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"What do I want? It should be me asking you what you want? Now we know this is gonna end in a fight so, let's just get it over and done with...i'm tired and kicking your ass really isn't at the top of my to do list." Hannah said smirking slightly.

Elson shrugged again, "Whatever, your cockiness iritates me anyways." After forming his guantlets Elson stood at the ready, but didn't attack. "Ready whenever you are."

"Such a gentleman..." Hannah said sarcastically as water began to form below her feet so she could summon the trident.

It was what he was waiting for. Now he knew how long it would take for her to summon it. Still not moving he stood silently but ready, watching.

Hannah glanced at him the reached down to grab the trident.

She has to reach down into the water.... Hmmmm...

Hannah's fingers wrapped round the handle of the trident and she began to pull it out. She glanced up at Elson. He was being strangely patient and this frightened her.

Plus the time to pull it out... Summon time anywhere from ten to thirty seconds, depending on her urgency....

Finally the trident was out and Hannah held it up steadily, not showing her fear. "Ready.."

Elson was smiling widely from the information she had just unknowingly given him. "Then let's dance. Do you want to lead, or should I?"

"Oh by all means you start." Hannah replied.

"Fine by me." He stepped forward, lashing out with the chain in his right hand, already beginning the next step and starting to bring around the left hand for another strike.

Hannah ducked then lunged forward with the trident aiming for his chest.

As she lunged, he snapped his left hand forward, deflecting her trident while completing the chain whip aimed at her leg.

Hannah stumbled but managed to stay on her feet. She wanted to scream from the pain but wouldn't give him the satisfaction. "So how are all of your little friends..." she asked quickly as she smiled lunging again.

Elson spun to the left, ducking in case she swung to the right while throwing out another long chain whip, this one a bit faster than the first, backhanded with his right hand.

Vala found Tank and Rick,them staring at a computer screen. "Who is that guy?" She kept her eyes glued to the screen as Hannah and the Other danced.

Hannah quickly stepped backwards,dodging the chains. "Ready to give up yet?" she asked.

Elson spared enough breath to bark a laugh as he spun again, bringing another chain around aimed at her face, his back foot coming to brace.

Hannah was too busy taunting him and only saw the chain coming at the last second, She tried to duck but wasn't quick enough, the chain striking her in the face.

Reacting quickly after the chain strike, Elson pushed off of his braced foot, rushing forward, attempting to catch her in mid-air.

Hannah gasped when she saw him rushing towards her. She could feel blood dripping from her face and realised the trident was no longer in her hands.

Elson grasped her by her throat, instantly cutting off her air then waited a few seconds and gave her more. "Now listen. Before the rest of your little buddies come running out here to save your hide, I want you tell me some things." He let her get some air so she could reply.

Chance had come up behind them shortly after the fight befan and had stood amazed at their sheer power and speed, but suddenly the fight went wrong and Hannah was in deep trouble.

Don't Chance, that's what he wants. Vala burst into his brain. He wants a fight, he wants information and you know we can't tell him anything.

"I won't tell you anything..." Hannah gasped, eyes filling with tears.

I know, but if I interupt, maybe Hannah can get free.

Still not noticing Chance, Elson slapped Hannah across her good side. "That's what you think. Maybe I should go in there with you hostage and see what everyone else thinks?" He knew it was an easy bluff to call, but he was trying to waste time, hoping someone would come try to save her.

"You could never get inside..." gasped Hannah, her cheek stinging as tears now flowed from her eyes.

Elson raised an eyebrow, "Really? I watched one of your people get in... I know the combination." It was a risky bluff, one that could get him what he wanted or blow up in his face. He dearly hoped their was some kind of lock.

Chance heard what Elson said and found himself shaking. If he knew that, they were no longer safe. Vala... Are you sure I shouldn't help?

"Combination? You couldn't know it..." Hannah replied.

Yes! "Yeah, you'r people aren't very careful about who's watching. You really should say something."

"Your lying." Hannah gasped.

