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You know what? Do what you want when you rp. All the power to you. This page was egotistical crap.

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2009-06-16 [kay-chan]: *is shamed* Well... I roleplay my age because it's easiest, and I can get into character that way. I do have several characters in their late thirties... But. Yeah, when I was younger it was below twenty, and now it's mid-twenties or whatever. And I just have a thing for pale skin, I suppose. I have a black character, but other than that all of my older/non-white individuals were in roleplays that died. Also, my characters are hot because they're sluts. If they weren't hot, they wouldn't be very successful sluts, and would thus turn their attention to more intellectual pursuits. And we can't have that!

YOU LOVE ME, WOMAN. You just don't know it yet. XD

2009-06-16 [NOOOPE]: I guess my thing is I don't like pale skin, the more like me my character is the less I enjoy rping it, and only a few of my characters are sluts. I mean... Zist, he pretty much has to be a 20 something hot man for his character to function.

I DO LOVES YOU. Just make some hot 40 something's and I'll love yas more!

2009-06-16 [Dezmond]: ugh, it really is sad, and unfortunately, up until recently(very) I've been known to be a part of this stereotype myself as long as character creation goes. But IT'S BORING! >.> I've been trying to create more diverse character just cause the same old crap is just that >.>

2009-06-16 [Aeolynn]: RP Characters of Aeolynn I want to brag ( ><; ) because I play a lot of non-human characters... but I have a hard time doing that because I like to think myself as humble. So... if you notice half my characters are non-human? And, the ones that are humanoid are my own species? (Besides a Harpy, two sphinxes, and Gryphon of course.) And oh look! Half of them are male too hmmm... Though, M, you are right about the age thing... I think the oldest I have is 30 and older then time/unknown because age does not affect them. And I have some reeeeally young things because their age is different then humans...

Final thought: Brown eyes are uber sexy!

GO M! *woosh*

2009-06-16 [Chel.]: I LOVE YOU

2009-06-16 [Aeolynn]: *ORGY*

2009-06-16 [Chel.]: *DOUBLE ORGY*

2009-06-16 [NOOOPE]: *Blasts ya'll with a fire house*

2009-06-17 [kay-chan]: *likes it*

2009-06-17 [Duke Devlin]: This is a FANTASTIC wiki page. :) I don't have record of many, but I have played as a great many over 30/40 year olds. :) My friend and I used to get sick of playing younger people, as it was always so strict as to what you could do with then (scenario-wise). It's the age that bugs me the most... Oh, and the eye thing. -.- <3 Thank you for this. :D

2009-06-18 [Flisky]: Hmmm. This is good. And too true. But I play both genders, which isn't really a stretch for me. Looking over my characters, they are quite diverse in everything except age and physical tone. Though, in my own defense, I do play some characters who are quite young. Well, at least physically young. ^_^

2009-06-18 [NightHawk]: This trend you see used to bug me, too, until I kind of moved away from online role-play. But if you step back and look at things from a different perspective, you'll realize why "everyone" plays attractive, able, and young characters, and these reasons come in several flavors. To name the two that pop into my head immediately: 1) fantasy role-play is about fulfilling one's fantasies (go figure). Deep down, doesn't everyone want to be eternally youthful, attractive, and good at everything they touch? 2) Today's society is filled with such figures, from the sexy gals on billboards to heroic anime characters, and places like Elftown are where people get to emulate those idols.
As a writer, I would agree that in a story meant to emulate quasi-real-world experiences and values, average to ugly people are the norm (go for a stroll through the local mall and learn that you can count on two hands the number of attractive people in a medium crowd).
I think the problem here is not that the groups you (I mean M! as well as everyone else in agreement here) run with are busy blowing off adolescent steam by playing such characters, it's that we've outgrown the need for that kind of fantasy and are looking for something more substantial, something that coincides with what we've read in literature and which better emulates real-world populations and situations.
So, those are my two cents. I'm neither bashing you for bashing them nor really agreeing that all the kids here need to grow up and stop playing bishounen and bishoujo. I just think it's a viewpoint worth mentioning.
(Aside): Wow, it's been a while since I've posted anything in the wikis or comments boxes.

