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Zaraki Kenpachi sat on the edge of the pourch board waiting for a powerful oppent to fight.

"Hello Kenpachi..." Byakuya sneered, as he walked past, flipping his bangs out of his face as well.

Kenpachi looked at Byakuya then grined widely then stood up and drew his sword. "Hello Byakuya."

Noticing as Kenpachi drew his blade, he disappeared, reappearing behind him with his blade already drawn. "Scatter, Senbon Sakura.."

Toshiro stood to the side watching as the two had a random battle. He rolled his eyes. "Amatures." He said to himself and he pulled out his zanpac-to. A few moments later the Senbon Sakura was encased in ice.

Kenpachi thrusted his sword towards Toshiro for interfering.

"Bakudo 56, light rod prison..." Byakuya muttered, slamming Kenpachi with rods of light from all directions, paralyzing him. "Toushiro...don't interfeare with me again..." he scoffed as the pedals that form his blade sliced through the ice, and swirled around Kenpachi quickly before reforming his blade again. "Had enough yet Kenpachi Zaraki?"

Toshiro got fumed with the two of them fighting. He swung the end of his zanpac-to around creating the cresant moon chain wrap around Kenpachi's arm and started to thrust the end of his sword towards Byakuya.

Kenpachi pulled the chain maken him fly towards Toshiro.

Byakuya sighed, parrying Toushiro's blow, and rolling inbetween him and the oncoming Kenpachi, with his blade angled towards the larger captains throat. "Bakudo 33, red light cannon..." he whispered, holding his hand up to Kenpachi, and fireing off a seering ball of energy towards him.

Toshiro saw the opening at Byakuya. He pointed his blade. "Hyorinmaru!" The ice dragon flew full forced towards Captain Kuchiki with his mouth wide and the ice fangs heading straight for the back of Byakuya's head.

"SHIT!" Kenpachi said right before getting blasted in the face.

BYakuya turned, glimpsing the dragon and quickly using his flashstep, vanishing, but not before his arm and leg had been struck by the beast that now headed towards Kenpachi. "Scatter senbon Sakura!" he called, from a rooftop further away ith the hilt of his blade in his usable hand.

Kenpachi smiled."Thanks Toshiro."

Toshiro sent an uncommon wink to Kenpachi just before he called for him bankai. "Daiguren Hyorinmaru!" The ice wings forced on his body as his arm encased itself in pure ice sealing the hilt of his sword in his hand. He growled. "I will not lose,....... Kuchiki." A deathly glare hinted in his radient teal eyes.

Byakuya smiled as his blade reformed, and he turned it upside down. "Bonkai..." he whispered as he dropped it and it disappeared through the roof, the entire area quickly being covered in rows and rows of blades. "Scatter, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi"

"Gotcha."Kenpachi smiled as he appaired behind Byakuya and slashed with such force wind blew.

"So you think..." Byakuya whispered as a torrent of petals blew inbetween the two of them, circling around Kenpachi and moving him away from the smaller captain. "Accept defeat Kenpachi, or die by my blade..."

Kenpachi grined his crasy wide smile and laughed."No way this is just starting to get funn." he said starting to push himself through the petails and swinging widly at Byakuya.

Another torrent of petals began swirlling around byakuya, blocking each of Kenpachi's blows. "You won't defeat me Zaraki, you know to quit when you're beat, now do so before there's nothing left of you for someone else to fight."

"But thats what makes this fight soo much funn!" Kenpachi ripped his eye patch off realeasing his power sending a wave of power making Byakuya's petals disperce and leaven him wide open Kenpachi then thrusted his sword towards Byakuya's stomach.

Byakuya shook his head slightly, using his flashstep and disappearing as the petals formed a blade in his hand. "You lose..." he whispered from behind Kenpachi, driving it into his shoulder as it disperced into petals again, slicing further into him. "Be lucky I left you your arm.." he muttered as his Bankai disappeared, and Byakuya turned to leave.

Kenpachi smirked and licked Byakuya's blood of his blade."Your not as fast as you think." Kenpachi knicked Byakuya's shoulder during the flash step and after he finished saying what needed to be said he passed out.

Byakuya looked down to his shoulder, huffing slightly as he moved his sash to cover the uninteresting wound. "Babbling fool, learn your place..."

Kenpachi laughed and coughed up some blood.

Within a second, Toshiro was behind Byakuya with his blade to Kuchiki's neck. The blade was ice cold and would propably freeze anything it would touch.

"Captain you really intend on fighting me as well?" BYakuya asked, holding his hand to the younger captains chest. "Bakudo 86, shard of white lightning..."

Hitsugaya's eyes widened. He drew his sword back and before Byakuya used his magic, Toshiro englufed himself in his shield of ice wings.

Byakuya drew his sword, "Do you wish for me to use my bankai as well little one?"

Toshiro's wings unfolded. "I'll have you finished before you can even release bankai." He warned as he sent rietsu swriling around them, immobilizing any of those under captain rank.

"Scatter...Senbonzakura..." BYakuya called, as his blade disperced into petals, swirlling around the area. "Now we can end this without any of us ending up like Kenpachi, or you can lie in a heap beside the fool. Which will you choose?"

