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2005-11-26 17:55:25
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Dear God;;

301. Hmmm... i suppose im slightly happier today, things have started to settle down, ive learned some interesting things.. but ppl weren't impressed with what they heard, and told a guy tht 'his lifespan was limited' hehe made me laugh!! neways :D!!
302. I did cut again. It bleed more. I was glad.
303 - Please do not hurt yourself. You are not alone. [The Blood Angel]
304. And now he's finally gone, there's nothing I can do about it. Do you have any idea how much that hurts?
305. Please dont remember.
306. We're going to make a new start. But im afraid he'll have less time for me. I couldnt deal with that.
307. I think Im lesbian. But that cant happen to me. Please dont let something like that happen to me. Ive been raised from a background where homosexuality is not just frowned apon, its spat apon. Im already an "outcast" from the rest of my people, this will kill me. Ide rather die than admit it...
308. My best friend (female) slept over last night. Im female too. We had a moment and We...kissed. I didnt want it to stop. It was weird, it wasnt a funny, joke like kiss. it was a real kiss. because both of us seemed to feel something. Well I did. Now today, she just ignores me, like nothing ever happened. I dont understand?
309. Im so sick and tired of waiting around to be noticed. Yesterday I had never kissed a boy, or a girl, I had never got fingered or eaten out. Ide never got fucked before, Ide never given head or jerked a guy off. Nobodys ever turned around to look at me twice. Last night, I lost my virginity to some guy who was drunk and on cocaine. Today, I took a pregancy test. Today im going to slit my wrists.....
310. He said he would wait for me, till I was ready. He said he would never pressure me into sex. I wasnt ready. I felt so safe with him. Today I found out he'de been sleeping with other girls. Why do you let him hurt me so much?
311. I was going to give him my all. And the worst part is, even though its over, I feel like he's taken it all away from me. It hurts, but I wouldnt want it anyother way.
312. Im pregnant.
313. I want to keep my baby. I want to be a mom, and I want to love her more than anything else in the world. I know I can do this, on my own. Please give me the strength I need, no one else wants to help me.
314. I wanted my first time to be Special. With the one man I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Last night I was raped by my bestfriend while he was drunk. And one of his other friends....I cant live anymore.
315. To Messages to God, To the owner and creater of this page [Drive Faster Boy.] amd To everybody who wrote a message, I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You dont know how much you have helped me, by just a few words. I was so sad the other day I was so close to ending my life, ending everything, I was on elftown and i stumbled onto your page. I sat down and read each and every message, all of them. It toook me along time, I cried the whole way through. I realise im not alone, and im safe. and I can make it, I know i can make it. And its all because of you. I cant even begin to express in words what you did for me, but thank you. Thank you for it all. I want to take this time to tell everybody that there is a light, there is such thing as happiness, and nobody deserves to be hurt. Only you can change it all, and i know that in time you will find the strength you need to do so. Take some time to read through all of these Messages, and you may find that strength right in front of you, As I did yesterday. Thank you, so so so much, thank you for letting me live.

