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Dear God,

601. Give me the strength to let go.
602. I wish it didnt bother me as it does.
603. I pretend to love my step dad infront of you, dad. I hope that hurts you.
604. People say i always have an ulterior motive. I say no. But i do. I only do shit to get what i want. I hate it.
605. Domine, Domine Deus, Domine, Adiuva Me
606. Im sorry.
607. I miss you, im like a broken record but i do.. is like there is a piece missing from me, now that you aren't in my world anymore..
608. hey thanks... things have been pretty good lately. i mean, they could be better, but, it's changed, i am a little bit more happy now! oh and, thanks for helping him, he's getting better.
609. Give me strength to let her go, it's killing us both and I'm not sure of anything anymore...
610. I want my mothers boyfriend to hurt her so much, it kills her.
611. You "Spoke" to her. Why wont you let me hear you?
612. If he died, I wouldnt care.
613. give me the strenghth to fight for the most importaint things to me....and to never let go of them.
614. Even though I don't regret it, Im sorry.
615. I wish he wouldn't threaten me.
616. ITS OKAY.
617. I think...Im ready to move on from him. Focus now.
618. Thank you.
619. Thanks for making me feel like shit. I lovehate you God.
620. :D!!! thank you, for making him speak to me again, its made me truely happy!! :D!
621. Please don't let our parents come between us...
622. thank you so much for making this happen! we are finally together and im so happy! my happiness is spoilt by other things tho, ther not good mates are they!
623. If I said that I'd cry, I never meant it. I don't cry.
624. And again.
625. I ... Want it to hurt.
626. So do I; but it feels like I shouldn't. Make me ice, would you?
627. for once i dont think tht im upset, jst been out and was being a poser was fun!! but doesnt stop the feelin of wantin to be friends with people.. hmm.. should i talk to her, or will she jst make my life hell... again, help plz!!!
628. Nothing Hurts Like His Mouth.
629. He was the only thing that was right.
631. give me the strenth to let go of rachael, its time
632. Make him LEAVE ME ALONE! I don't want this. I never have, and I NEVER will. I can't tell anyone but you, God, because they'll take it the wrong way and make it my fault. Please, please, please end this now. Stop him before it gets out of hand. 
633. last night i was going to end it, tonight i was aswel.. im so confused because he makes me so happy but in the end it could fall apart and that would hurt the most! also thanks for making tonight, i was with my friends, in the cold, in a field, with barely any alcohol but it was the most fun iv had in ages!
634. This weekend was one of the best weekends I've EVER had.
635. I'm giddy simply speaking to him. I don't want him to have anyone else.
636. i always said it wouldnt work but after the other night i cant get him out of my head..
637. i know something about someone, but i can't say, and i know something about me, that i'm not gonna say.
638. will this change anything? will he still like me the same?
639. you will end up back together, i know it!
640. i hope so..
641. I hate this.
642. I know I fucked up... I know they are taking him away from me I cant handle it if they take him out of my life. I CANT!!! I love him... I really do... they can't... they can't... I can't talk to her anymore.. my only friend, gone. Poof. I don't know what fucked up.. His damn mom... God please, make his mom go away, take her away, & his step-dad, he doesn't deserve this... he's to good. He needs to be with me... ME!!! Not with the police, not with his family, he wants me, I want him. We are in love. And everything is tearing us apart... everyone... everything... Make it Stop please, I can't handle all of this. God, your suppose to only give us what you know we have the streghth to handle... your giving me to much. Way to much. I'm failing, I HAD ONE FRIEND, and you took her away, & my LOVE, & he's going to be gone too, the drugs, the rape, the police, the office at school, I'm sick of it... I can't take it... please, please, let me wake from this horriable nightmare. [Stephykins]
643. I hate hurting him. & its his birthday.
644. I thought he'de wait for me. I have no right to feel hurt but i wasnt expecting it god. I really wasnt. please i beg you, please, let us work. please.
645. I can't do anything right for him. He hates me, he used to love me, but I didn't do anything. I don't know what to do anymore.
646. This is my heart, bleeding before you. God i dont know what ive done. i fucked this up so bad. PLEASE LET ME HAVE HIM BACK. PLEASE.,
647. I don't know what to do, Lord. Emotionlly they're killing me.. but the don't know. They don't care neither does he.. he just looks over me as a piece of dirt on his shoe... PLEASE I need your help, God, Please, i can' go on like this much longer...
648. I hated leaving her there.
649. I didnt think it would hurt this much. I feel like im going crazy god, please help me through this. Hes just as pathetic as I am O.o
650. He's still in love with me... Thank you so much..
651. Im sorry for everything...I know I screw up alot...
but thanks for giving me everything good to me, even though I don't deserve it. And thanks for all the bad too, because I know its for a good reason. Thanks so much, and please forgive me for my sins. I love you..xBrit
652. Lord, please help us.. We need to get T.R.A.S.H up and running with more people.. including the erm Queen entrence... Anyways, thankyou for today in helping me with my exam and I hope that i passed this time. Plesae, forgive me for cutting and everything.
653. Let her out. Please?
654. He loves her over me. And she hurts him more. Why wont he see what he means to me? Is there something wrong with me?
655. your just trying to make my life difficult!
656. I've lost all faith in you.
657. Do I like him or don't I? It's not fair on him. Tell me, will you?
658. I Miss Him.
659. I Love Her :D aww.. hehe!
660. i love you too haha, and i love him!
661. Give me the strength to show him how to heal. I dont know if I can do it.
662. How could he be a part of her if his heart lies with me?
663. Thanks for coming back to me when I needed you. I love you, Lord.
664. Please hold him in your arms, and show him that You are there by his side. And if you could, let him know that I love him with all of my heart? That'd be cool too.
665. Walk down Your streets of gold, holding his grandmothers hand. Please. <3.
