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2006-07-10 13:11:22
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Dear God,

501. I miss you, we never seem to hang out anymore, do we? aint seen ya in aggeeesss bt we can still talk bout stuff lol!! ur one of my bestest mates n i think you are FAB!!!
502. that better fucking be me! also, why is it one minute im all happy and now he says that! i mean its sweet and everything but now im just paranoid, and jealous, and angry! grrr!
503. Yep thats you!! you should be happy, you deserve to be happy, coz you always seem to be sad!!
504. I Still cry about what happened.
505. She promised she wouldnt get mad, but you could tell she was. It just makes me NOT want to tell anyone else.
506. I think it's too good to be true. She really doesnt care.
507. Everything seems so distant right now, i wish she would talk to me, maybe i can help her (maybe not....i doubt it).
508. Is he gonna be ok, i still can't get over it, is he ever coming back? (i miss him....A LOT)
509. I really do promise, i really wont do it again, i already feel really bad, i just wish 2 other people felt the same way.
510. When will all this drama end?
511. Who's gonna be there to keep him happy, someone has to be, he cant ever cry, or he'll never get better....:(
512. Why did you have to fucking take away his vision. How will he ever paint his beautiful pictures again?
513. :-) this is the best christmas presant i could ask for, you really are a miracle worker god! u are the ledgand!
514. I think....He's still there. Please let him keep it open. Please let him find the strength to heal the wounds. Please give him the strength to make it through the pain. Please let me take the sting.
515. I don't do well in school. I can't keep up, and I lie about it to everyone.
516. i cut myself so everybody would stop yelling at me. thing is, they didnt stop, now i do it for fun. i should stop..i dont know. im selfish, and i know it.
517. i hate labels. if everybody was the same, we wouldnt have war & discrimination & prejudice. why cant we be clones? that way nobody will get hurt.
518. i distract poeple at school, because i hate the fact their grades are better than mine.
519. i have an attitude, and im not very pleasant. everybody hates me, but i cant help it.
520. when i get angry i cry and cut myself. i feel as though somebody should help me, but nobody seems to notice.
521. im really self conscious and i hate the way i look. i wanna be like my friends.
522. when i see him i smile, and it hurts so fucking much. when they ask me if i like him i lie my face off, i tell them i hate him. the worst lie i ever told. i dont know if he knows how i feel, if he doesnt. can you please tell him? thanks.
523. Can't believe you think that it was my choice to fall out with my best mates.. you really think i wanted that! but i wasnt going to leave my mates that had stuck up for me, yeah i didnt agree with them sending him messages you know that.. but, why stop talkin to her? she only had an opinion and we broke up coz i disagreed with your opinion kinda two-faced!
524. Thank you for making it clear now. I've found out more than i needed i suppose. I'm under "Hatred." In his Mobile. I don't know if i hate him, but i know he hates me. I want to go up to him and tell him how two faced i think he is. May i?
525. Life is good right now. Thank you.
523. All the horrible things I wrote are all true. Just make him se that it's all true ok? Help us out because we don't seem to be able to help each other.
...524? Sorry I've been so bad at spending time with You lately. 
525. Right, Big Issue now, God. I need help with this. I can't do it on my own. You have to help me! You will, won't You?
526. I know its not an easy thing to ask, but I wish he'de let go. I did it again. I dont even think anymore.
527. Ugh Please let it go through. This call is important.
528. One Year <3
529. Thank you. For everything. I love you <333
530. Sometimes I wish that he would cheat on me too so that I could feel the hurt and shit that I put him through. And then I could show him the strength to forgive him and take him back so maybe its easier for him. Is that silly?
531. Im Pregnant. With HIS baby. He doesnt want to be apart of my life. Or his Childs. How do I do this alone God?
532. I love it when she talks about sex.
533. How do i see him, and not hurt?
534. Im leaving my boyfriend of two beautiful years.
535. For a boy who I've barely known. Its wrong but I cant take him anymore.
536. Im so shallow. I never even try to change that.
537. I'm afraid that I won't get into college, and that my parents will always think that I am not good enough. I'm trying to be a good student in high school, and have all A's. I don't even know if it is even worh it.
538. I dont want to wake up for school tomorrow.
539. Im afraid of getting raped :S Im scared of everything and anything. I wish I could just stop worrying.
540. I wish boys would stop looking at me like that.
541. I want bigger boobs.
542. I used to wet the bed till i was 14. :S I never went to sleepovers and now, althought ive stopped, im still afraid.
543. I've always wanted to have a surprise birthday party where theyde push my head into the cake like they did on TV.
544. Till I was about 14, my only wish on wishing stars was that I could one day see the "Northern Lights". Its a little silly. I still wish for it :$
545. Im pregnant from one month ago. Just one night. Three possible fathers. I like it when they call me a slut but this time i just know ive gone too far.
546. If only god.
547. No one would of expected that such a wonderful person could have come from such a torn up life.
548. I never really noticed how sad and unhappy the world really is until I came across this wiki.
549. i think its perfect, hes so open, and honest about everything. and im pretty sure he likes me as much as i like him, as he tells me all the time! hes so cute aswel! i really am happy, dont let this feeling change! please!
550. Thank you for all the good things I shouldn't take for granted.
551. I'm happy. Finally.
552. hmm is this getting too serious? iv fallen hard this time, and i know it will end in heartache, which i cant handle!
553. I make myself throw up.
554. I knew there was something wrong with this...
555. Why am I always the mediator..
556. I miss him. He doesn't miss me.