2009-06-18 [Flisky]: *thinks about what [NightHawk] said* In all reality, I've never played a character who was good at everything. (I try to create really unique but beleivable character flaws, such as distractability and clumsiness). I really don't like when people try to play their characters as 'perfect'.

2009-06-18 [NightHawk]: Like I said, I'm not pegging anyone here for anything in the above wiki rant. Heck, I don't think I've ever role-played with anyone here (as hard as [Aeolynn] tries to get me involved! :D). Nevertheless, I highly doubt anyone here has "always" played utterly realistic characters; think about it. Have you ever had your character react to something or respond to something in a way that was influenced by your desire to keep him or her alive, or because you didn't want them to look like an idiot? If you haven't, then congratulations. It took me seven years to get over that complex. And, if you haven't, aren't you ascribing to yourself the very same quality you try to avoid in a character?
As a side note, I actually sometimes enjoy the occasional perfect character... as long as they fall from such grace at some point! ^^
Mmm. Food for thought. Now time for food for the tummy.

2009-06-18 [NOOOPE]: "I think the problem here is not that the groups you (I mean M! as well as everyone else in agreement here) run with are busy blowing off adolescent steam by playing such characters, it's that we've outgrown the need for that kind of fantasy"

Can't it be both cases... some people are blowing off adolescent steam and other people have outgrown it? Shouldn't it be less of an "or" and more of an "and"? I don't get the "not" in there. It's definitely both situations butting heads.

As for the rest... I'm not trying to be mean, but... duh. I think "You're either basically pumping out people you wish you could hump, or people you wish you could be" kinda less wordily makes the same point.

2009-06-18 [NightHawk]: Well, I think I should have completed my statement with something like, "... and yet find ourselves stuck with the same people we've outgrown," or something to that effect. Neither situation is the problem; after all, playing characters "you wish you could hump [or be]" is certainly a valid stepping stone toward greater creations. The problem is, like you said, the two worlds clashing. For the time being, I'm going to hold my tongue on further comment because you and I are clearly in disagreement about certain items, and I'm much more interested in my peanut butter and jelly sandwich than in sparking a great debate. ^^

2009-06-18 [Aeolynn]: wow it got hot in this wiki all of a sudden *turns on a fan* also, in pertaining to the age thing, for some people who haven't become old yet, it is sometimes hard to play an older character. And for characters with lives outside of the roleplay, such as a married woman/man, or with children, it would be hard to go on an adventure with them to take care of. Unless your character just abandoned them, it isn't realistic really for you character to be tied down, unless it ties into the plot of them needing to rescue them.

2009-06-19 [NOOOPE]: I'm not sure what points we disagree on... I didn't pick up on a rebuttal, rather an elaboration.

2009-06-19 [Aeolynn]: Oh we all agree with you M, that there needs to be more diversity. So you're right, we are sort of all ellaborating on our own personal experiences with this.

2009-06-19 [NOOOPE]: It's just, I'm unclear when and how a debate would form with the current posts.

2009-06-19 [Aeolynn]: I don't think we're debating...

2009-06-19 [NOOOPE]: "you and I are clearly in disagreement about certain items, and I'm much more interested in my peanut butter and jelly sandwich than in sparking a great debate."

I'm not sure what's in disagreement to debate about. Unless... the point being made is that you [NightHawk] think it's acceptable for these people to make these sorts of characters as a "stepping stone", but how would that conflict with what I have said? What I'm asking is for people to launch off said stepping stone and to try something new and out there next time. I understand why they're doing what they're doing, that didn't need to be spelled out for me. But those facts in no way deter me from making my plea, matter of fact they are the cause of it. So... I don't know where this allusion to a future debate is coming from. I'm just confused. 