666. I miss the way things were.
667. What do you do when you can't go on.
668. Please help me to forget about him. I have so much better right now, so why can't I forget about him?
669. Please help me over this. I don't Wanna hurt no more...
670. now im in too fucking deep and i cant get out, i cant leave and im trapped!
671. I'm so tired now, God. I can't sleep, I've got too much to do... I'm being rational, but I don't know if it's enough anymore.
672. thank u for sending my baby angel to me jessica!!!
673. have you ever realized how much some people realize when they come close to dying (or at least feel like they have)? I find it kinda funny... I wasn't hurt at all when I ended up in a ditch after falling asleep at the wheel, but since then, my life's been going in weird directions... now I just have to get everything back into some sort of order before I get overwhelmed... but I'm still not sure if it's a good or bad thing it happened....
674. I won't let this start again. You know what happened last time, and if it happens again, I don't think I'll forgive myself.
675. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! trash was awesome! <3 I Love you!
676. I'm sorry I only call on you with bad news, asking for your help. But I don't believe in you when I feel good about myself and the world. My desperation feeds my belief, it's the only thing I have to hold on to.
677. Did you only make me so I could be alone? Or is that fate having a little s n i p e ? Ouch.
678. God, I'm sorry we dont speak anymore..
679. i screwed that one up didnt i! now its like he barely even thinks of me anymore but hes always on my mind
680. Why him, of all people? Why do I have to like him?!
681 (because we're all just numbers, really). today was weird... what was I supposed to learn from that mix of ups and downs.... everything's just too much... I wanna cry... (not really sad... just overwhelmed....)
682. Everythings putting me on a downer. I hate me :(
683. I saw him yesterday, and im going over there tomorrow. You know how much I need him. Please make he need me too. Please make him be my dad again. Please!!
684. you don't exist,people need your help but you don't listen them screaming for your name!!!i hate you!!!!!!![Firelord]
685. I was her best friend for the entire year and now she's trying to ruin my life and my reputation because she's the fuckin' dumbass who came to post prom drunk. I didn't turn her dumb ass in, her fuckin' cousin did. I swear, right when things are great something fuckin stupid happens. What hurts even more is that she said I meant more to her then Amanda, obviously she didn't mean that much to her if she's gonna ruin her best fucking friend's reputation. She's going to lie to them both and fuck things up horribly. This always happens to me. I can't win.
686. I wish I didn't have to fight against everyone, simply to live...
687. my friends cant get on.. and everythings gone shit :[ give me some happinesss pleaase?]
688. Hi.. Um.. I guess I just want to say I hope you don't send me to hell for being confused and not knowing exactly what to believe, and, I hope that you can send me some sign that he is real, because I either need that or the strength to move on. Thank you.
681. Having faith in others hurts because they let you down. My faith in you is even letting me down, as all you seem to be doing is testing it and pushing it to its limits. Please give me strength, please.
682. this weekend was fantastic. But i'm so sorry I haven't been putting you above other things in my life at the momment. I haven't been going to path cause i juss don't feel like going.. But my exams are juss getting to me so much. I'm sorry. I'll try to be better..
683. I`m sorry I haven`t turned to you in my life recently. Help me to be a better person. x
684. i wasted a year of my life.. im so confused!
685. So what am I supposed to do now, eh?
686. Wow...I can't believe you let us be us again. You know I love him, and just maybe he loves me too, if he is willing to forgive Thanks. I mean that. <3
687. I hurt him so he'll love me. I stop talking to him so he'll think about me. I pretend to hate him so he tells me he's sorry. I try to make him not so selfish. But he doesn't understand. He doesn't understand that I love him more than i've ever loved anyone, or anything in my whole entire life.
688. Why are you making my life worse?!
689. He likes me doesn't he? Now I'm confused and have no idea what I'm getting myself into. The complications I'm going to go through are endless. Not that I can't blame anyone but myself, I asked for it.. literaly. I suppose the saying "becareful what you wish for" would seriosuly apply in this situation.
690. WTF was she thinking???
691. basically. ive gotten terribly good at ripping people to shreds.
692. Sometimes I feel as if Im nothing to him. I hate it. Please, help.
693. I think i might possibly like him back
694. How do I know if I like him or not? To me he just feels like an empty shell, how do I know if hes what I'm looking for? please open my eyes to him, so I don't make a horrible mistake. Thank you.
695. A lot of people say in this world, a God couldn't possibly exist with all the pain and suffering thats going on. But somedays I don't see how there couldn't be a God, you do some amazing things, Thank you. x
696. I want to die.
697. I feel so alone right now, even surrounded by my family and friends, I know I'm still alone. Please give me guidance and support. x
698. He said he couldn't live without me. :)
699. Why couldnt I talk him out of it? Why couldnt YOU talk him out of it??????
700. This time next week I'll be back home... Thank you.
701.god i have not found you yet and i cant say i ever will there is not much that i can say to you; but why did you have to take so many people away. my baby cuz did nothing wrong, why do i have to get punished for my aunties mistakes and most of all why did you make my baby cuz suffer. i want you to be real, i want to believe that there is more than this; but why do you punish those who kill themselves when you gave them a shit life. why do you hurt so many people, inoccent die from your bloody red hands while millions live that only deserve to die. i wishyou could take me away from this world with all the pain in the world strapped on my shoulders til the end of time so millions can finally live in peace and not suffer at your murderuse hands. "thow shalt not steal." but thow stole from me.