She would take only a little more convincing by the sound of it. So he thought quick. "Nope, that healer girl. Whatserface. She waltzed right in the other day. didn't even check to see if anyone was looking."

Hannah began to panic. He had seen Selena but why hadn't he
attacked her? "If you were here we would have known...and you wouldn't have been able to keep that temper under control now would you?"

Elson shook his head, "But I can control my temper. When it really counts. And how do you know you would have seen me? Have you seen my power yet? Nope." Elson laughed shortly, "Well, besides my obvious skill with my buddies the chains." Elson whipped a nearby bush for emphasis. "How do you know I didn't plan this whole little thing just to get a hostage?" He grinned widely, proud of his elaborate lie.

"Do you really think if you took me hostage it would make an ounce of difference. They're a lot smarter than you...we've got things planned that I bet you haven't even considered." Hannah lied.

"Uh-huh. Then why is it everytime I show up I seem so.... unexpected? And why would you come out, by yourself mind you, to meet me at the doorstep... seems a very, spur of the moment thing to do if you ask me."

Chance still stood by silently, waiting for Vala's answer. He assumed she was doing the same thing he was. Watching and waiting, trying to figure out if he was telling the truth and if he would buy whatever bluffs Hannah might throw out.

"I like fighting...its fun don't ya think. And everyone else is so busy with our plans at the one has the time for someone as pathetic as why don't you run back to where ever you crawled out of..." Hannah said glaring at him.

He had the impulse to cut her breath of again, but knew it wouldn't help. His second impulse was to throw out a juvenile retort. Thing was, he needed to get in, get information, or get someone else out, so he just laughed again. "Pathetic.... I see... A lesson then?" He threw her up in the air, bringing his right chain arm around while stepping to his left.

Hannah screamed and closed her eyes, preparing herself for the pain.

Elson felt sudden pain in his right shoulder and found that his right arm had missed it's target. Looking over his shoulder he saw Chance, wielding a full sized sword, and what looked like a plate hung about his shoulder on a strap. "Their are two of us." Sorry Vala, I couldn't watch anymore. "Hannah, you allright?"

Elson laughed deeply, "Wow, a sword. What are you going to do with that?"

Hannah fell to the ground with a thud but quickly sat up. "I'm fine...she said standing up. She wiped the blood from her face then looked at Elson. "Scared yet?"

Elson shrugged, "Two chains versus a sword and a trident... seems fair to me." With two opponents he knew that couldn't be the first to make a move, so he stood with his chains at his sides waiting patiently. "I lead last time, I think it's your turn."

Hannah quickly limped to where her trident lay then picked it up. There was some blood coming from a wound on her leg but she ignored it. She walked closer to Elson then suddenly lunged aiming for his chest but at the last second changed direction, aiming for his legs.

Elson had begun to leap back already so he found that he had to kick his feet out behind him and land on his stomach, and send a quick whip at her feet, while keeping his other hand free in case the punk tried something.

Chance reacted to Hannah's movement, moving beside her, then seeing Elson move to block he quickly spun around her back to strike at the side he had used to block Hannah's attack. "The sword is quicker than the trident. Can you handle it?"

"Of course...i'm going to give my water abilities a little test...he seems the perfect target." Hannah said as she spun the trident in her hands.

Elson watched the punk spin around the girl and rolled away from the two before quickly climbing back to his feet. "Water huh. Show me what you got."

Chance nodded, "Fine by me. Just try not to hit me or anything." He took two quick steps and executed a quick thrust straight at Elson's sternum.

Elson knocked the thrust away easily with a guantlet.

Chance quickly spun and aimed a sweep at Elsons thigh.

Hannah smiled as pool of water formed in front of her. She twirled her trident round the water faster and faster then lifted it quickly. The water swirled faster and faster round the trident then quick as a flash Hannah pointed it at Elson sending the water at him with great force.

Elson was caught off gaurd by the attack and was slammed backwards. Lying on the road he quickly realized he needed to find that center of concentration he had found earlier. It was time to stop playing.

