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2005-05-19 17:31:07
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She has led a sad, sad life. Brooms attack her on a daily basis due to freak waves hitting the ship and jostling them from thier spots, her boobs get spinters sometimes when she swabs the deck, and she has to do all the dirty work on board the ship. She's treated well by the other crew members though, despite her servant wench status. She just never gets to touch the treasure. ;o


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2005-06-19 [dutchess ann]: um....splintered boobs...that would suck horribly....

2005-09-10 [VorpalBlade910]: God i love Vicky soooo much, she's my fav outta 'em all

2005-09-18 [runnybabbit]: She's my favorite as well...well, it's a tie between her and Fedora.

2006-01-09 [cmcribbons]: But she's a treasure by herself already! I find her very appealing. She's pretty!

2006-06-26 [.the plastic emo.]: i likes her

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