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Dear God,

901. Why does she pick at everything I do? I try really hard to impress her, to make her happy, to make her realise that I DO want to help out. It never works out, because nothing is EVER good enough for her. Nothing.
902. I don't believe in God..But I guess you're my only hope. I don't swear, but FUCK LIFE. It fucking sucks. No one notices me. I swear, I could kill myself. If I had the fucking [...guts><]..Why must I be left out? Know what, SCREW YOU. SCREW WHOEVER.I don't want it anymore...Why do I try so hard??
903. I have always doubted God. I was brought up very Catholic, but noone could ever prove to me that God existed. Noone could ever show me that there was something for me after death. And so, I naturally questioned faith, as is my way to question things that can not be proven. So around high school, I resolved this: "I will find my own truth, not assume it." That was the day that I turned down religion in my own life. Now, you may notice that religion is a large part of my interests. I love to learn, and so, something as mysterious as religion captivates me. Just because I don't accept it as absolute truth does not mean that I ignore it completely. I love to learn about all of the different faiths, including the "non-faiths" and I love to be knowledgeable about them. I'm not so sure why exactly I felt like I had to post here, but I did feel obligated. And I will be leaving my name after every post, because I believe that it wouldn't be right for me to question something like this, and not allow you my name. And be aware, I do not feel that you are less than me because you follow your certain path. The path is not for me, and it is for you. That is all. Anyway, I'm [Faulty Limerence]. Feel free to discuss.
904. I want to be anorexic. Maybe then I'd be thin enough.
905. His dreams have meaning, obviously, if he broke up with me over one. So what happens if I had a reallly good one, instead of a bad one like he did? I cant help but miss him. I dont want to, but I do, sooooo much. That dream felt sooo real. Please make it come true, please.
906. I know I don't say it much but I feel empty inside. I think that's the word for it. I feel like I'm missing a piece of myself. he's so far away and I'm scared for him. Is he the missing piece? when am I going to get this piece back? when am I going to get him back here, in my arms where he belongs? I need that piece, I need him. so I thankyou...but I don't at the same time :/
907.Thank you.
908. I hate him I hate him I hate him. Why'd you give me a father like that?! I just want to get away. I never want to come back. I can't take his behavior anymore. I can't. Just put me in a foster home where I'll be happier...not happy...but happier.
909. Why have I lost all motivation.
910. Someone once told me I should not only ask and pray to you for the things I need, want and would like in my life, but to thank you for all the wonderful things that you do do for me, so I've really tried to do that recently. Everytime I get sometihng pleasant, I thank you, and I hope that you have heard me out.
911. God save me and my GCSE results. I act like I don't care, but I care. Boy do I ever care. I tried my hardest, but hte more I talk to my mom the more the thought that maybe I didnt try my hardest sinks in, which is silly, because I know I did. Right? Its never good enough for me if it isnt good enough with everyone else, I never feel strong enough to have my own standards and feel fullfilled when I reach and meet them all. Why =(
912. Please teach her a lesson. Teach her how not to bullshit people.
913. I have no friends. I don't want it to change. The worst part is, that I blame you for it, and it hurts me.
914. Can't believe he touched me like that. Ruined my whole fucking life.
915. I miss home :/ I miss him.
916. I don't know what I should be.
917. I never panic.
918. You saved my life...
919. I miss ignorance.
920. I want to stop looking for god, and start seeing miracles everywhere.
921. You brung Matt back. Hes coming to town. What if I fall for him again? Dont let me. Please. Dont.
922. why does everyone lie?
923. I hate him. I really do. He hurt me... he was supposed to be my best guy friend! And he hates me... for something I didn't really do. And it hurts... it hurts so much. Because as much as I hate him, and as much as I know he hates me, I miss every day. And I wish we could go back to how we used to be. Now, we don't even talk. He wouldn't even take me apologies. God, if you really are there, please... just... please, get him to forgive me, even though I didn't do anything, just so I can have him back. Could you manage to do that?