It actually worked! Hannah thought excitedly. She smiled at Chance. "Time to get rid of this rat don't ya think?"

Selena sat in that chair until she heard the door shut. She walked out and saw Hannah had left. BEEP. "The x-rays are done." She grabbed them and saw no devices. Vala its all clear.

"LET ME GO!" screamed Eva.

"Not until you tell me why you were at that house." Selena demanded.

"Because I felt like finishing the job and killing let me go!" demanded Eva.

Chance nodded, "Defenitly. Ready?"

Elson sat up slowly, "Rat? HA. Bring it." He had found his focus, and he was ready for them, but he wasn't sure if even that would be enough.

"Ready as i'll ever be..." Hannah said smiling as she raised the trident. "I'll let you take the lead this time..." she said to Chance.

Chance nodded again, "Fine by me. Let's do it." Running straight at Elson, Chance waited for Elson to make a move.

Elson saw him coming and threw an extremely quick whip snap, making it snap towards the punk's face from the ground.

Hannah followed after Chance then quickly ran to the opposite side. He won't be able to watch both sidea... she thought happily as she ran aiming the trident at his legs, hoping to cause a little damage before he was brought down.

Chance saw the slight wrist movement needed to snapped the chain and side stepped just in time to avoid a major blow to his face, while continuing on, getting closer to Elson.

Elson expected the boy to sidestep, and saw the girl try to flank him, so he spun quickly, bringing on chain high, and the other low.

Hannah stopped quickly before the chains could hit. She looked down at the trident then up at Elson. Suddenly she raised the trident up and as quick as a flash through it with all the force she could muster like a spear. She knew this was risky but it was even riskier trying to get nearer to him herself.

Elson saw the spear just in time and managed to bring his right arm about quickly enough to deflect it slightly. The blow numbed his entire arm and his wrist throbbed, causing him to drop the chain before it could swing back around towards the punk.

Chance jumped the low chain, never breaking stride and started to make a lunge at Elson, which caused him to begin a movement. Then he saw Hannah's trident hit and bounce towards him, a little less than armslength away from him.

Hannah then repeated the attack she had done earlier with the water, sending it towards Elson with great force.

Elson saw two things happening at once and decided he was getting hit either way, by the water, or stabbed. He preffered the water so he stayed motionless, watching the spear.

Chance snagged the spear out of mid-air, as cleanly as if he had pick an appled and turned and hurled it back at Elson with all of his force, causing him to stumble towards Elson a couple steps.

Elson watched the spear, and managed to move at the last second.

The blast of the water hit Elson on the side but Hannah couldn't hold it for long. "Why won't you just admit defeat, your not going to win." Hannah said feeling a little tired and sore as blood still covered her face.

As the water pushed him back inch by inch, Elson got a brilliant idea. While the punk was still unbalanced he moved himself so that he would hit and let the water throw him back wards again, sending him flying straight at the boy.

Chance saw it coming at the last second and tried to dodge.

Elson caught him by the shoulder and picked him up, using him as a cushion for his landing.

The pain was intense, and he was fairly sure he had dislocated his shoulder again.

"Chance!" Hannah cried stepping towards them picking up her trident as she did. "Are you ok?"

Chance stood, slightly slumped over. "My shoulder's out again... FUCK." He tried to stand straight. "No good. I'm out." He allowed the sword and bit of armor to disappear and limped his way to a safe distance ready to watch the outcome of the fight.

Elson laughed deeply, "Such a terrible duo... One gimp and the other unable to hold onto her weapon... and you call me pathetic?"

Chance couldn't keep his mouth closed through his anger, "Fuck you."

"Tsk Tsk, punk. You should probably keep your mouth shut, considering your condition."

Hannah glared at him and gripped her tridently nervously in both hands. "Let's just finish this...i'm bored."

"Are you really so sure you want to do that?" He motioned to Chance and then back to her, "You two look pretty beat up already."

"What is it again you want? Why are you here?" Hannah asked feeling tired.

