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Dear God,

801.How can he be so mean and not even feel bad at all? I love him to death. But it's so hard to keep hearing him say sorry, and not even mean it.
802. I understand it from her, but why did he have to think I was the whore.
803. Wish Joseph a happy 8th birthday, please keep him safe and happy through out his life. Let him know we love him & Let him know that you love him. Thank You.
804. Are you proud?
805. Suddenly all the good things are happening but Im afraid to believe them and enjoy it incase you take it away. Is it really forever?
806. Make Israel leave all the civilians alone in Lebanon, please. Show them that the children are not their enemies.
807. Please, make telling him easy. Please.
808. I want to hold his hand so bad.
809. People in this wiki who deny you and say your fake and blame you for their losses make me sick. I love you. -[ftgyughj] -come send me hate mail if you want.
810. Gah. I <3 you shayla. But im guilty of it too :( But I do love you God. And I knows theres a good reason behind everything.
811: Standing up for God. I love you & I believe [hiya hails :)].
812. Why didnt you stop him when he touched me like that.
813. Thank you for letting my boyfriend be so supportive. He is my heaven send.
814. Why do I always feel so alone? Out of my hundreds of acquaintances, I feel as thought I have no best friend. I don't feel like anyone's there for me. Can't I just have someone there for me? I'm really not a bad person...
814. god. thanks for inventing coffee. and shoes.
815. oh. and thanks for making mike ness so. damn. amazing.
816. So I told her to go for the one I still love. And shes one of my bestfriends. They like each other, but I still love him. So please help me to get over him. Please. I love you.
817. Please help me to learn to get over him.. So I'll stop getting my hopes up, just to get a broken heart again and again. And help him to learn how to not lead 3 girls on at a time.
818. Aside from all of the hurt and pain it seems everyone is feeling.. I just want to take the time to say Thank you.
819. Why do they argue so much? Just make them divoce would make life easier..
820. You mean everything to me... I love You soo much, I can't wait to spend eternity with you in Heaven... I'm looking forward to that so much.. =] -Shayla
821. I've done the most stupid thing. How could I just piss on four and a half months of good relationship? HOW? How do I just let go and nearly make out with Eric, HOW? and more importantly..why?
822. I care about him so much, it's insane. I don't know how it could happen. Please, let this last. Please.
823. Just...Thank you.
824. thank you so much. He's amazing.
825. Thank you so much for everything. Some days I feel like crap, but I keep going because I know this life is a miracle, I am a miracle, and I was put here to change the world. I hate thinking about the future now, and I don't like change, and sometimes I don't even know what I even want. Please help me make the right descisions... so I don't screw things up like I always do.
826. So he hates me. Glee. You're a jerk you know that. I had what I always wanted but always thought I couldn't have. You're twisted and wrong. You took it all away and instead of hurting the person that should be're hurting me. I didn't sleep with her. I didn't lie and cheat and make excuses. I played by the RULES you seem to think that you have the right to change them. You don't. All I wanted was the good in my life that I think I deserve for helping him, for helping so many other people. I've never put myself before anyone, I'm more likly to jump in a fire to save him even after all that shit he put me through. Yet you're hurting ME and letting him hurt HER and he'll go on to hurt another. Jackass, no wonder so many people lose faith you creep.
827. Erm, yeh, I got shingles just for ma holiday.. I hope they go in two days >>. I think me and Sly are going well, and really, I thank you for that. Also, please help Jay at the moment through this tough time. Thanks for helping me through life. ilu.
828. Okay so, I wish he would leave. He makes me sick.
829. I don't want cancer. Please. Please.
830. why am I not happy about this when I know I should be?
831. I kill myself because im so frustrated.
832. Please PLEASEPLEASEPLEAAAASE let him still like me. please.
833. I'm tired of the drama. you're killing the both of us. He ODed, I want to rip her throat out. you don't give me a break.
834. It's been a while. I'm not sure how I feel about you anymore. You took him. I begged you. And you took him anyways. So I hated you. I hated hou made me cry. The pain was unbearable. It's been eight months. It still hurts. I can't die anymore. I can't let anyone hurt the way I did. The way I do. I just want to start over. There's no restart in life, though. So... What now?
- Your Mistake
835. I would kill myself, but I don't think theres much left to kill.
836. PLEASE GIVE ME A BETTER INTERNET CONNECTION, Can't you like connect it to heaven or something? x
837. I wanted to kill myself. I met him. Now I don't. Now he's in a rut and you won't let me help him. at all. How is that fair!? He's my hero and I'm leaving him stranded.
838. I wish I could help him as much as he's helped me. I wish I could be there for him but I'm not. I'm horrible. I just push them away, and they all help me so much. I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for him. I wish I could thank him with more than words. Please help me be better, somehow
