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2005-11-26 12:52:29
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2004-06-06 [cagedreptile]: lol

2004-06-06 [(eeob)]: Whew!! I like this, It should be fun ^_^

2004-06-07 [cagedreptile]: yeah, if enough people join i'll hold a contest.

2004-06-07 [Heartlesskitten]: I'm gonna Join!!!!!I want to make a banner for it if i could?

2004-06-07 [cagedreptile]: yeah! that would be great, just post me when it's done and i'll take a look at it.

2004-06-07 [(eeob)]: I'd like to make a banner as well ^_^ If thats okay.

2004-06-07 [cagedreptile]: your more than welcome to.

2004-06-07 [FlowerGirl21]: I'll join, if you like i can make a banner 2 ^_^

2004-06-07 [FlowerGirl21]: yay i'm the first member :p

2004-06-07 [cagedreptile]: hey cool. a banner sounds great baby leaf. i may have to do a banner contest. Hhmmm...

2004-06-08 [(eeob)]: Sorry..I made's so fun and easy to do!

2004-06-08 [redheadedterror]: hey sweety, I`ll join if you want 2

2004-06-08 [cagedreptile]: haha... like them both you've done a great job!

2004-06-08 [(eeob)]: So cage what position am I? would you consider me a member? or part of the "staff"?

2004-06-08 [cagedreptile]: u seem very dedicated and u produce outstanding banners so i would consider u a member of staff.

2004-06-09 [(eeob)]: Oh thanks, thats so nice ^_^

2004-06-09 [gothicmoo]: I put my drawing on! Happy!?

2004-06-09 [cagedreptile]: nice, i like it!!

2004-06-09 [gothicmoo]: Does anyone ELSE want to make a comment on "Canis"?

2004-06-09 [X_Who_Am_ I _Today_X]: Yello?

2004-06-09 [X_Who_Am_ I _Today_X]: anyone hate Bush?

2004-06-09 [gothicmoo]: Yeah...I hate much as I hate spam!

2004-06-09 [Dil*]: join bush haters association!! bush haters association

2004-06-09 [gothicmoo]: I might do...

2004-06-10 [(eeob)]: nice Gothicmoo, very cool ^_^

2004-06-10 [Heartlesskitten]: SO what do u think of my pic...unfortunely I not a blood drawing kinda person though the other art is pretty awesome!!^-^

2004-06-10 [(eeob)]: I like yours..although the lines are pretty harsh..and not to bad with that anime style face. Overall its pretty good, lets see more ^_^

2004-06-10 [gothicmoo]: I think its good!

2004-06-10 [gothicmoo]: Whoever did the vampire...its very cool!

2004-06-10 [cagedreptile]: wow nice banner baby leaf, im impressed :)

2004-06-10 [FlowerGirl21]: ^_^ thanks

2004-06-10 [Heartlesskitten]: Thanks!! Yah well the lines suk because the program I used sucks...hehe....

2004-06-10 [(eeob)]: What program is it Heartless? Like the banner Baby..very cool ^_^

2004-06-10 [Heartlesskitten]: it was some painting program that came with my scanner....I'm working on getting the pics Drunavelo!

2004-06-10 [(eeob)]: Ahh I see. Yeah photoshop is the way to go, thats for sure.

2004-06-10 [Bobolo]: this sounds like alot of fun

2004-06-10 [cagedreptile]: hey i haven't seen you before. if you like drawing this sort of stuff join up!

2004-06-10 [Bobolo]: i can't really draw but i think i'll do a photo manip or somethin hehe

2004-06-10 [(eeob)]: those are always fun, please do

2004-06-10 [Bobolo]: ok will do

2004-06-10 [Dil*]: <img:> Like shinies? join the jewel guild!!

2004-06-11 [(eeob)]: That jewel looks like it was made with the eyeball brushes for photoshop...actually I think they are. Good stuff.. sorry, no substance to that comment.