Elson shrugged, "I didn't really come here for anything... I was just standing around up there. YOU came out wanting to fight and the punk joined."

"Well how about you leave now...we'll go back inside. It's been nice chatting." Hannah replied.

Elson shook his head with a smug grin on his face, "Too late now girl. You started something you can't finish. And it's about to blow up on you, so you wanna run. I'm not blind. I can see the signs."

"So what if I want to run...I don't feel like adding more wounds to what i've got already. We can finish this another time." Hannah said.

Elson looked behind him again, and started laughing, "It seems your little back attack put me between you and the door. So, are you sure you can run?"

"You wouldn't attack a girl who was unarmed..." Hannah said as she threw her trident to the side, it suddenly burst into tiny droplets of water and landed in a puddle on the ground. Hannah was hoping she could get him to back down and leave.

Elson ignored the comment, "By the way, I don't suppose you've seen my buddy, you know, yay tall, throws really big rocks. I haven't seen her in a couple hours."

Hannah smirked slightly then stopped hoping he hadn't seen her. "Umm....not really sure..."

Elson shrugged, "Maybe I should go look for myself then huh?" He took a couple quick steps towards the punk, putting himself on his right about three steps away, but still between the girl and the door."

Chance stood his ground, not having the slightest clue what he should do.

"Ok..." Hannah said quickly. "I might have seen her..."

"Oh reallllly? And where could that have been?" His voice dripped sarcasm, for he had seen the smirk, as quick as the girl tried to hide it, and he was quickly getting truly angry.

"I...I can't remember..." Hannah replied as she slowly took a step towards the door.

Elson matched her step, raising his left arm, ready to whip the chain attached to it at the defenseless punk. "I do believe you're stalling, and it's really starting to piss me off." He twitched his head to the boy, "I have no problem taking him out. I want the truth this time. NOW!"

"If you hurt him then I shall never tell..." Hannah replied folding her arms. "I believe you will have to do what I want to get your answer."

Elson nodded, "That is understood, but until I get my answer, the honest one, this boy's life hangs in the balance."

Chance was struck stupid, he couldn't do anything. His life depended on Hannah telling him where she had seen this girl. he hoped Hannah wasn't bluffing.

"Your friend tried to fight some of my friends...they obviously beat her..." Hannah said truthfully. "She must be still at the house they beat her in..." she now lied.

Elson took a step towards the boy. He believed the part about her fighting, it was her nature, but somehow he didn't think that they would just leave their enemy lying there.

"I told you! Leave him alone!" Hannah cried angrily stooping down to pick up a rock which she hurled at Elson.

Elson easily caught the rock and stood tossing it in his right hand. "And I told you to tell me the truth. Ready to do it yet?" He still wasn't sure if she had given him the truth or not, but this was his last test, if she didn't fold now he wouldn't know and would be forced to agree to her terms, but if she wasn't laying in that house, he would be back.

"I'll go with you to the house, just leave Chance alone." Hannah said quickly. She knew this was dangerous but she hoped that if she distracted Elson it would give the others time to make up a plan to defeat him.

Elson shook his head, "No, I think I'll take the boy and have him show me, but don't worry, he won't be hurt. Even if she's not there, I'm coming back for you. I could care less about this piss-ant."

"Fine!" Hannah said angrily. "Let Chance go inside, he's hurt...then i'll tell you where she is. I am unarmed, I can't hurt you."

Elson shook his head again, "You can summon that trident anytime." He motioned to Chance. "Tell me, and I will lay my chains here, and he can walk freely inside."

Still not having a clue to what was going on, Chance stood stock still, afraid to move, crouched down his hurt arm held straight down in front of him.

"We're holding her my old house." Hannah lied. "We can take my let Chance go..."

The halting speech, the length between the answers. She was lying again, but he had made a deal, and even though he was getting shorted he couldn't do anything about it at the moment. "Fine." He dropped the chains, motioning with his head for the boy to go. "Get out of here."