839. Please, let this guy be a good one. Dont let him be a cheater, or a heartbreaker, or a guy who just wants to get into my pants. I have a good feeling about him, but I need your assurance.
840. Im scared. I dont know what to do. I like him alot, and he likes me, but the thought of another heart break scares me to death. Cause I know it will happen. Is it worth it? Can I learn something from this one, too? Or is it gonna be better? Is he better for me? Im so scared. Just...give me a sign, please.
841. Give me the opportunity.. Please.
842. Why wont she just let me get on with it on my own?
843. I really need this to work. Please. Both of them.
844. Please help me be a better girlfriend.
845. If I've ever asked anything of you in the past, forget it all. I dont need material items, I know you can't change the pass or tell me the futur. But right now...I need to see him more than anything else. Please give me courage enough to ask my parents and please give them heart enough to see that it's the only way. Please...
850.Please make the war in his head go away. This is so unfair. Let him be okay, please? He's a good person. He's been through enough. He doesn't need this with everything else. Please, just help him be fine. I love him so much..
851.I miss him..I wish he was less busy.
852. Please make my Mom's prison sentence shorter... I don't want her to miss my 16th birthday... -shayla
853. Why am I like this, why do I always need change. Please let him know that he is enough.
854. I'm still waiting on that courage and heart God. I need it bad. I'm so nervous about asking her. If she says no I'll fall apart. And...being me...I'll probably do something to make it worse...
855. I don't know what to do anymore. The rape changed me... I'm so much more... I don't even know the word for it. I can't help it, I'm like this. I need to tell Sean, but I'm afraid of what he'll think. And for some reason, I find myself missing Kenneth. How can I miss the ex boyfriend thats been gone for six months now? How can I dream he's with me and wake up feeling his kiss like he was never gone? And more importantly, why? Why haven't I actually cried yet? Why haven't I broken down about the rape? And why haven't I told anyone but Katie? And why am I afraid of what Sean'll think? And why do I miss Ken? Why, god damnit?
856. Please, please keep my camp open. It means everything to me. When something's wrong, I know I can keep on living because I'll be happy when I'm there again, and it makes me undepressed, and now it's closing. Please, its the only thing I have to hold on to, except my best friend.....
857. Thankyou for a safe flight home and a great holiday, please help my grandad get his hearing back, it's getting him down a lot. Thankyou for like, everything at the moment!
858. Keep him safe.
859. Haha, He was CAMPING. Loser forgot to tell me.
Gosh I loved talking to him yesterday. Thank you for letting suhc a wonderful guy into my life...
860. Strange. Same as the one above me, except, thank you for him calming me down. He listened to me cry and he said that he loved listening to me, that I'm the most important person to him, and he told me he loved me. He hasn't told me that in months. I can't stop thinking about him.... thank you.
861.Please bring him back safely..
862. Why can't I have him?
863. Thank you for your protection, and giving me the strength to know when to stop, in all differernt kinds of ways. And thank you for letting him be different then Andy. That means alot. And thank you for letting me realize that hes not the right one. Just, thanks.
864. Thankyou. I love him.
865.When will the right one be here?..I keep waiting for the right guy in my life, but it seems to be taking so long.when will i find true love?
866. I'm so scared I'll lose him, but everytime we talk I feel so good.. Oi. Please, I really dont want to lose him.
867. Please help us talk... we never talk, its like he doesn't wanna know me, its like he wants me physically.. its hurtful. =\ I hope he doesn't end up in Prison though.
868: It's so wrong, but's so right.
867. Thankyou for the courage, even if it did nothing for me. Now I need luck. I NEED to see him!! I NEED not just WANT, NEED. Please God...Please...
868. I Love You.
869. Thanks.
870. Please help me stop, i only do it for attention.
871. Thank you for my friends. Thank you for him loving me even when I don't love myself. Thank you for him telling me I'm pretty even when I think I'm ugly. Please help me stop hating myself. If I could only love myself half as much as he loved me, I would be okay. But thank you for everything. <3
872. Could you let him know I miss him? It hurts more now that he's home and we haven't seen each other- cuz he's so close... but we're so far away.
873. Why must people insist to makes others feel crappy about themselves? Its not cool.
874. Why is this even an issue with me?? I know he won't make me go though there. What the hell!?
875. Please help me gain the self confidence I need. I love you.
876. Do you think he'll stick to his promise this time? He knows how excited I am about it...would he really let me down like that?
877. I feel guilty for abusing their trust.. but I had so much fun & it was amazing, I just don't want to disapoint them, but I wouldn't say no to the situation again. Theres worse things I could do..
878. I lost the only girl who's ever made me truly happy. And at times, I just feel like giving up on life. Please...give me the strength to move on, give me the strength to live.
879. I need to strength and courage to put my family back together. Lord help me to do that. Family first, Friends second. Also please help me to keep following your mighty word. Amen.