557. today has been mad! im not sure anymore, aww why did i let myself fucking fall head over heels again? life in general is fantasitic, but then hes always on my mind.. and i dont know if thats a good thing!
558. why did she have to come in and spoil it, he says he doesnt care that shes back in the scene but i know for sure that he would rather be with her!! i know that shes just messing him around but he thinks its real! cant he see that im genuine and she isnt! he says he wants me but why? im sure shes come crawling back to him because she knows about us!
559. I Really Want To Be EMO.
560. Why did you make me just like them?
561. I wish he'de stop touching me like that.
562. I really like my spanish teacher, and he said to me that he wants to "meet me on saturday" at his house. I really want to go.
563. Why does it hurt so much god?
564. hmm does this seem weird?
565. I was thinking about you all day today.. i know i shouldn't and i know that you hate me, but maybe i don't hate you.. i really did think i loved you, its the stupidest thing i know, but the things you said to me, you made me feel SO special!! And i just wanted you to wrap your arms around me and make me feel even more special.. :(!! i'm so stupid!!
566. And i think she still likes him too, i know i cant say much from my last entry.. but the way she said 'bye, ill talk to you later on' when she hung up.. she sounded so sweet, in a way that you've never spoke to me before...
567. Last night was really magical. Thank you for letting me have the best man in the world.
568. I'm really sorry. I hate the fact I slept with the love of my life's sister's boyfriend. And worst off... I hate the fact that I might of enjoyed it.
569. I hate crying everynight over him. I hate he doesn't belivie me when I tell him he's everything to me. I hate that he thinks I slept with him willingly. I hate that he say's all these mean & nasty things & how he can hang up the phone & not call me back. And how I have to run back to him & how I don't have the guts to walk away. Then how he can talk later & act like everythings alright. I hate how I cry & I can't hold back my tears over only over him! I hate how he can accuse me of everything that I didn't do. I hate that he brings up my past mistakes when I used to do it to him. I hate how he says "He must of fucked it out of you." And how he thinks i'v slept around & how he thinks I'v always been cheating on him. I hate how he could throw our relationship away & think maybe I did something right. When I can't stand the thought of losing him or him angrey at me, even if I didn't do anything. I hate how he's so perfect, & how im a huge fuck up. I hate that I will always <3love<3 him.
570. I love him SO much! I couldn't bear it if he ever left me for someone else. I can't even bear to think about him and his exs. Does it make me bad that I'm jealous of their time together?
571. im sick of myself!!! and him!! and everyone!!! i find myself so repeatitive, he just doesnt care anymore, and everyone else couldnt give a fuck! how could something so good turn so sour, i knew this would happen, i never stopped it though! im sick of this life!! everything is fucked up! thanks alot, youve just really fucked up my christmas!! if that bitch wasnt back on the scene then im sure we would still be fine! I HATE HER!!!!!!!
572. he's been texting me again, he said 'i miss your sweet kisses'.
he asked me to go to his house, and i know exactly what he wants. i know i shouldnt, but i know i will.
hes only going to use me, but maybe he will want to get together with me again, after weve done it.
i hate him for this. he knows what he wants and how to get it, and i WILL give it to him. he knows that. so do i.
574. It's not going to stop without a confrontation, is it?
575. ok so i came close to a break down, then today everything is fine, even he is speaking again! whats with that?
576. Why Me?
577. My life makes me cry.
578. One year ago. Thats how long its been, a lot has changed since then, we aren't even talking anymore, we used to like eachover a lot.. now we hate eachover, we've gone from one extreme to the other!!
579. ok so im waiting for everything to get better 'itl be fine tomoro' i tell myself, it never gets better though! ive fucked up without even realising it!!!!
580. I can't wait for our 'date'thing this weekend :D ... I really hope he's intrested in me the way everyone says he is..If not that's just fine too, but if he is I hope he makes the first move.
581. I need some ideas God. I need to make them good too.
582. I want to change who I am. I want to remake everything. Please give me the strength to pull it off.
583. I like him. He likes me. But I love another, & he loves another. I think what it would be like to be with him, & him with me. But im so unsure. Plus my love wants to propose... whats the right thing to do? Please guide me.
584. Happy birthday, Bigguy. <3.
585. Im not spending christmas with him, i doubt i will ever see him! im not looking forward to seeing my family because i know they're ashamed of me!
586. I know they don't have much money, & I know no one really got a lot. But I want them to know I really do care
587. Its the time of year where your always remembered..happy birthday<333
588. Happy Birthday, Sexy.
589. So che il mio italiano non è buono, ma gradisco parlarlo comunque. Buon compleanno, dio, sono così in ritardo i spiacente a sinistra esso.
590. He talked to me :D!
591. ggrr... y do i care ne more, he said that he doesnt know y she is still with me, WTF has it got to do with him?? y did i ever want to talk to him again. im startin to get sick of life again, i could quite happily walk out on everything tht i have.. or rather havent got anymore :(!!
592. im so pleased to be home!
593. Why can't I be closer to him? Give me the strength to leave and be with him.
595. this has helped me so much.
596. sometimes i do these things and i dont know why.
597. I really like him. I wish he would notice me but he doesnt even look twice.
598. I feel so invisable.
600. I give up. God. I give up.
601. GOD why did you make drugs?? i started... and cant stop... i love and hate them at the same time. I love being on them, and hate them aswell... will i ever stop??
602. Why can't i live up da coast?? i hate living here, i need to leave.
603. god, i feel sorry for you, all this complaining and wanting, needing and shit, how do u deal with it???
P.S thank you for music!! 