Chance nodded, and standing up as straight as possible he began to walk to the entrance. But before he got all the way there he paused, "I swear if you hurt her, you'll have all of us coming down on you." He hoped Hannah wasn't lying.

Hannah smiled weakly not knowing what she was going to do. She hoped the others would think of a plan soon. She just wanted to lead him as far away from the base as possible. "Chance...Selena, she's in the infirmary, you should go see her first." Hannah said then turned looking at Elson. "Let's go."

Elson nodded, "You'd better not be lying."

Chance stumbled inside and found his way to the infirmary, where he collapsed on a gurny. "Anyone in here?"

"LET ME OUT OF HERE!" came a scream from a nearby bed. "I swear when the others find out i'm here, you's are all going to pay!"

Hannah nervously walked to her car and got into the drivers seat then waited for Elson to get in. She had the urge to suddenly start the engine and drive off, but that could put the others in great danger. She suddenly flicked the lock down on the passenger side, if he was going to travel in her car, he would travel in the back seat.

"Shut up. I am sick of your screaming. I will let you go when I am good and damn ready. Now shut up before I sadate you." Selena said angerly to Eva. "Hey Chance. Over here." She looked at him. "What happened?" She asked as she rushed to his aid and looked at his arm. "You were fighting. Wernt you?" She asked before he could get a word in.

Oh no... Vala shook her head. He was lying Hannah. "He was lying." She spoke out loud. "He doesn't know the combination, he knows nothing!</i> She balled up her fist and let it go crashing down onto the table. She was ready to do it again when she received Selena's message. Good. She left for the infirmary, where she could hear Eva's screams. Shut up you! Or else! She sent a eletric blast right into Eva's brain.

He was lying! Hannah thought feeling sick as her hands tightly gripped the steering wheel. Vala i'm in big trouble...this guy is going to kill me.

Elson went straight to the backseat, sitting directly behind Hannah, taking some metal and sliding it to his left hand, giving a sharp point which he immediatly put through the seat until Hannah could feel it. "Try anything stupid, and your done. Got it?"

Chance shrugged best he could, "That guy got the best of us. Hannah's in huge trouble I think, and I need you to fix this now." After a brief puase he continued, "I can form my sword now, but I'm still having trouble with the armor."

"You better let me go now!" Eva screamed glaring at Chance and Selena.

Hannah sighed. "fine, nothing stupid." she said then started the car.

Elson nodded, even though she couldn't see, "Good, let's keep this easy and uncomplicated. I really don't like hurting women..."

Chance glanced at the girl, "Oh, the bitch that hurt me the first time. Shut the hell up, you're annoying."

"I should have killed you!" Eva said angrily.

Hannah rolled her eyes and left the base and drove slowly as she tried to think of what to do.

Chance laughed, "Probly shoulda, cuz I will if it ever comes down to it." He turned away and gave his attention back to Selena, "Can you fix me up real quick?"

Hannah suddenly turned into a gas station. "I need to put petrol into my car."

Elson laughed, "I think I'll get it. And if you try to leave, I'll go straight back to my base and get my friends, and we'll be back at your base," He took a chain and set it around her's and concentrated for a moment, turning them into handcuffs, "That should deter you from trying anything. And keep you hands down." With that said he exited the car and began fueling it up.

"Damn..." Whispered Hannah as she tried to release her hands from the cuffs. She wanted to scream for help from the other people in the gas station but knew it was to dangerous.

Elson quickly finished filling the car and went and got some food and a couple pops, then went back to the car. After closing the door, he put a pop in the cupholder up front and reformed the chain from her handcuffs, "Some food and pop, let's get going."

"I'm not touching that." Hannah said as she drove off. Shed headed towards the posh part of town towards her families mansion.

Elson shook his head, "Like I'd poison it or something, when you have to take me to your house, but whatever, suit yourself."

"I can't open it anyway, i'm driving remember..." Hannah said as she pulled into her drive way the huge iron gates shutting behind them. She pulled up in front of the mansion and sighed.

