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2005-11-26 12:52:29
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2004-06-30 [Death's Die-Ary]: hello everyone....

2004-07-01 [cagedreptile]: hi ya!

2004-07-02 [(eeob)]: Hello you.

2004-07-02 [gothicmoo]: I DECLARE THAT I AM BACK!!!

2004-07-02 [cagedreptile]: what have you guys been up to?

2004-07-02 [(eeob)]: Life? Yeah, been upto life. ^_^

2004-07-02 [cagedreptile]: ha cool! i've just been chillin' out really. my muscles ache from playing football yesterday

2004-07-02 [cagedreptile]: hey check this banner i made for skaters united its on my house

2004-07-02 [gothicmoo]: I'll go and have a look

2004-07-13 [Death's Die-Ary]: *waves*

2004-07-14 [(eeob)]: *waves back*

2004-07-23 [cagedreptile]: hi hows every1. i'm waiting for my exam results at the moment. >.< i'll be going to jamaica on holiday so i won't be around for a few weeks.^_^ anyways see you all later for know and keep the art work coming in! 

2004-07-23 [Elloquay]: Jamaica?! Lucky you. I wanna go there. *whimpers* Oh, well. Life goes on. lol

2004-07-30 [cagedreptile]: ^_^

2004-07-30 [(eeob)]: watch out...those jamaicans are a "graby" bunch. You'll know what I'm talking about when you get there...just keep yer shit to yourself.

2004-07-30 [cagedreptile]: hehe i know i've been there before. i'm not going to have any expensive stuff on me.

2004-08-27 [HoTtIe WiTh A nAuGhTy BoDy]: Can I join?

2004-08-27 [(eeob)]: lol, if you want. Not much action here.....we're all pretty dead (-scuse the pun)...but if you want to know the drill...just add your name....and don't take my cookies! my name's on them for a reason.

2004-08-27 [Elloquay]: You know what would liven this place up? A contest. You should have like a living dead contest or something that's hosted by this wiki. Dunno.....just a suggestion. ;)

2004-08-28 [Death's Die-Ary]: Not a bad suggestion,but maybe the contest could be about..i dunno,lol nvm

2004-08-28 [Elloquay]: Thanks. hehehe

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