316. Im with #315 all the way. Thank you [Drive Faster Boy.]. Thank you, everybody....
317. Thank you for letting me find the strength I need...
318. Sometimes I think that the little small things I do, or the small things that other people do never make a difference. Well, This made a difference. A huge difference in my life, and I dont know, im just guessing when im saying, that maybe Mally (The owner of the page - hehe I checked your house and everything :P) didnt really expect such an immense response. Or maybe you did? I dont know, but I wouldnt have. But, Mally, and everyone who did write in this, or just followed it, You have made a difference, in many peoples lives. And believe me when I say, you have made a difference in My life. Each and everyone of you.
319. I love him to death and I want to help him. But he's pulling me down with him.
320. I'd like to know when... But I don't know what I'm waiting to happen, so I can't finish my question... So maybe my question is when what?
321. I'm happy now.
322. I have a prejudice now against a certain minority group. Do you mind?
323. Enough now. I've had enough.
324. once again i find myself falling for another guy, and once again i feel the pain, i will never learn
325. Why can't you let me make my bloody mind up! Do i or don't i? I'm getting well miffed with this!
326. Why did this happen to him? he has sooo many that care for him, and he never did anything wrong, why not someone who did something wrong?
327. Sometimes, i wish i had a different family, someone who Truly loves me. Maybe they do, but it doesn't show.
328. How do you tell your crush you like them, without feeling so stupid? Or getting rejected? What if it's too late...It's not too late is it? You wouldnt let that happen?
329. I know i dont acknowlege you unless i want something, im sorry, no matter what, i love you!
330. I've done really stupid things in my life, things that i regret, and now i can't take it back.
331. Why do things keep getting worse with him, he's my blood, he is supposed to be there for me, I am supposed to be there for him. He is supposed to look up to me, but he doesn't even look at me at all. I truly do hate him! I feel sooo bad for it, but i do! i won't change my mind. He has hurt me sooo much. Even if he does grow out of it, and he is a better person in the future, It doesn't change NOW. I hate now. There is nothing i would love more than to get away from it all. But i can't. I have tried so hard to make things better. For one, it doesn't work, he just doesn't see all that i do for him. For two, why should i make it better, when he is the one who fucked it up in the first place?
332. How do you know when you have finally done RIGHT?
333. Why is it that when i am sad, and everyone is there to comfort me, I just want to be alone, but when I'm alone, i just want to be with someone?
334. I'm sorry for everything and anything I've ever done wrong.
335. Is he going to be ok?
336. I just want to say thank you! You really have helped him. So he's still not awake, but, he's better, and i truly belive it is because of you. As soon as i pray for something new, it comes. It means so much, because he means so much!
337. Does anybody really Know how i feel?
338. Does anybody really know everything about me. I think everyone knows something, but there is not one person in my life that knows EVERYTHING about me, not even me! Just You.
339. When will he be "BETTER"?
340. Will be the same? I really hope so.
341. What will i do if he doesn't remember me? How will i react, I can't even imagine. Well....I dont need to, because he will! he just has to, how could he forget???
342. Why do some people get away with anything? When people who do nothing are punished?
343. Why is he still here?
344. I would never wish for someone to die, that is a bit too much, but, why? I don't even know. My hate for him is something i cannot explain. He got away with hurting so many. Yet nothing has happened to him, He deserves to be put in out shoes, Or better yet, HIS shoes. He honestly does. He needs to see.
345. I only truly hate 2 people. I know, hating is bad. But with these 2, I can't help it. I feel bad for hating one of them. But, it's his fault. I only feel bad because it kills my parents to see their own 2 children hate each other. The other one, i could care less. He buried himseld in this hole! There is NO way he can dig himself out.
346. To Kiss or Not to Kiss. Its so Hard to Hold back.
347. Its so hard to give in.
348. Its going to be the best Night of my life. Please let it work.
349. I can make this work.
350. I dont give a shit anymore. And it hurts.
351. i miss them, so much :(!! I do, really.. i dont want to be friends with them again, because of the way they made me feel, dont ever want to feel like that again.. but i do really and truely miss them!!
352. Please, just make it go away. I don't want to feel like this anymore, i don't want to be constantly wondering what it would mean. Please. Just make it stop.
353. im sick of people, i end the relation so we can stop fightin.. yet u say ive been treatin u like shit in the past, if anything its u thts treated me like shit, i had to go in the middle of the night, in the pouring rain, to my bestest friends house coz u made me feel so crap!!
354. And this bestest friend will always be there for you.
355. I made You proud today, disn't I?
356. He promised me he loved me and that he would never hurt me. He lied too.
357. He wants to break up. Hes all I have. Please make him come back to me. Please. I cannot live without him.
358. Why am I still alive? Why don't I talk to you anymore? Why am I afraid to belive, yet still afraid not to? Why did things have to change? -Your Mistake
359. I'm sorry I blame you for everything. I'm not even sure you exist, and I still use you as a scapegoat. That must get old. Can I ever be forgiven? Do I want to be? Do you really know? - Your Mistake
