really wrong with the world.... signed: 157, 158, 159, and 160

2005-11-03 [Internal Damage]:, i'm sorry

2005-11-04 [Peace_Turtles]: I know what you mean [Disconnection]

2005-11-06 [Disconnection]: a note to [d0n3].... I don't appreciate the whole... putting your name through the links to the other pages.... this is serious shit on here, and shouldn't be dirtied simply because you want to be known.... this page is for the feelings of people who have troubles in their life.... please.... play by the rules or don't play at all....

2005-11-07 [choke_on_dreams]: Yes, its not particularily hillarious. sorry.

2005-11-07 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: what was the point of it?

2005-11-07 [stillicide silently falling snow.x]: Are you mocking people who contribute, or are you jkust trying to get attention, or make more friends ... or fiends?

2005-11-07 [Peace_Turtles]: He really wants some attention....poor kid....someone should smack him >.>

2005-11-07 [choke_on_dreams]: Ide like to voltenteer for the "smaking" please :) thanks hehe. Im going to get around to changing that tomorrow...but as for now, im ILL and sleepy...TOMORROW GUYSSS <333

2005-11-07 [Peace_Turtles]: Everyone is ill....

2005-11-07 [LAURALOVE.]: im ill! ive been off school for 3 days :-(

2005-11-07 [Peace_Turtles]: I'm bf has a really bad stomach virus. He is at the doc. right now

2005-11-07 [LAURALOVE.]: its going around i think

2005-11-08 [Peace_Turtles]: Yeah....I guess I haven't gotten it yet...*cough* Oh no....

2005-11-08 [choke_on_dreams]: Its horrible, I have to go to school today, and ugh...i dont know how thats going to work,

2005-11-08 [Peace_Turtles]: I'm sorry.... school is a bitch of a place.

2005-11-10 [Drive Faster Boy.]: Tell me about it. Woe is me. I have lost the will to live. lmao. I love pretending to be depresssive :) Makes me sound ubbbbah!

2005-11-11 [Drive Faster Boy.]: Btw, a note to the person who posted number #301 on this page ;; it was moved to //.301-400.// and you are now number 304 :)

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