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2004-04-07 19:38:29
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A Centaur's Tale

There it is! The animation of my final year project, finally available for download for all the people that helped me doing it, from the background research The Centaur database to the voices ([Merle] is doing the princess's voice), or all the people that helped me to give a name to the two characters, Altaïr the centaur and Shreya the princess. (That last one was [Shreya]'s idea ;) )

A bit of explanation about this piece. It's a Full Motion Video (FMV) introducing a fictional adventure game called A centaur's tale (tm). After this scene, the centaur wakes up in the morning, and doesn't remember a thing. Not even his name, or his girlfriend. The goal of the game would be to help him recover his memory, and girlfriend before she is forced to marry the prince of the nearby realm. (But he doesn't know that, or at least he forgot!)

As for those who wonder how they'd manage if they get married at the end of the first game, that'd be the subject of a second game.... ;)

Unfortunately this game doesn't exist, and probably never will, unless

A big thank you again to all, I hope you'll enjoy. I apologize for the quality of the compression, it was the price to pay to put it on the internet. The original size is 720*540px, this version is half size. The compression killed the colours a bit too, but you will be able to have an idea of the final quality as I'll post some full resolutions still frames... Anyway. Now time for the main feature...
It's a quicktime movie. Approximate size, 15Mb... I know it's big.... I'll try to get it compressed better at some point, but for now...

If you don't have quicktime, you can download it for free here:

Still frames






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2004-04-08 [i am heddas lost brother]: i think she used ''3D studio max''

2004-04-08 [May-lea]: Yes, I did. And Photoshop for the textures, combustion for the post production and Adobe premiere to put everything together.

2004-04-08 [i am heddas lost brother]: Are all of them legally bought?:D

2004-04-08 [May-lea]: All of them are the property of the university. So yeah, they are.

2004-05-12 [Shreya]: I -just- saw this, it is soo sweet! You've done a brilliant job!

2004-05-12 [May-lea]: Hey, thank you ^_^!!!

2004-05-31 [irulan]: Wonderful job! I want to see more...=( 

2004-05-31 [May-lea]: I might update it at some point. I might also upload another animation I did. I just need to figure out how to make a good compression first ^_^

2004-09-16 [blackwitch]: This is great! I hope you put more!

2004-09-19 [May-lea]: Thanks ^_^. Hopefully, one day, I will!

2004-12-07 [Lackey_lover]: wow your art is so beutifull

2004-12-09 [May-lea]: Thanks!!!! ^_^

2004-12-17 [skatzy69]: hey yall who all here is a sagitarius?

2005-01-09 [Erestor]: I've just watched it for the first time, very good, well done May-lea!

2005-01-09 [i am heddas lost brother]: thanks

2005-01-13 [May-lea]: I'll put up an updated version soon I hope. Good news: it should be only 1Mb66. Bad news: You'll need to have the latest real player on your computer.

2005-04-17 [Janouk]: Haha, how sad for the centaur! Oh, I wish I had downloaded quicktime sooner...Well done!

2005-04-18 [May-lea]: Thanks ^_^

2005-09-04 [innuendo]: poor centaur...

2006-01-02 [Pierre the Bloodstainless]: Woha! really nice animation here. teach me all your animation skills! now!

2008-08-25 [Hendercrazy]: Yeah... I was gearing up for her reaction! Just wasn't ready for THAT kind of reaction! XD :P Awesome work! The movements and gestures were really well handled. Keep creating! :)

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