2004-06-11 [Dil*]: er..what's the eyeball brush..?? i did it with a glass ball tutorial..except that i messed up the tutorial..and i went back and improvised half of it XD

2004-06-11 [(eeob)]: Oh I see..well. These brushes I have can make someting like that jewel in mere seconds, they are very neat.

2004-06-11 [gothicmoo]: What is the jewel guild?

2004-06-12 [cagedreptile]: i think its a guild of people who like jewels. im totally shore

2004-06-12 [gothicmoo]: Well...I have joined it now...mmmm...shiny...I have a wiki now called monsters anonymous if anyone is interested!

2004-06-14 [cagedreptile]: i'll check it out!

2004-06-20 [Poison Addict]: how do you join [Poison Addict]

2004-06-20 [cagedreptile]: just edit the page and type in your username under members

2004-06-23 [gothicmoo]: Howdy...I drew another thing!

2004-06-23 [cagedreptile]: cool! i'll be looking foward to seeing it ^_^

2004-06-23 [gothicmoo]: Shall I stick it on? I am afraid its another werewolf...I am working on a vampire now though!

2004-06-23 [cagedreptile]: yes you can stick it on, its fine :)

2004-06-23 [gothicmoo]: Cool!

2004-06-23 [cagedreptile]: yeah i really like that one. its a bit different when a werewolf has a weapon. ^_^

2004-06-23 [gothicmoo]: Cheers! Like I said...the character has a sword with those runes on it, so I drew him with a sword with runes!

2004-06-23 [Elloquay]: Hello everyone. [cagedreptile] told me of this wiki. I wanna join. I'm almosted finished with a cool photomanipulation of me as a zombie. "(X__X)" 

2004-06-23 [gothicmoo]: Cool!

2004-06-24 [Elloquay]: There we go. :D

2004-06-30 [Death's Die-Ary]: hello everyone....

2004-07-01 [cagedreptile]: hi ya!

2004-07-02 [(eeob)]: Hello you.

2004-07-02 [gothicmoo]: I DECLARE THAT I AM BACK!!!

2004-07-02 [cagedreptile]: what have you guys been up to?

2004-07-02 [(eeob)]: Life? Yeah, been upto life. ^_^

2004-07-02 [cagedreptile]: ha cool! i've just been chillin' out really. my muscles ache from playing football yesterday

2004-07-02 [cagedreptile]: hey check this banner i made for skaters united its on my house

2004-07-02 [gothicmoo]: I'll go and have a look

2004-07-13 [Death's Die-Ary]: *waves*

2004-07-14 [(eeob)]: *waves back*

2004-07-23 [cagedreptile]: hi hows every1. i'm waiting for my exam results at the moment. >.< i'll be going to jamaica on holiday so i won't be around for a few weeks.^_^ anyways see you all later for know and keep the art work coming in! 

2004-07-23 [Elloquay]: Jamaica?! Lucky you. I wanna go there. *whimpers* Oh, well. Life goes on. lol

2004-07-30 [cagedreptile]: ^_^

2004-07-30 [(eeob)]: watch out...those jamaicans are a "graby" bunch. You'll know what I'm talking about when you get there...just keep yer shit to yourself.

2004-07-30 [cagedreptile]: hehe i know i've been there before. i'm not going to have any expensive stuff on me.

2004-08-27 [HoTtIe WiTh A nAuGhTy BoDy]: Can I join?

2004-08-27 [(eeob)]: lol, if you want. Not much action here.....we're all pretty dead (-scuse the pun)...but if you want to know the drill...just add your name....and don't take my cookies! my name's on them for a reason.

2004-08-27 [Elloquay]: You know what would liven this place up? A contest. You should have like a living dead contest or something that's hosted by this wiki. Dunno.....just a suggestion. ;)

2004-08-28 [Death's Die-Ary]: Not a bad suggestion,but maybe the contest could be about..i dunno,lol nvm

2004-08-28 [Elloquay]: Thanks. hehehe

2004-08-28 [(eeob)]: hmmm..Well..sounds like a good idea. Now the real question is, are cagereptile and I NOT lazy enough to do it? no comment...meaning no. But we'll see. Thanks for the suggestion

2004-08-28 [Elloquay]: yup.