924. Ok so...I miss him fucking extremly. Let us talk soon, thanks.
925. Dear God, thank you for helping me having MICHIGAN AND CAMBRIDGE FCE certificates. Please make Kurt love me again. Punish kessan. Help Joey and Kortni. Help me stop being jealous. Help me stop hating Sarah Chick. Thank you.
926. He was the only one who I could trust. I fell hard in love with him. And now as I try to move on, I can't. Mostly because I can't keep him out of my mind, but also because no one can treat me like that boy. Most others lie and what not. It sucks. I miss him. I want him back. These dreams keep coming back to me, and I just want to know if thy're signs or not. Because the dreams are fantastic. Just, please, help me out in some way.
927. Please let her not be pregnant. I'm so worried about her, that's my best friend, and it'll be hell if she's pregnant. Please.
928. Dear God, thank you for opening my eyes to the real world. I'll be seeing you.. soon.
930. What do I do God? I'm not being treated like I should. What happened to the whole neighbour thing or do onto others as you'd have done onto you? I treated him well. I helped him through hard times. I forgave him for everything that he did. I apologised for things I know I didn't do. I did everything the best I could and yet...he still doesn't sound like he gives a damn. I want to be with him...usually...but now...I don't know. Do I give up and leave him? Or do I learn to live with it?
931. Lord, please help me to be stronger. I slipped today. After a while without doing it, I did. Please help me to learn how to cope better then I am, please. I love you.
932. I just realised, life will never be the same again. EVER.
933. Im crying. Im here with him, in the same place. He asked me what was wrong, as if he doesnt know. I looked at him, and told him that its nothing important, and that its my own problem. He gives me that look. I still love him, and I know that he could NEVER feel the same about me again. Why must I be put threw this pain? Its so hard to cope. I cut tooooo deep last night, I was super scared. I don't know how to handle it anymore. Just please, help.
934. He said he'll wait for me forever. Is he serious? And she wants to move out with me when I'm 16. I don't even know what I'm majoring in college yet. Everything's coming so fast and I have no idea what to do. But I love them. I love them both so much... and thank you for everything. Thank you for giving me a reason to live. In fact... more than one reason, lots of reasons to live.
935. What the fuck is wrong with him? Is he trying to push me away? Tell me. Please because it's getting to the point where I hate him and rather punch his face in than love him like I should.
936. Goooooooooooood please don't make it all crash now. X_x It's ok, I'll do ok if I'll have the strenght but this insecurity is just too much. I'm too small ._.
937. Could you remind the world that money doesn't matter? Why am I the only one who believes that?
938. How do I tell if I'm in love with him? How do I know that I'm not making a big mistake..
939. Your so confusing, you know? So, he misses me, and thinks about me ALOT. And he knows I miss him. So whats the problem?
940. Is this the thing I've been waiting for? Or just another fake glimmer of hope?
941. now God, answer me this; why are you letting my little sister morph into me? Every flaw I have she's adopting. It's not good for her. Leave her alone. She didn't do anything to deserve this shit.
942. how..did this happen..?
943. Dooshbag.
944. I like talking to you...
945. You spelled douchebag wrong. Anyway...why am I here again? Well...I almost killed myself tonight. At least the possibility was there. I almost commited to making the biggest mistake of my entire life. There's a possibility that this mistake could have ended someone else's life. Someone very close to me. I wouldn't have been able to live after that. If I had caused her death...I would have had to end my life. I wouldn't have deserved another breath. One of her friends was very angry with the decision that I was about to make. She said that she had every right to kill me. I told her "Come do it now. Id let you in. I'd give you the knife. I'd open my shirt. And thank you." But...I think...I may have caught everything JUST before it left my fingers. Just...I've never had anyone beg me to stay before...
