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2005-11-26 12:52:29
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2004-06-06 [cagedreptile]: lol

2004-06-06 [(eeob)]: Whew!! I like this, It should be fun ^_^

2004-06-07 [cagedreptile]: yeah, if enough people join i'll hold a contest.

2004-06-07 [Heartlesskitten]: I'm gonna Join!!!!!I want to make a banner for it if i could?

2004-06-07 [cagedreptile]: yeah! that would be great, just post me when it's done and i'll take a look at it.

2004-06-07 [(eeob)]: I'd like to make a banner as well ^_^ If thats okay.

2004-06-07 [cagedreptile]: your more than welcome to.

2004-06-07 [FlowerGirl21]: I'll join, if you like i can make a banner 2 ^_^

2004-06-07 [FlowerGirl21]: yay i'm the first member :p

2004-06-07 [cagedreptile]: hey cool. a banner sounds great baby leaf. i may have to do a banner contest. Hhmmm...

2004-06-08 [(eeob)]: Sorry..I made's so fun and easy to do!

2004-06-08 [redheadedterror]: hey sweety, I`ll join if you want 2

2004-06-08 [cagedreptile]: haha... like them both you've done a great job!

2004-06-08 [(eeob)]: So cage what position am I? would you consider me a member? or part of the "staff"?

2004-06-08 [cagedreptile]: u seem very dedicated and u produce outstanding banners so i would consider u a member of staff.

2004-06-09 [(eeob)]: Oh thanks, thats so nice ^_^

2004-06-09 [gothicmoo]: I put my drawing on! Happy!?

2004-06-09 [cagedreptile]: nice, i like it!!

2004-06-09 [gothicmoo]: Does anyone ELSE want to make a comment on "Canis"?

2004-06-09 [X_Who_Am_ I _Today_X]: Yello?

2004-06-09 [X_Who_Am_ I _Today_X]: anyone hate Bush?

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