880. Wow, all I can say is thanks. Last night was incredible. I love you so much.
881. WOW. He cheated on me when we were together. WHY. And why would she lie to me about it!?
882.WOW, why do poeple copy the person above them? It's annoying. Anyways, I really miss him :\ I wish he was less busy.
883. I love him. More than anyone else. more than anything else. he's the love of my life. so please God...please...let him come see me. I miss him more than anything else in this world or sny other.
884. I love him. Thankyou =]
885.please don't tell me he's gone. please god. I asked you to keep him safe...
886. Make up your damn mind! Does he love me and only me or not!? You seem to flip flop on this question. Get it fucking straight!
887. I had an amazing night. Thank You for picking someone so perfect for me... and for giving us a perfect relationship... he means everything to me.. You made it all possible, and You brought us together... two unlikely people... when we first met, he liked rap and I liked punk... now we're singing to our favorite bands and dissing rap hehe (because it sucks and you all know it). I just want to thank You for him. Life would seem unbearable without him... also thank You for Your son who died for every one of our sins. Every last one. You're amazing, God. You really are. Thank You, and I love You. With all that I am. -Shayla
888. Wow, today was incredible. And I thank you sooo much for it. No one has ever wanted to slow dance with me in the middle of the sidewalk, or lay and watch the stars with me...Thank you for showing me this incredible boy, and showing me how good guys can make me feel. Because I think ive been missing out. I love you.
889. It's a shame i feel like this's upsetting that only one member of my family is always kind to me now...that only one person in the world allows me to talk and gives me his full attention, listens and actually helps me. It's all very sad...but it's life and i'm going to live it because i've been told to. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger...this is going to make me stronger.
890. Dear God. Where are you? Who are you? The question would be what are you?
I know you're not a big man on a big cloud, with some flash of lightening to fear us... You know, humans tell so many things about you! Why don't you tell us the truth? We would be better...
Perrhaps can't you speak! Poor God. I don't hate you if you're powerless to help you... But if you're that way, are you really a God?
Tell me... What's a God? Are you somewhere? Are you the universe? Are you us?
Thank you very much if you listen to me. [Gwenn*]
891. Kay so it's pretty much been a year now, right? and I still can't help but see it as a one big dream. I never thought I'd meet anyone half as great as him. He cares for me like no one else has. He makes me smile when I'm crying. He takes care of me. He's someone special...but he's with me o_O? that part confuses the hell out of me. but I'm here to say thankyou. Thankyou for letting someone like me have someone as nice, as sweet, as pretty, as smart, as thoughtful, as great as him. <33
892. I cried. Finally. I cried for everything that's happened in the last 9 months. I cried for happines, for loneliness, for family, for betrayal, for friends who stay, for friends who leave, for lovers, and for mothers, and for mother fucking sons of bitches. I cried for everything.
893. I like him, alot, but then again I dont. He's too into sex, and you know how frightened I am when anyone wants to touch me there. I don't want to be in a relationship where sex is a moral. So what do I do? Does he expect it from me? Its something im not ready for, anymore. Not now.
894. why do they always like her more than me? why do they always ask for HER msn, HER number, HER myspace. people need to look further, i hate this world and what man has done to it. im sorry on behalf of mankind for what we've done to your masterpiece. i try to make a difference, but however loud i am, no-one listens. im sorry. ox
895. What if he thinks I'm gross naked like I do?
896. Why won't my mom let him visit? I understand she doesn't want me to like someone far away, but it's so unfair. I love him so much. Does she want me to be unhappy? Does she enjoy seeing me depressed? It would only be for a day. I just want to see him. I hope he's not mad at me.
897. -Edit- I lost my faith due to some appauling contradictions. And so I write a message to God to ask him questions I don't expect to have answered. But I'm sure everyone who has questions sometimes want the source to give answers. If you gave us all free will, and wanted us all to make our own decisions, then how can you send someone to Hell for not worshiping you, when you did not give them reason to believe in your, nor did you demand they believe in you? And why do you manipulate people in the Old Testament, but become so benevolent in the New Testament? And how could you send an innocent child who didn't have the chance to be baptized to Hell? Still signed proudly, the agnostic [Moonlit Serenade]. -Edit-
898- You can be proud to be agnostic, [Moonlit Serenade], but it's not a reason to judge people who believe in God. And you should know that the Old and the new Testament were written by humans who believed in GOd, not by God himself.
899. Please make everything perfect for them today, so they have a happy anniversary. Thank You, for everything x
900. Why did you make it so that he's so far away from me? I wonder if I did someting wrong in a past life.