Anyway, this is getting long.  ~[Faulty Limerence]
946. Please God. Please keep my brother safe.-[Vampire Akis]
947. God, a few things: Why do you ask those who follow you to force your will on others when people are said to have free wills? Why not let them find the right way with information instead of force and demands? Why does the bible say that animals does not have a soul and are only there to serve humans, when almost everyone who have had a pet can swear that they are their own? And finally, how can you ask people to dismiss all other gods when you can't prove your existance? That was all.
948. Is he mad at me?? Cause I really was just angry in general, not at all at him.
949. She says she still loves me...but she's with another guy. I miss her so much and just want her to come back...please God, give me the strength to stay sane.
950. Dear God, it's me again. I've been trying so hard to be my best. To look good. But no one notices me. My life shall be impossible to change. I probably will never fall in [x_LovE..] You have no use in this world. You help with nothing. GO AWAY.
951. i dont know if i really like him. i mean.. i do.. i do like him.. but i dont want to spend time with him.. is that bad? of course it is.. why would i ask that. Im SO confused. i dont know what to do. i dont want to end things. but i dont wnt to be so frustrated. so confused. so broken. i just want to know what i want.. and for no one to get hurt.
952. Ok, so I have no idea how to even start explain what is going on, and how I'm feeling. I love her, I know I do. I get the feeling that shes feeling the exact same way as I am.. Infact after that night I'm pretty certain she does. How do I tell her? Or do I even tell her at all? If I do what would happen to us, and our other friends?
953. God i love cybering
954. Why must I still cry over him? Why did he make me think he likes me still? Why does he insist on hurting on me?
I hate this...
957. I felt this pain for too long now. Im sick of crying. Please, help me forget him. Help me to move on. I cant stand this.
958. Look, I know I shouldn't nose around in his past, but God, I'm just dying to know who she was. Who all of them were. I love him so much more than I thought, but it's not like I'm the first, or probably the best. I don't wanna be another notch in his bedpost, I need to know.
959. I have to thankyou for one thing. And that's making things better. Not right, because right will never happen. I'm to retarded and insecure for that shit. But I want to thankyou for making things better. Maybe, when I'm older, and smarter, things will be right. But not at this moment.
960. Thankyou Lord, especially for letting me and Sly have a good time. Please, let her get through the treatment alright, and that she gets better too. And I hope Mark's gran gets better, if she is actually ill and he isn't lying to me, again. Thankyou. And RIP Steve Irwin.
961. i can't believe Steve Irwin has died, he was helping the world.... how could it happen? my brother actually looked up to him so much, this is so petty, but it demonstrates, exactly how this world is, the good suffer as the bad prospers through the suffering.hmmph
962. god i love her... but I don't think she loves me. Or maybe she just doesn't believe me. I love katie so much and she doesn't even get it. Its crazy.
963. I'm really fucking pissed off. he was fucking everything to me, and then all of a sudden he stops speaking to me? what kind of bullshit is that? It really hurts. It really fucking hurts.
964. I know I USED to be a real stuck up bitch about other girls hanging or talking with/to him. but I'm okay now, I have alot more confidence. I know I'm beautiful, and I'm a good person and I know he loves me to death. but I need your help to show him that. Because I don't like the strain right now.
965. Damnit Steve! Get your ass back here! We were in the middle of a fucking e-mail conversation and you go and get killed by a fucking stingray! What the fuck, mate?! Damnit you were a really great guy, and you even bothered to sit down and e-mail me back every time I sent one to you. You were one of the best role models that I've ever had, and now you're gone. Do we even NEED stingrays? Let's just whipe them all out...they're useless...I know I wouldn't want that...I'm gonna miss you Steve. ~[Faulty Limerence]
966. I hate her. She hates me. But why does it still upset me? =( Look after steve-o yer?
967. At this moment, I don't care that you exist or not, that I believe in you or not, or that you've got a power or not: just give me the force if you can.
968. Do you really hate right feet?
969.thanks yeh??