2009-06-19 [Aeolynn]: >.o well... I completely agree with you on this. Just, I do think there are some exceptions, like the comment I made two hours ago.

2009-06-19 [NOOOPE]: Oh, didn't see that. And I don't think the not being old so you can't play an older character is a very poor excuse. Are you an elf? A guy? Why can't your imagination stretch to older people? And in lots of history, the dad at least was always out to war or work. With the mom, that would be harder, but why can't she have the kids at boarding school, be barren, bring the kids along or tons of other situations?

2009-06-19 [NightHawk]: Well, I kept things a little vague on purpose. If I actually voiced what I disagree with, I'd be starting a debate, wouldn't I? ^^ It's only a difference of opinion, anyway.

As for the mother with children problem: shoot the children. With a telephone pole launched from an enormous bow. :D *evils*

2009-06-19 [Aeolynn]: We should make an Anti-children wiki lol... Pro-pets!

2009-06-19 [Flisky]: Well, M, now you've done it. I created an older character. (30-something. Not old, but still, much older than I usually run. And male, too.)

2009-06-20 [NightHawk]: Nah, just send the kids for me. I've got a spit and a fire if anyone's got barbecue sauce...

2009-06-20 [Aeolynn]: ewwww... I don't want to kill em... I just want their parent's to be smart enough not to breed. >.o

2009-06-20 [NightHawk]: Not kill them? Then... then... how am I supposed to EAT them? It's what they're there for, isn't it?

2009-06-24 [Nocturnaliss]: You know who's also damn hot for his age ? Sean Connery. And he's almost 79 years old. I see him and melt.

On a more serious note, kids will be kids. Which meas they'll keep doing what it is you hate and you'll keep hating them for doing it. I remember a time when I was one of those, and y'know what ? Getting older is the only remedy to it. Getting older, gaining life experience, watch your wants and needs change and mature. Doesn't mean some youngin's can't be older than their physical age... just that you're more likely to encounter the common type. Unfortunately for you.

2009-06-25 [Sir. Robert]: lol...I haven't gotten a chance to roleplay at all, but this pretty much describes every character that I have seen.

I have played my share of D&D which has its roleplaying parts, and I loved being a creepy old man. I think my last character was a 56 year old cleric that was both wrong in the head and perverted :P ...Unfortunately "Lenny the Healer" killed the whole party 5 times before I retired him for his bad luck and nobody wanted him in the party anymore.

2009-06-25 [NightHawk]: *high five to [Sir. Robert]* Hehe. One of my last D&D chars was this kindly old mage who was... really frickin' ancient. His Strength, after ageing, was a 5. >.> And the main reason he fought so hard to save the world was just so he didn't have to go to another plane to drink his tea. Oh, that and he was LG.

2009-06-25 [Nocturnaliss]: Sir Robert, your character sounds awesome. I just had to mention that XD

2009-06-29 [Akayume]: Amen to this! (: Although I usually play stereotypical characters, I do have a thirty something year old who's black and currently seperated from his wife (whom he is still pathetically obsessed with even though she was cheating on him and is leaving him). But I agree. People need diverse characters!

2009-06-30 [Dezmond]: Erm...well I have a Thai prostitute lol, he's a bigger ass than [NOOOPE] Too!! (Joking I like M ^^) but he is a major ass

2009-07-27 [Rice]: I like having ugly characters >8) Or characters with facial disfigurments....

2009-10-21 [elfprincess021]: Nice wiki M!. I never seen this wiki until now. I agree fully with this. I can't say I'm really an rp person. But this should go for any character or form of art. I think its time for people to start creating and stop following. I would definitely say about 90% or maybe more of characters I've seen are the stereotypical ones.

2009-10-24 [Duke Devlin]: It's what makes yours interesting, Keys. XD

2009-10-25 [Rice]: 8D
We've be in so many RP's, you know my love of the weirdos..XD

2009-10-25 [Duke Devlin]: Damn straight I do. ;D
I've actually lost count of the number of rps we've been in, and had. xD

2009-10-25 [Rice]: ...oh god....I have about a mountain of out notes in my draw that probably weigh a ton.