Lets move on.
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.My Messages To God.


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2006-08-16 [ftgyughj]: Lol yeah I understand

2006-08-21 [Gwenn*]: I seen around miself that sometimes blaming God is a way to survive: it's a way to suffer less by thinking there is a person responsible... And perrhaps it's a way to not blame oneself.
But it's just what I think now :)
Anywhay, I like very much this page, it's a wonderful idea :)

2006-08-21 [ftgyughj]: Yeah, but God doesn't interfere with free will... it's what we get when we're born and He doesn't have anything to do with it... we shouldn't blame Him for things He is blameless for

2006-08-22 [Gwenn*]: I agree with you ::)

2006-08-22 [RadiationNation.]: #896 sounds so much like me o_o

2006-08-23 [iippo]: Ehm, shouldn't #897 (Miss Agnostic's comment) be in the "his replies from angels" wiki? It seems more of a reply than... a confession or message to God. o.O

2006-08-23 [Delladreing]: It seems more of a statement from someone who being agnostic can't make their own mind up about their belief in God or not and who is just trashing those that have. I'd like to also take the time to point out that some of these people making posts are not in trouble as a result of their own actions. For some people shit just happens. And maybe just maybe for some people, turning and asking God why might give them some hope in that one day they might be answered </rant> apologies to everyone else, but it really annoyed me.