970.I really like him and I know he likes me, but he'll never admit it because of what other people will say. What a waste... and what can I do about it?
971. Today was AWESOME but please, help me find my way about the school! It's huge! And I need some help on knowing what to do about Sly =(
972. Thankyou. Do you think I should send him my locket? as a kind of promise? I hope it works. I'd buy rings or something if I could but heh.
973. I'm such a whore sometimes.
974. Me too. Oh dear.
975.Fuck it. and fuck you. XP
976. God, I really thought it would make a difference. I felt so betrayed, thankfully im getting over it now.
977. Make me trust him. Please. I'm begging. He didn't do anything but I always have this stupid red flag in my head. I need your help.
978. I just have to say, I like this guy. He's generally a really nice guy, he has an analytical mind, a sarcastic sense of humor, and is occasionally immature. He has a very nice voice, and he's really really nice to me. In the spirit of this wiki, I just gotta say, thank you god. Even if nothing ever works out, he'll still be a good friend for a very long time.
979. ^ Heehee, I win! [Faulty Limerence]
980. So, Im in a relationship. But its not the same. And its not right to go out with someone, when your still head-over-heals in love with some one else.
What do I do?
981. Please keep up safe this week, especially during travel. Thank you & I love you.
982. What you did to that poor girl at Dawson College was wrong. She didn't do anything wrong just like the other 19 wounded students.
983. I cant believe he did this.
984.Why is she a whore? Can you make her get raped for real instead of making her lie all the time? I don't want her to have anything to do with me, but she manages to come back and piss me off. Also, I'm sorry.. Thank you for long shirts.
985. She really doesn't need to lie to me. All I need is the truth! She's a lying bitch. It actually hurts. And just make it happen soon, please. Oscar awards..You know. And why must she copy everything I do? Im original. I started it. It's who I am. What I am. Stop her! Oh, thank you for our special guy. ^^; DANG hot. And I hate you for not making the things I want.
986. God can I please win this contest? All prayers, <poll:72394> Vote please! ^^ (The last one is mine).
987. Tell Grandma I Miss Her.
988. Please let him like me.
989. Plaese Give Tyler the strength to wake up. Keep your hand of protection over him and let him know that everyone cares about him and loves him.
990. Keep Us Safe.
991. Save Us from all of the sadness in the world. Help Us Lift our eyes to you and make everything better.
992. Thanks.
993. I cryed. He looked at me, and said that he wasnt gonna play the song. At that moment, I realized that I wanted to hear it, even though I knew it would kill me inside. But he didnt, because he CARES. I thought he didnt. He saw me crying, and he didnt want to see me even more hurt. The down side about this, is that it makes me want him back even more. And since him and Teri are breaking up, it makes me even happier, and it makes me just want to...kiss him or something. Gah. Should I be getting over him, or waiting around like I am? Is he thinking about me? Does he miss me like I miss him? Is there another chance for me and him? Im so lost.
994. one year. Wow eh. I didn't think it could last that long. but the shit dad said about him yesterday, it's sticking to me and it hurts, alot. He had on right to say it but he did....I need to talk to him....badly but when is that going to be?
995. I want to see him. Please. He makes me so happy and i know I sound like one of those pathetic people who is in love and obsessive, but I can't help it. Really, You know how I am, more than I even understand. I love him so much.
996. Why do I miss him right now?
997. I knew it. I always give my hopes up. Im done hopeing, im done dreaming, and im done falling in love. Its not worth it at this point in my life.
998. I love him. Alot. Don't let Dad ruin what I have. Don't let him take what I love, need, and live for away. I'll hate him forever. More than I do now. Which is saying something >.> Cause I'd rather see him choke on a nail than see him wake up every morning.
999. Wow. I can't believe myself... I just can't. I'm so torn right now.
1000. I keep feeling like I'm doing something wrong. Continually screwing up, and I don't know what it is.

Lets move on.
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