Elson nodded, "Fair enough. Is this it?"

"Yeah this is my house." Hannah said as she got out of the car.

Elson got out quickly behind her, "Any parents here?"

"No their both away on business." Hannah replied.

Elson smiled, "Good, this is how we're going to do this. I'm going to walk behind you, and you're going to take me straight to the room she is in, get her, pick her up or release her, walk back to the front door, and then you can leave. And once again, don't try anything stupid. Got it?"

Hannah bit her lip nervously then walked to the front door and opened it. "I'd appreciate it if you didn't touch anything, its all very valueble."

Elson shook his head, "I'm here for one reason, material possessions don't matter right now."

Hannah slowly led him through the house then through the kitchen. Hannah knew this could be her only chance so as quickas a flash she grabbed one of the sharp carving knives from the bench and turned to look at Elson. "I want you to leave...your little friend, shes not here."

Elson merely laughed, "And what are you going to do with that?"

"I'm going to make you get out." Hannah replied. "Now leave!"

Elson quicly jumped forward and put her in a headlock with his left arm while grabbing the knife his his other hand and tossing it down. "What the hell were you trying to do? What were you going to accomplish.. You could have just told me the truth and you and him would have been fine. Believe it or not I am a man of my word, but you had to pull this shit! What now? What do you think I'm going to do?!?"

"Hannah?" A woman's voice broke through their arguement. A woman who looked much like Hannah, but about 20 years older with blonde hair in a bun with two sticks in it japanese style and a more petite build appeared in the doorway. When she saw them her eyes widened a bit. "Oh my!" she gasped, her hands coming to her mouth.

A man joined her a moment later, having Hannah's build and blonde hair as well, though darker than his wife's. He looked a bit confused, then he smiled, his wife still blushing slightly. "Darling, you didn't tell us you had a young man," he said gently.

Hannah looked up at them then elbowed Elson hard in the stomach to make him let go of her. "What are you doing home? I thought you's were away on business..." she said ignoring what they had said.

"Yeah Chance I can, but didn't I tell you to keep it wrapped up and not use it until it got better?" She snapped it into place. "Now this time let it heal." Selena sighed and took a vile out of the cabint. She pulled some of the liquid into a neadle and stuck it in Chance's arm. "That was morphine. Its quicker then pain pills. You have a low dose so you don't have to stay here. Now we are going to get Hannah." She took anohter vile and put a shot of it into Eva. The gurl quickly fell asleep. "It should just knock her out for a few hours. At least she will be out until night fall." Selena put everything away. Vala Eva is sadated. She wont be awake until night fall and then she will be groggy. We have about four hours. Chance and I are going to help Hannah. "Come on Chance. Vala knows we are going." Selena walked out the door to the car.

Chance nodded, "But the only thing is is that I can't help get Hannah in this condition..."

Elson let her go, quickly transitioning into a smooth bow, "Hello, my name is Elson, I am Hannah's new boyfriend. It is a pleasure to meet you." Straightening from the bow he offered his hand for a handshake, "May I ask your names?"

Hannah glared at Elson. Boyfriend? What is he doing? she thought as she watched him.

The woman smiled at him as Hannah's father stepped foreward and shook his hand heartily. "Ah, Elson, a pleasure. I'm Derek and my wife, Anita-" He motioned to her and she waved as he let go of Elson's hand. "Treating our daughter well I trust?"

Elson turned, and without hesitation gave her an honest hug, "Of course, couldn't be any other way." He released Hannah before she could protest, "How was your trip?"

Hannah was speechless. Was this actually happening? Or had she fallen asleep?

"Oh, quite well, quite well, thank you for asking," Derek replied with a smile. "How about we get some food and we'll talk about it over dinner?" He smiled and Anita nodded, smiling as well and motioned for Hannah to join her while Derek and Elson talked.

Hannah smiled and nodded then nipped Elson while her parents weren't looking. "Be good." she said sarcastically then walked off with her mother.

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