Yo. Moving on guys.
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2006-02-26 [Disconnection]: well good, trick... it should. but those who follow the right paths would keep there eyes and teeth while everyone ELSE would lose 'em

2006-02-27 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: Very true, a good point! But it is not human nature to let those who are innocent exist in peace.

2006-03-01 [Disconnection]: sad but true.... I despise humanity... all the destruction and hatred.... makes me sick... makes me sad.... why can't people just be... good? peaceful? loving, caring, something BETTER than what we ARE???

2006-03-01 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: I dont' hate humanity; it has the means to do these things, it's simply the actions of a few who condemn the thousands. I do not judge those who do not act on their worse traits.

2006-03-02 [Disconnection]: but living in the US, I see so much more idiocy, shallow-ness and well, more idiocy... it's sad...

2006-03-02 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: It's not only the United States; we have it just as much here in Britain.

2006-03-05 [Disconnection]: people just make me sad... but anymore, everything makes me sad.....

2006-03-05 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: Then look at the positive things. Looking at the darkness of life depresses people, and it shouldn't be like that. We have so much to see and appreciate, but we don't because of our society. The world we live in does not make us feel good about ourselves; we're teaching the wrong things.

2006-03-13 [Disconnection]: I agree.... we need to learn how to love.... I started seeing someone, and she makes me happy.... and it's because she makes me forget about the bad things and focus on the good! she's got me wearing COLORFUL PANTS even! and then there's the girl(s) that dislike her for being with me... I dispise our society... so I focus on indiviuals and making them and myself happy!

2006-03-13 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: That's good! See, it's not all bad!

2006-03-14 [Disconnection]: exactly... it just feels like it is until something happens to change your life for the better ^_^

2006-03-14 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: Exactly. Whee.. happy now!

2006-03-17 [Disconnection]: so tell me.... are you happy?

2006-03-17 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: Am I happy? Mainly. Mostly. Most of the time I'm alright.

2006-03-19 [Disconnection]: excellent, dear... everyone needs more happiness in their life.

2006-03-19 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: They do. Bigger picture, not the small.

2006-03-25 [Disconnection]: I was recommended a book... now I'm recommending it to you... find and read Anthem, by Ayn Rand (this goes for everyone!)

2006-03-25 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: Thanks; I would also recommend a book to you and to anyone; 'Tuesdays With Morrie', by Mitch Albom.

2006-03-26 [Disconnection]: I'll have to look into it! mooha!!

2006-03-30 [Pamcakes.]: Someone, Mally needs a volunteer to make another page when this one reaches the limit (700). because she doesnt get on all that much anymore. but she wants to keep this alive and going. So. i see P and D talks alot, can one of you do it?

2006-05-21 [Keseken]: I could prolly do that for yah.

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