2006-08-23 [RadiationNation.]: It annoyed me aswell. As far as people asking why or why not someone likes them, it's more or less just to throw the question out there so they can think upon it themselves. They're not expecting God to come down in some booming voice and tell them .same goes for people you ask for things like courage, they're not expecting a zap of lightning to hit them in their sleep. They're asking because they're afraid. If you believe in something and ask this something for help like this you'll feel better knowing that this something knows you need courage and will help you. People don't get themselves in trouble, like [Delladreing] said, Shit happens. I think I'm done now ^_^;

2006-08-23 [Moonlit Serenade]: I did have a question for God. And it's a serious question. The questions that turned me away from any faith believing in God. So I figure, why not put them in a message to God? Or am I not allowed to, [Delladreing]? After all, you seem to be the queen of everybody. As for what I said before it, I can express my own opinions. Just like anyone else in the world. Consider it my rant to God. No one has to read it, no one has to care. I don't care what you say or think about it. The fact is, it's there. Shit does happen, and people are entitled to say what they want. My comment won't stop them. So why does it matter to you?
And by the way, I know a lot about the bible. I went to a Catholic school for six years. And yes, it was written by people, but they were people describing God and how he talked and acted. The fact that he admitted to manipulating people's actions and taking away their free will (note, the Pharoh bringing Moses and his people back time and again. God said he would make the Pharoh do that), makes me think that he is not so benevolent in the first Testament. Again, my own personal beliefs, and my own personal rants. Just because I signed it doesn't mean I want you to bitch about it.

2006-08-23 [RadiationNation.]: Little side note from the peanut gallery here...that wasn't a rant to God in the begining you adressed it to us, the people here.

2006-08-23 [Delladreing]: Yes dear, but you put it up, and I too have an opinion on it. I'm not saying you cant (And why yes thank you for noticing that I am the Queen of Fucking Everything, it says so on my mug) I am just saying it is impolite to post it on a site where other people find solace and comfrot.

2006-08-23 [Moonlit Serenade]: Then why are you arguing here, where the fuss may interrupt their comfort and solace? If you have such a problem with it, or you want to comment, that's what messages should be used for, don't you think?
And that is the last comment I'll make here regarding that little conversation. Because I'm being disrespectful, and so are you.

2006-08-23 [Moonlit Serenade]: As for [RadiationNation.], I'll make one short comment, and that is that it may be addressed to other people, but that's what I do when I rant. As mentioned before, no one has to read it. And if they have a problem, they can message me or get over it. And that's the last comment to that particular bit.

2006-08-23 [Delladreing]: I'm not the one that made a disrespectful post on someone else's wiki. But you are right, the argument should not be carried on. We would only be carrying your initial disrespectful act to even further lengths.

2006-08-23 [Draugluin]: Eh next page. People can find solace there. Yes I am Catholic and I did find your rant disrespectful. You don't agree with the religion, fine, don't. This is not the place really to rant. Plus if you don't believe in God, why are you sending him mail?

2006-08-24 [Moonlit Serenade]: All right, I'm not afraid to admit that what I did was wrong. I'll go so far as to say very wrong, so I'll change it to spare feelings. [Draugluin], I think anyone should be able to send 'mail' to any god, if they find something in it. However crude and unwarranted by first half was, the end questions were serious, albeit worded tersely. Sometimes, I just feel the need to ask these questions. And I don't really not believe in God. I don't know if I believe in him or not, which is why I'm agnostic. While I find more polytheistic religions logical (I won't get into that), I haven't ruled out belief in God completely yet.
Here's an official apology to any who were offended. Frustrating days turn me cynical, and I'm sure some of you can relate. But it isn't an excuse, and I'll change it so anyone else who happens upon won't feel hurt or offended, too.

2006-08-24 [Vessel 4 Christ]: I know that feeling too. But I am sure someday things will change for the better for all of us and u too. ^^

2006-08-24 [Draugluin]: Eh, I don't really mind. ^^ I was just being overly argumentative. Was really in a pissy mood yesterday and I was brought up to be a catholic but now i'm atheist. I can't see that God would punish people for eternity. Don't worry i'm cynical all the time. ^^ you get used to it.

2006-08-24 [speakyourwords]: I love this wiki...

2006-08-24 [Draugluin]: Meh it's okay. ^^

2006-08-24 [Vessel 4 Christ]: true on that. ^^

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