2009-10-25 [Duke Devlin]: Hahaa you should scan them, and we should archive them on here. ;D

2009-10-25 [Rice]: Oh god that would take AGES!

2009-10-26 [Duke Devlin]: Haha true. ;)

2009-10-28 [wicked fae mage]: *hugs the author* I hate the people who can't bear to have a character who isn't a perfect ten. Although, even though they are still over-used I still like vampires, werewolves, dragons etc. Many kudos for your wiki =3

Oh, and I just skimmed over some of my characters to see if some of the stereotyped list applies to them. A few that are intentional do. My friends and I made stereotypical "hawt" princesses to make a point, for instance. Although I also have a warrior who is scarred up over most of his body, so in my mind that balances out. I stated being a fan of vampires, so the vampire series that I write are an automatic stereotype >.<; *goes back to flipping through character notes*

2010-02-06 [another brick in the wall]: I don't RP, but I do see these occurances EVERY time I skim through RP pages. The thing I must say though is I think this little rant is more childish than what its ranting about. Seriously, making a character just to beat the norm is not true originatly, since you're still basing your character after the norm only in this instance just doing the opposite. just so you know, 'counter-culture' is just as dependent on the culture as the conformists, you just do whatever the norm tells you not to. that's blatently childish in my eyes. to be original isn't to be different, but to be your creation. do whatever the hell you want. If people like RPing with 18 year old white boys, who the hell are you to tell them not to?

2010-02-06 [another brick in the wall]: And also, you fail to realize that to some people RPing is more that just a pastime and place to be 'original'. There are deeper motives for many people to RP, that I've noticed, then just to be creative. You criticize people that use orphaned characters or ones that have no contact with their parents. I will admit, I've noticed this trait in just about every single RP I've been to, but from being friends with a few of the players behind the characters, I've noticed that nearly all of them themselves have unhealthy relationships with their parents. If you know anything about Psychology, this is obviously a way to express and vent their home life. The best character is not the one that is original but the one that the player can virtually connect with and thus give him a believable personality. You yourself are not a 40 year old married man, so you are less likely to know how exactly a character as such would react to events in the RP. It is best to have a character you can relate with, not one was is just unique. 

some people have a little deeper reasons behind their character than just for the sake of being original.

2010-02-07 [kay-chan]: They can vent, dude. But honestly? 90% of the people I RP with who make orphaned kids had mostly an angsty teenager-hood. 'My parents don't UNDERSTAND me.' Write what you know until you get the experience. Plus, the other things... what deep psychological hangup do people have to be half-Japanese with green hair and striking blue eyes? Challenge yourself, make an interesting character who has a personality not based off their good looks.

And who's telling people to not RP what they want? It's a plea, not a demand. You're *telling* us to not have an opinion, we're *asking* for people to try and create more originality in their character so it's not the same RP 20 times.

2010-02-07 [NOOOPE]: What kay said. When everyone is EXACTLY THE SAME, I have a right to wish that people shake it up a bit for the sake of expanding their imaginations. I mean, is there really merit in creating what you already know? Why not tackle a character completely different from you, analyze them, and come back with a stack of new perspectives and insights? Creation should enlighten you, should push you to a higher level of awesome. Sticking to cliches because that's all you know is in no way creative or mind expanding. I'd like people to actually use their brains in rps. I'm not asking them to be different for the soul sake of being different, but to expand their way of thinking and explore new scenarios and lifestyles totally different from their own. I want people to be truly creative. Now, if they'd rather rp horny hot 20 somethings and play out their very predictable fantasies, well, that's what rping is to some people. But for me, and others, it's about entering an entirely new world with entirely new eyes. It's an intellectual business. Me, and others, would like to see more of that, and are challenging the mary-sues and anime hotties out there to give true creativity a shot and step out of their boundaries.


