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We were about to go out the door when I realized we had no way of knowing were to go!

"Where are we going?" I asked. "Understreet. Where else?" she replied smirking. Ah yes the Understreet
what a place that was for fun and antics...not! Nothing really that bad just demons(out to kill you),(L)bloods(out to kill you), and likeons (of course out to kill you) not a bad lot of folks.

By the time we got there it was pretty obvious that the dust was in there somewhere there, because of the fact that one tried mugging G."Warm welcome. Not." he snarled under his breath, and dropped it to the ground.

We kept going and going until we found a wall just blocking the way I went on routes down there sometimes so I knew the place.

"What's this?" questioned G-fire. I shrugged and said,"First tell me how you go through stuff, and second try doing it." so he simply replyed,"Use a parting force like when you go to somewhere, and you get stuck in mud or quicksand." then he tried and got blasted back, I helped him to his feet and blasted it nothing happened just reflected the shot.

"I think it's a spirit bind." I said.

"Then how do we break it?" said Jeyra.

"With a big blast that's how!" screamed G-fire and tried blasting it and got nothing except half of it in the face.

"Well actually... we break with a stronger spirit bind." I said with the slightest hint of contempt.

"Fine then do it!" said G-fire, so I just made another spirit bind and !BOOM! It was gone. "I hate it when you do that." said G-fire.

We were walking at least a couple of miles when I sensed something: this "something"
felt like it was there, but it was empty.

"Stop," I said.

"I know," said G,"But this is my department." he said.

"Hmm?" said Jeyra. All of the sudden I knew what he meant he was creating a ball of mist he threw it behind him, two BD's but they looked like water sort of..."Viseris of Aqua." he said knocked out one grabbed the second one and said,"Who do you work for, and where is he?".

"I'll never tell!" it said.

Then Jeyra smiled sweetly and practicly purred, "May I?".

"Sure." said G-fire. She simply looked at him and said somethings in another laungauge and he went nuts! I mean really he started running around slamming his head against the wall and gibbering...

"Did you have to do that?" I asked.

"Oh come on a girl can't have any fun?".

"Whatever let's go..." I said. We kept on moving until we hit a split in the tunnel, one going slighly up, the other going slightly down.

"Which way?" said Jeyra. "Neither." I said.

"He's right ya know." said G-fire.

"How?" she asked Jeyra quizically .

"Look." he said. I charged two energy discharges and slammed them together creating a field of raw energy destroying both of the fake walls that had been placed to make people go down the upper,or lower tunnel.

"Still we still don't know which way to go." said G-fire. He had a point until Jeyra started walking down the left tunnel. I said,

"How do we know that's the right way to go?",

"Dead force." she replied and kept walking humming a tune to herself as she went. G-fire was about to talk but I interupted him and said,"Don't ask, "Don't you mean lifeforce?" and don't ask how I know..." I took another read of his mind "and don't start cursing me being telepathic." he gave me a lunatic fake smile. We continued down the tunnel until we entered a chamber I never saw before.

"Stop." said G-fire he made a smoke ball and threw it down a lot of red laser lines appeared "Motion detectors." he muttered.

"Why would demons use motion detectors can't they sense us?".

"Apparently not." said Jeyra.

"Of course," I said

"Huh?" said G-fire.

"These aren't demons there L-BLOODs! We assumed they were demons,but they aren't!" I said.

"Oh!" said G-fire "I get it." then he tripped and fell on one of the lasers then a series of things happened: a huge rush of wind followed by me being flung at the couch then G-fire and Jeyra got thrown out of a hole in the wall. BAM! On the couch. The hole then dissapated.

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