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2005-05-19 17:36:37
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Very bright little squirrel who's great with a wrench. Aside from doing repairs and maintinence on the ship, she strives to make some sort of flying contraption. The dream for this came from her childhood when she saw some of her cousins soring through the trees and longed to be able to glide like them. Since then she's been a total gear head. The good pirates picked her up when they needed repairs and so she joined them to travel and hopfully get ideas for a new flying machine while on the journey.


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2006-01-09 [cmcribbons]: I don't like squirrels, but she is cute. Can't wait until she's colored!

2006-02-01 [Hyuuga Hinata]: Way cool. I like it alot.

2006-03-13 [japegrin]: don't like squirrels? >8D She's the best!!

2006-06-26 [.the plastic emo.]: cool ^^

2006-08-13 [Nuktae-tal]: a squirrial mechanic thats funny, but it's cool too. especially since she wants to fly! I'm rooting for her!

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