2004-08-31 [lastartian]: any one heree????

2004-08-31 [Death's Die-Ary]: *crowd cheers "Yeah"*

2004-08-31 [(eeob)]: *sigh* yeah...

2004-08-31 [Elloquay]: what's with the sigh? something the matter?

2004-08-31 [(eeob)]: Yeah... It's this wiki. Cagedreptile needs to get his behind overhere and start doing something! ^_^ Come on cage, you just can't keep making a buncha wiki's and not do anything with'em.

2004-08-31 [Elloquay]: tisk tisk tisk Wonder what cagedreptile is upto? (O__o)

2004-09-01 [(eeob)]: beat'n his reptile meat I'm sure.

2004-09-01 [Elloquay]: LOL

2004-09-01 [cagedreptile]: hi im back from my holiday whats every1 up to? i've been reading the comments and i am thinking of doing a zombie drawing contest contest. if you want the contest to take place just message me and i'll start it up. 

2004-09-01 [Elloquay]: Well, hey there. 

2004-09-01 [cagedreptile]: im going to improve this wiki. im thinking of chat page

2004-09-01 [Elloquay]: Cool.

2004-09-01 [cagedreptile]: if yiou have any ideas just tell me and i'll see what i can do

2004-09-01 [(eeob)]: Yay caged, thank you. Do it to it, you're the man.

2004-09-03 [cagedreptile]: hi nice to here from you again.

2004-09-03 [cagedreptile]: im just going tconcerntrate on this wiki. its hard to do 2 at the same time.

2004-09-03 [Dil*]: i watch over 140 wiki pages..i'm a busy person >.<

2004-09-04 [(eeob)]: lol, okay.

2004-09-04 [Elloquay]: lol I'm watching a bunch too. I just kinda prioritize them. ;)

2004-09-04 [Dil*]: meh i'll draw something morbid on halloween :P

2004-09-05 [cagedreptile]: kool

2004-09-06 [qwertyasdfgzxcvb]: How can I join? Just add my nick somewhere or ask someone about it?

2004-09-06 [cagedreptile]: just edit the page and type your username under Members

2004-09-13 [zei-tan]: Should I join... Well cloudy hear is more dead that I am...

2004-12-22 [cagedreptile]: cool pic!

2005-01-07 [(eeob)]: Nice try..

2005-01-30 [Elloquay]: Hey, has anyone seen Shawn of the Dead? Kick arse zombie film. Tis a real must see. ;)

2005-02-15 [qwertyasdfgzxcvb]: I see there's many photomanipulators here, go and join!

2005-05-19 [YORKIE.]: <img:>

2005-07-21 [Phoenix_phyre]: i don't know if i was supposed to ask before i joined but i put myself on the list so if i was y'all can take me off or somethink...

2005-07-21 [Phoenix_phyre]: and if u want to see morbid watch the movie May it was kickin'

2005-08-02 [cagedreptile]: vote for D in the Fellow Demon Art Contest Poll

2005-11-26 [(eeob)]: What does this mean? Oh nos!....bout time.

2005-11-27 [cagedreptile]: this means that 13th grave is has now ended. For now... i just need to find out what kind of wiki's do people want to see

2005-11-27 [(eeob)]: All this time and you still don't know? Sex, drugs, and rock&roll man..come on, get with it.

2005-11-28 [cagedreptile]: ha ha! if only, life was that simple. i'll get thrown out of ET for that

2005-11-28 [(eeob)]: Life? yeah, right. Well it doesn't have to be so blatent..the trick is to tease, taking a minimalistic approach.

2005-12-02 [cagedreptile]: you're right, but i'm playing it safe when

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