360. thanks!
361. Please stop tormenting me.
362. You took away all my pain. Now, can you give it back? So what if I'm an Indian-giver? You lied too. Happiness wasn't what you promised. I'm waiting to have all my pain back. I was more pleasant with it. Oh, and you should let everyone else know how shallow and artificial happiness makes you. Or are you too afraid? -Your Mistake
363. Thanks. Alot. Im so happy. He is so makes me think that there is hope for me to be happy again. I've been waiting for it. And I truly do thank you. <33
364. you guys are gay
365. i'm so worried. what if everyone sees it?
366. Why did you make me the way i am? I Don't Want To Be Who I Am Anymore. She's Sad All The Time.
367. I give up. i give up on life. and trying to be happy. i give up on smiling. i give up on crying myself to self. i give up on laughing.. i just give up!
368. and I give up tabs, skipping school, friends? and i give up on him, hes not worth the hassle! xx
369. People who you want to give up on, are they really ur friends tho? i love my friends.. well 2 and more in particular us have always been there for me, and u always make me smile no matter wot im feelin *hugs* ta!!
370. Yeh i love my friends, all of them, but i dont want to hang round with them anymore, its asif they dont care, they dont give a fuck, they dont ever think of me, and thats what hurts the most!
371. i really, really love him. it's not fair. i don't think he like me in that way. it's probably the last thing he's thinking about.
372. Thank you, Just Thank you. Thank you for my second chance. Its all I need.
373. It's me. Again. Thanks, for giving back all my pain. Or did you ever really take it away? Is it right to be this superficial? Should I just give in to what I really want, to just die? Or should I stay alive for everybody else? Why am I even asking you? -Your Mistake
374. At first I was mad at you a little that you made my other half in a whole different country, but I suppose because of that it is now all the more sweeter to have found him again. <br>
375. Why did you make him so persistant that I had to say goodbye
376. I like the challenges you give me, except when I break down in front of the immediate failure, but even that is ok if I or He can pick me up again. You rock, I'll deal. :)
377. It's me again from 185. I'm so so tired. I feel upset and hurt and neglected. I want my Daddy back more than life itself. I'd give anything to be in my fathers loving arms. Why did you take him away? WHY did he have to be the other side of europe? You've hurt me. Bad.
378. i thought he was perfact. what happen
379. does purell hand sanitizer really work?
380. ..... please... dont let me fuck up again.... i dont know if i can handle this again....
381. i i think i have the ugliest feet in the world
382. i only dye my hair so they would notice me
383. how could she say she wanted more?
384. he cut up my heart, i still cant get over him but i doubt he ever thinks of me! now im trying to move on, trying to replace him with new people but no1 will compare to him, and im throwing myself at people just to replace what hes taken away.
385. but also i could be falling for someone else but im scared to get in too deep and have my heart broken once again!
386. Why do i feel like crying when i have no reason to? Why am i alone? Why did you make me the way you did? I would say i hate you, but i can't. Please, help me.
387. i hate what ive become
389. He doesnt care anymore....:(
390. He Called me today, and it made me cry. I thought I couldnt cry anymore. he called me to tell me he loved me through all of this. Only he knows what I need. I needed that.
391. Thank you for depressing music.
392. I Dont love him but I stay with him because theres nobody else who would want me.
393. Im glad I did all the things I did....
394. I need him back. I need to take this hurt away.
395. one of my friends, (female) Was jokingly trying to touch me..down there...Just as a joke and just for fun. we were both laughing and calling eachother perverts. I enjoyed it.
396. He touched me...He isnt supposed to. Hes my dad. I loved him so much, and i looked up to him. I want to die.
397. Im...going to die soon. :S
398. I wish I could erase time. I wish I could do things differently. I wish I would have treated him half as good as he deserves....
399. I cant love again. Ive given up all hope.
400. I hate him for ending it. For leaving me like this, But deep inside, I know that im the one who ended it, Im the one who ended it the moment I said "ok" to another guy. I hate myself even more for that.



Continue Over Leaf;;

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2005-11-11 [Drive Faster Boy.]: Omogosh. Msg number 315 and 316 are so sweet. Im...reeally...touched....

2005-11-11 [Drive Faster Boy.]: ..Wow there are more sweet messages :$ omg! I dont even know what to say..

2005-11-11 [Drive Faster Boy.]: Does anyone else think it would be too much of a trouble to start a members page? Well members / supporters....I was just curious because this seems to a sort of "no strings attatched" - annonymous wiki....:) Any suggestions would be nice :)

2005-11-11 [Disconnection]: :-)I'm 100% sure there are plenty of people who would sign up as "members / supporters" like they said.... this page can have a major effect on people's lives when they go though and read what others have to say

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2005-11-22 [You deserve each tear that falls.]: sorry that u feel that way 364

2005-11-22 [LAURALOVE.]: i know, its quite sad that u feel the need to call us gay!

2005-11-22 [choke_on_dreams]: Hehe, its shattering :_ truely. But thank you for taking the time to tell us....

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