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A Fishie Story

photos of the household fishies... newest to oldest
click on images to see enlarger - click again for full size
by [moira hawthorne]



ghost, specter, apparition, phantom
our 5th beta
March 13th 2007
<img0*250:stuff/5th%20B%201a.jpg> <img0*250:stuff/5th%20B%202a.jpg>
<img0*250:stuff/5th%20B%203a.jpg> <img0*250:stuff/5th%20B%204a.jpg>

Aubergine Fae

our 4th beta
December 2006 to February 2007

Kiki Keke Suni & Red

Eirikr's 5th 6th 7th & 8th fish.
made a decision to go with all platys
July 7th to Nov 2006
<img0*300:stuff/Red%20%26%20Kiki.jpg> * <img0*300:stuff/Suni%20%26%20Kiki.jpg>
Red & Kiki * and * Suni & Kiki
the family is in disagreement to Suni's name.
Eirikr says: originally Suni but wanted to change his name to Yellow.
Moira says: I already made the wiki and named the files Suni!
<img0*150:stuff/Red%20Keke%20Suni%20Kiki.jpg> * <img0*150:stuff/Red%20Kiki%20Keke%20Suni.jpg> * <img0*150:stuff/Red%20Suni%20Kiki%20Keke.jpg>
Red Keke Suni & Kiki * and * Red Kiki Keke & Suni * and * Red Suni Kiki & Keke


Kiki & Ready

We bought Kiki a Sunset Platy
to be friends with Ready
Kiki July 1st to present
Betas are suppose to get along with Platys
(beta are normally very agressive)
<img0*200:stuff/Kiki%20%26%20Ready%201.jpg> * <img0*200:stuff/Ready%201.jpg>
the last photos of Ready
we dont know why Ready deid.



Eirikr's 3rd beta fish.
the family is in disagreement to this fishie's name.
Eirikr says: Ready To Go
Moira says: Ready To Stay Still
Feb 5th 2006 to July 6th 2006

hiding in the shadows

he comes out finally

I may name the fish... 
'pretty blue blob on the bottom of the tank'

Eirikr insisted on this photo... his fishface!


Ready's plants died so he had no where to hide
which caused him to suffer from some stress
with the effect that lost most his fins.
I have now bought him fake plastic plants and some medicine.

* <img0*200:stuff/sick%20may%201.jpg> * <img0*200:stuff/sick%20may%202.jpg> *


Raspberry Ripple
Eirikr's 2nd beta fish.
Nov 2005 to Mar 2006


<img320*0:stuff/fish%20f5m.jpg> <img160*0:stuff/fish%20f4.jpg> <img120*0:stuff/fish%20f1.jpg>

<img180*0:stuff/fish%20f3.jpg> <img220*0:stuff/fish%20f8.jpg> <img190*0:stuff/fish%20f6.jpg>


Rainbow Bubbler
Eirikr's 2nd fish ...1st Beta
he is greeny blue with blackish red fins & sometimes shines purple.

<img200*0:> <img200*0:>


All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter...The Fish
Eirikr 1st fish ...goldfish who died July 23 '04
maybe died of Dropsy.



<img0*200:stuff/fish%20kid%27s%20art.png> * <img250*0:stuff/ORG%20fish%20logo.jpg> * <img0*200:stuff/ORG%20fish%20store.jpg>
fish art Ive made
kid's fish art * ORG fish logo * me in front of the ORG store


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2006-03-10 [~Lady Morgana~]: Hmm, maybe it is just is organism ... maybe he is growing and so his body uses all the food for growing ...

2006-03-10 [moira hawthorne]: we are directly related to the McLean.. thru my dad... not that it did him any good.. his family didnt own anything...but I could of claimed Scotish citazinship abroad...

2006-03-10 [dayah]: I guess its not a castle but a tower or something but this is the place that belongs to my hubbys family.

2006-03-10 [moira hawthorne]: sorry broken link

2006-03-10 [dayah]: huh...have to check that again...okiday.. I will look into it

2006-03-11 [~Lady Morgana~]: Still that is very fascinating, you know where your family comes from ... my dad's dad said our family came from france but I can never be sure about it ... my mother's family is a little more slavic, wich is nice. My ex would have been able to be scottish too, his dad is scottish. My friend, who's birthday is today, is scottish too ... once they owned a castle but her ancestors lost it - damn alcohol addiction X__x

2006-03-11 [moira hawthorne]: Bill's family... his grandparents were quite wealthy... there was a lot of land that they use to own around the area we in live in Canada... but thru his father and uncle who were both alcoholics it was all lost... even a large cash inheritiance that was suppose to be Bill's when he came of age was drank away before he was 15! ...and Bill mother was so unpopular that Bill got nothing...

2006-03-12 [~Lady Morgana~]: Oh no >___< That's horrible! I mean wtf?!

2006-03-12 [dayah]: hey lady, you speek german right? well, I saw this music video online that was in german, I know boot means boat but what does gummi mean...? is that like rubber? was just curious about it cus the name was called Gummiboat...intresting video too...:)

2006-03-12 [~Lady Morgana~]: Hahahhaa! Well I think so, yes *^.^*

2006-03-12 [dayah]: lol.I know its funny,but I couldn't help to think what it meant..and I thought I would ask you..:)

2006-03-12 [~Lady Morgana~]: Hehehe I think I know wich song it is XD XD XD Oh and sure you can always ask me about anything ^^

2006-03-12 [dayah]: thanks..yeah some black haired girl with two guys with navy hats on the top of a snow covered mountian...

2006-03-12 [~Lady Morgana~]: I never saw the video but I still think I know it :P

2006-03-12 [dayah]: hahah...kool...yeah I seen it last night while my hubby was sufing for videos last night, oh and he wants me to tell you he thinks your cute..he just seen you pic. darn man looking over my shoulder all the time..hehe

2006-03-12 [dayah]: please don't be affended...he just wouldn't get off my back till I told you...sigh..hes a pain in my butt sometimes..

2006-03-12 [~Lady Morgana~]: Oh no worries, thank him from me *^.^* It is nice of him to say that.

2007-07-09 [Wednesday]: oh wow I love thoses!!!!

2007-07-18 [Maeve104]: Feeshies! :D And I learned that striped dannios get along with betas too, or at least mine did. ^^ I miss Danny and Finnley. :( But I've got a goldfish now at least. hehe. *runs to put goldfish pics up on Elfpets*

2007-07-18 [moira hawthorne]: thx for that info... *runs to google*

2007-07-18 [moira hawthorne]: they are suppose to kept in schools of 6 or more and a minumum 10 gallon tank... mine is too small

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