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2005-11-26 12:52:29
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2004-06-10 [Dil*]: <img:> Like shinies? join the jewel guild!!

2004-06-11 [(eeob)]: That jewel looks like it was made with the eyeball brushes for photoshop...actually I think they are. Good stuff.. sorry, no substance to that comment.

2004-06-11 [Dil*]: er..what's the eyeball brush..?? i did it with a glass ball tutorial..except that i messed up the tutorial..and i went back and improvised half of it XD

2004-06-11 [(eeob)]: Oh I see..well. These brushes I have can make someting like that jewel in mere seconds, they are very neat.

2004-06-11 [gothicmoo]: What is the jewel guild?

2004-06-12 [cagedreptile]: i think its a guild of people who like jewels. im totally shore

2004-06-12 [gothicmoo]: Well...I have joined it now...mmmm...shiny...I have a wiki now called monsters anonymous if anyone is interested!

2004-06-14 [cagedreptile]: i'll check it out!

2004-06-20 [Poison Addict]: how do you join [Poison Addict]

2004-06-20 [cagedreptile]: just edit the page and type in your username under members

2004-06-23 [gothicmoo]: Howdy...I drew another thing!

2004-06-23 [cagedreptile]: cool! i'll be looking foward to seeing it ^_^

2004-06-23 [gothicmoo]: Shall I stick it on? I am afraid its another werewolf...I am working on a vampire now though!

2004-06-23 [cagedreptile]: yes you can stick it on, its fine :)

2004-06-23 [gothicmoo]: Cool!

2004-06-23 [cagedreptile]: yeah i really like that one. its a bit different when a werewolf has a weapon. ^_^

2004-06-23 [gothicmoo]: Cheers! Like I said...the character has a sword with those runes on it, so I drew him with a sword with runes!

2004-06-23 [Elloquay]: Hello everyone. [cagedreptile] told me of this wiki. I wanna join. I'm almosted finished with a cool photomanipulation of me as a zombie. "(X__X)" 

2004-06-23 [gothicmoo]: Cool!

2004-06-24 [Elloquay]: There we go. :D

2004-06-30 [Death's Die-Ary]: hello everyone....

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