Toshiro formed his shield once again with his large ice wings. He opened them back up when the petals had dispersed and immediatly slashed his blade towards Byakuya, sending out large thick pillars of his ice dragon, hyorinmaru.
Byakuya merely raised his hand, "Bakudo 86, shard of white lightning..." he whispered as the powerful bolt of electricity shattered the pillars heading towards him, and his petals swirlled around him, forming a dome of blades to block the shards of ice, and hyorinmaru's fang.

Hitsugaya was done to merely one ice flower now that hovered behind one of his ice wings. His time was growing shortand he realized he was getting nowhere with Byakuya. He slashed his blade back towards Kuchiki making 3 more ice pillars charge after him just as another ice petal vanished.

"Bankai..." Byakuya whispered as his petals began swirling around the area. "Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!"

Toshiro watched Hyorinmaru smash into a million pieces of ice. He placed his feet gracely onto the ground as his ice wings dispersed from his body breaking to pieces.

Byakuya looked up as the countless swirlling petals formed into nearly infinate blades, forming a dome around them and blocking Hitsugaya's escape routes. "Do you yeild?" he asked as one of the blades flew to his hand.

Toshiro sighed and turned his back acknologing the fact that he was finished and he knew that in battle he would probably be dead.

Byakuya nodded as his bankai vanished, and he resheathed his blade. "Now then, get squad four down here to tend to Zaraki's wounds..."

Toshiro turned quickly. "Foolish man. You did it so you go get them!" He shouted.

"I merely walked by, and you two attacked me, do you wish to take this to the head captain?" Byakuya sneered, walking past the smaller captain. "All I did was defend myself, you were smart enough to recognize you would be defeated, he was not, so he kept fighting."

Toshiro growled and mumbled under his breath. He held the communication earpiece he had taken from Rangiku. "10th squad captain calling for 4th squad medics to escort 11th squad captain immediatly. Location: 11th squad quarters."

Kenpachi was snoring loudly while he laid asleep on the ground.

Byakuya smirked triumphantly, disappearing with his flashstep.

Toshiro rolled his eyes and stood waiting until 4th squad arrived. When they showed up he watched them take Kenpachi away as he walked to his own office.

"Did Kenny get into another awful fight~?" Yachiru asked. She was propped up on Toushiro's shoulder, watching her Captain get escorted away.

Captain Hitsugaya simply nodded. "He stepped beyond his limits and was proven to be weak." He simply stated in the dull uninterested voice he always retained.

Kenpanchi sat up and look over at Hitsugaya."Huuuuuuuuuuh! what was that? You wanna fight?" he said as he began standing up.

"Kenny's not weak!" Yachiru whined, and bounded quickly over to her Captain's aid. "Don't sit up, Kenny, just lay there and let them patch you up."

Hitsugaya let out a very rare smirk proving his victory.

Zaraki got up and stood in front of Hitsugaya and smirked his trademark crazy smile that meant he was about to go on a blood lusting.

"Let fourth squad treat you. I will defeat you too quickly because you are far too weak." Hitsugaya said without turning to look at Zaraki. He slowly looked over his shoulder at Zaraki. "Challenge me when you think you may be able to actually defeat me." He taunted.

Zaraki unsheathed his sword and swung it and cut the tips of Hitsugaya's hair off.

"Kenny!" Yachiru yelled. "Let them treat you!! You'll just pass out if you lose too much blood!"

Zaraki had that look in his eye with his wide grin the look he gets when he really wants to fight that look that says nothings gonna stop him. "Yachiru get back. I'm gonna have fun with this midget."

Hitsugaya sighed and kicked Zaraki in the chest knocking him down. Toshiro looked down at him. "Stay down. This fight is pointless and I have things to do." He said and walked into his own office closing the door behind him.

Zaraki caught him self and only slid back somewhat."Eh your no fun anyways your to much of a pussyfist."

Hitsugaya sighed hearing what Kenpachi had said. He sat at his desk looking at the papers that Matsumoto had yet to do.

Kenpachi sat down on the back porch and let the 4th squad treat him he then sighed and looked towards the sky. "I wish you would start speaking to me you fucker." he said to his sword.

Yachiru bounded over to Kenpachi's side and sat beside him. Her brown eyes glued to the floor, she began to swing her legs absently to and fro.

Hitsugaya sat in his 10th division office waiting for Matsumoto to return....

"ehhh its dull around her like always. Itchigo needs to come back. He always stirs things up and brings a good fight." Kenpachi said laying on his side now.

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2008-11-29 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: ok first of all...he is supposed to be on the ground being treated by fourth squad. and second.....spell his name right.........

2008-11-30 [Xerin Zamaki]: meh its ken-chan he'd fight even if he wasn't able to move.

2008-12-02 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: Ok [Xerin Zamaki] please when u play a character, know how they act. Kenpachi would NEVER EVER insult anyone, especially a fellow captain. Zaraki actually LIKES who he fights......he only fights for the pleasure of a fight and when he is defeated he excepts the defeat so he can get stronger to try again later........

2008-12-02 [Xerin Zamaki]: Zarki insults alot of people usually the ones hes fighting...just usually not vulgarly....and he insults the captains all the time and tries to pick fights with them.

2008-12-02 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: ummmm not when he knows he has been defeated.......

2008-12-03 [Xerin Zamaki]: yeah um he only knows defeat when he can't move or hes unconscious....I know Zaraki Kenpachi fairly well since hes my favorite character and every time I take a bleach quiz I always end up him 100%

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