Yo. Moving on guys.
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2005-12-12 [Pamcakes.]: Damn straight. i dont think it's ever going to end actually....God Mally your really did start something here, something great.

2005-12-14 [STFU_x]: oh my. it is doing well! i love reading these..

2005-12-14 [choke_on_dreams]: Hehe <3 Yes it is quite a touching, and interesting read :)

2005-12-26 [STFU_x]: its not gods birthday on christmas bitchhface. MATE its jesus's burthdayy! like, duh!

2005-12-26 [iippo]: Nooo, it's Santa's birthday! XD

2005-12-26 [STFU_x]: so why is santa giving out presents on his birthdayy?? ezzackkly!!

2005-12-26 [STFU_x]: da fukk wrote in spanishhh maa.arn?!

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2005-12-26 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: yeah, i know, lol! It's done using a translator, so it's not perfect.

2005-12-26 [STFU_x]: arr yew italian like?

2005-12-26 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: No, sono inglese (No, i['m english)

2005-12-26 [STFU_x]: ohh right...yo0r guna get arrested harhar. GEEEEZAA

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2005-12-26 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: pardon?

2005-12-26 [STFU_x]: easy...i was kidding mateyeahh.

2005-12-26 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: heh, i just got a bit confloozed.

2005-12-26 [.Forever Dreaming.]: me too hehe

2005-12-27 [iippo]: So why did you write in Italian? God understands English too, y'know :P

2005-12-27 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: i know, i just thought i would. I don't really know why...

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