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This is a page for those of you who have questions and would like answers. Just put your questions in a comment below and i will try my best to answer it =Þ.

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2005-04-15 [kinky girl in a straight jacket]: Is there any way to know for sure if you are a vampire or not? Is there a test?

2005-04-16 [FireGypsy]: There is not test to tell if your a vampire. There is nothing in your blood or urine or brain that lets you know if you are one. Its more of an imbalence in your energy. If your body uses your energy faster then you can make it, it will want to get the energy from other sources. Its more of you realizing that your body is craving this energy that its losing and you trying to help it get the energy back. Either by taking it from those around you (psy) or drinking the blood of another (sanguine). You just know when your a vampire, there is no sure way to tell.

2005-04-17 [Katelan]: Does that mean if you don't get the extra energy then you are tired all the time?

2005-04-18 [FireGypsy]: something like that.

2005-04-19 [Katelan]: Oh, ok... Do you have any physical differences? I mean I know you don't have fangs, but anything other than that?

2005-04-20 [FireGypsy]: nope. You would never be able to tell a vampire from a human just by looking at one. For all you know, your quiet little next door neighbor could be one. They dont dress in capes and such or anything that youd be able to point out as being vampirish.

2005-04-21 [Katelan]: Ok, well I don't think I am a vampire but is it still ok that I joined this wiki?

2005-04-21 [FireGypsy]: yeah! this wiki isnt just for vampires, its for anyone interested and more.

2005-04-21 [kinky girl in a straight jacket]: Ok thanks!

2005-05-15 [Phoenix_phyre]: okay so how do you tell if you're one? so if you are tired all the time, what, you might be one? and since you run this, does that mean you're a vampire, (is that a secret?)?

2005-05-15 [FireGypsy]: Well if you were a vampire, you wouldnt necessarily be tired because your body would try to find a way to make up for lost energy. So in a psy vampires' case, their body would steal energy from people around them, and in a sang case, they would drink blood and such. There really is no sure way to tell, but i guess if you know your body well enough, youd just know what you were. And yes i am a vampire, im a sang/psy, which means i can do both.

2005-05-15 [Phoenix_phyre]: oh, okay, thankies on the quick response, also on another note i luv don, he's so interesting

2005-05-15 [FireGypsy]: lol Don is a good man =) He inspired a lot of vampires to come out of the coffin lol so to speak =)

2005-05-15 [Phoenix_phyre]: yeah he's real funny and real nice

2005-05-15 [FireGypsy]: yeah, i havent been to his site in a long time, mostly because i havent been home much.

2005-05-15 [Phoenix_phyre]: i don't really go there, i just see him occasionally on tv, g2g chat later...eventually..maybe, ciao

2005-05-15 [FireGypsy]: byebyez

2005-10-06 [Blood.Lust]: I dont have many questions but I have been telling a lot of others like us about not only this wiki but also the truth. I am the leader of a kind of covent or gang or w/e of vampires in town and was just wondering a bit about them

2008-01-13 [enToxication]: My name is Tiffany, lately I have been having uncontrolable thirsts for well blood and i really dont know what I can do. Even just the smell or sight makes me stronger, so lately I have turned to cutting myself just to keep going, not drinking it but just the smell and the look. Do you know what I could do. Sorry for the lenght of the question.

2008-07-24 [invictusbass]: my name is katherine. whatever i am... we can tell apart our kind from humans. Its in our blood, our minds, our aura. there are lots of vamps like me. i guess its not really a question, but i read the previous comments about telling if you're a vampire and i felt i should say this. We can tell whos who by scent and presence but our eyes also change color when we're turned. its hard to explain. has anyone here heard word of the War?

2009-06-15 [..Curious..]: I read on a website that one thing you can point out a vampire with are their eyes.. a dark ring around the iris and a different color than most of your eye around the pupil, and every vampire has it. Is that true?

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