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2005-05-19 17:31:44
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I didn't intend for her boobs to be that big when I drew her. O_o.. When I colored her in the group picture it occured to me that they were monsterious. :x I'd think that the huge boobs would make her a less efficient theif, or maybe they wouldn't. They'd be a great distraction. X3


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2005-06-19 [dutchess ann]: i'd kill to be that small and have that huge of boobs....

2006-01-02 [runnybabbit]: That'd really hurt your back. I'm really tiny for my age, and have 'enormous boobs for my size,' as some call it (not to brag. I personally think they're tiny), and if they were that big...>.> I'd be bedridden.

2006-01-09 [cmcribbons]: I love her shirt!! Is the colored version up?

2006-02-15 [raynesprite]: Im sure it wouldnt hinder her ability as a theif, in fact she could hide jewels in those things XD

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