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2005-05-21 22:39:24
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She wasn't originally going to be a drunkard, she was supposed to haul the anchor, as shown in the "Good Pirates on Deck" pic. I like her though because she's one of the originals. She's also one of Glenn's favorites. ^_^ He got a tattoo of her and another tattoo of her and Cindy, the fox. :3


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2005-05-20 [zeldazebra]: no reason she cant do both. How often do you have to pull up the anchor aneway?

2005-06-20 [Paz]: You must pull up the anchor everytime you set sail. Or the ship won't move. It's a tough job since the anchor weighs so much. Then when the ship stops you must drop the anchor. The amount of time the ship isn't in motion is the amount of times you must haul the anchor.

2005-09-30 [zeldazebra]: That still gives ample opertunity for drink and parties

2006-01-09 [cmcribbons]: At least she's a happy drunk!

2006-06-26 [.the plastic emo.]: preeetty

2006-08-13 [Nuktae-tal]: gotta have at least one drunkard on a ship!

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