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Welcome to

*Yours and Mine: ET Poets United*

By [Pink_Pixie]



If you haven't noticed yet this is a place for Elftown(ET) Members to post their poetry. Your poetry may be about anything(for it is your poetry), I'm not judemental or picky. And If you'd like to post your poetry on Yours and Mine please sign up to be a member first. Then If you would please put a banner in your ET "house"

I'm giving mega props to [Linderel], She helped out a lot on here!

<img:img/drawing/87698_1156889143.jpg?x=15&y=15> Yours and Mine:Members <*sign up to be a member

<img:img/drawing/87698_1156889143.jpg?x=15&y=15> My Poetry:Pink_Pixie

<img:img/drawing/87698_1156889143.jpg?x=15&y=15> Yours and Mine:Member Poetry <*a place to post your poetry

<img:img/drawing/87698_1156889143.jpg?x=15&y=15> Yours and Mine:Poetry by catagory <*famous poetry that I've posted by category

<img:img/drawing/87698_1156889143.jpg?x=15&y=15> Yours and Mine:Banners


[*]We're always needing more banners for this wiki so if anyone would like to donate one for this wiki, feel free to do so!

[*]Also If You like this wiki, try going to the bottom and start watching this wiki to keep up with all the new poetry and convos

[Some recommended wikis:]
Elftown Wiki Poetry Dueling Arena
Poetry communities
Pink_pixie's wiki<-a wiki about me [Pink_Pixie], yea I know its still a little wierd to me, too.
Writing Contests
poetry and music

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2006-03-18 [Kitara Softpaw]: Haha, I might even join. :p

2006-03-18 [Lady_Lionheart]: hellos everyone

2006-03-18 [TwiztidYoshi03]: Hi....

2006-03-18 [Linderel]: Ah well. *joins*

2006-03-18 [TwiztidYoshi03]: O.o...

2006-03-18 [Linderel]: Wha? :O

2006-03-18 [TwiztidYoshi03]: Nothing.... <.<;;

2006-03-18 [Linderel]: Ooookay.

2006-03-18 [TwiztidYoshi03]: RAWR!!!!!11

2006-03-18 [Linderel]: Meow~ *kittenish blink*

2006-03-18 [TwiztidYoshi03]: *attacks*

2006-03-18 [Linderel]: Eep! *hides* What did I do? o.O

2006-03-18 [TwiztidYoshi03]: I dunno *RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

2006-03-18 [Linderel]: Have the general irritation switch on?

2006-03-18 [TwiztidYoshi03]: Maybe <.<;;.....'>.>

2006-05-17 [Pink_Pixie]: Hi everyone, how is everything, I've notice there hasn't been a lot of people joining lately or starting a poetry space, so feel free to tell friends to check it out!! Oo and also We now have a banner, so please feel free to post it in your house!!! Thanks!!

2006-05-24 [romeos lastrose]: hello

2006-05-25 [Pink_Pixie]: Hi, How are you?

2006-05-25 [Linderel]: Hey, you didn't answer my question about the graphics... But, anyways... Here they are, tell me what you think. <URL:stuff/YAMETPUbanner.jpg> <URL:stuff/YAMETPUbullet.gif> <URL:stuff/YAMETPUdivider.jpg> <URL:stuff/YAMETPUnewsandnotes.jpg>

2006-05-27 [Kitara Softpaw]: They';re great Linderel, but they frustrate me because I can't read them

2006-05-27 [Linderel]: Can't read what, exactly? <_< Is the big white text too weak?

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