(Which is basically what kay said in a hundred less words)

Plus, thanks for calling me childish. I looove it when self righteous random internet peeps swoop in and insult me for expressing my hard to swallow opinions. The internet is serious business, after all.

2010-02-07 [another brick in the wall]: so you can insult all these 'cliche' people, and admit to it, but when somebody insults you, oh no he's a douche bag?

I'm not looking for an argument, I don't plan to say here long, I'm not saying cliche is cool, I'm only trying to state that there are sometimes deeper underlying reasons for people to make a character than simply to be original. that's it.

2010-02-07 [NOOOPE]: Yeah I never called you a douche bag. As for deep underlying reasons to make the same cliche over and over again... makes me think the underlying reasons aren't so "deep". Nearly laughable, like the example Kay gave.

2010-02-07 [Nocturnaliss]: Actually, M, I think you're being too stereotyping. From a psychological point of view, and having been one of those cliché-ers myself, I can tell you it can in fact have deeper underlying reasons that an RP can bring out for you to deal with.

Saying they're nearly laughable without really knowing what you're saying is insulting to those people who have a real issue to work with.

2010-02-07 [Rice]: She's only saying the one's who use the same cliche over and over again are laughable. Not in general 8/

2010-02-07 [Aeolynn]: We've all been cliche rpers, that's how we all start. It's the ones that do not learn and keep repeating their behavior are the ones that need to change. Now I'm not sure if this is right, because Robin Williams said it in his new show, that the definition of crazy are those who repeat actions expecting a different outcome.

They must be crazy XD and often times crazy people are funny, aka, laughable!

2010-02-07 [Aeolynn]: And you missed the point brick, that this is a plea, and your comment was a demand.

2010-02-07 [Rice]: Nicely put Aeolynn 8D

2010-02-07 [Aeolynn]: *bows* thank you :]

2010-02-07 [Rice]: Plus this is her opinion, which if I remember correctly everyone is entitled too. She is simply trying to create a wiki to help people understand role-playing a little better. Everyone is a newbie at one point and I think wiki's like this really do help people understand how to develope their character's and not stick to a single 'type' or 'cliche'. And even how to RP and not annoy other people, especially when it comes to people going crazy and posting while other characters are away :D

2010-02-08 [Aeolynn]: I'm a little bothered at how Brick went about saying his things... for one to say they live by "love and peace" his first comment was rather accusing.

"-this little rant is more childish than what its ranting about" and "that's blatently childish in my eyes," Is rather judgmental, and not a peaceful move. Brick, I really think you're missing the message behind this page... Yes people are entitled to do what they want, yet your demand is stating the opposite, of saying that M's opinion is childish, when she is just saying those that basically create the same character over and over are childish. The only difference between her's and yours is that her's is a plea, and yours just sounds judgmental and demanding. Like Reaver said, we are all entitled to our opinions. If we support M's, that is our business. And the fact that you don't agree is yours, but next time be more polite about it.

Okay? Love and Peace!

2010-02-08 [Rice]: XD I's a littke 'you're idea is STUPID AND WRONG D8<' isn't it.

2010-02-08 [another brick in the wall]: I apologize. I see your point and I repent my words as much as possible. It's just I got a little worked up when I saw this wiki. It wasn't the overall thing that got me, I honestly wouldn't have cared much if only I hadn't have glimpsed the line concerning orphaned or runaway characters, because though I completely admit I see that trait used in virtually every single RP I've ever been to, but because I have had the pleasure friendship with a handful of the people with characters like that, and have noticed that nearly all of them themselves are or were going through rough relationships at home, so I got the realization that RPing is for many a way to express emotions and stress and can work as theropy. So when I saw this wiki critizing people like that, it kinda hit a raw nerve.

I should have swallowed my emotions and made my complain a bit more rational. I apologize.

2010-02-08 [Xerin Zamaki]: I don't really have anything to add or say, but I do agree with this wiki and I'm proud to say I live by it ^,^

2010-02-08 [kay-chan]: I appreciate an attempt to keep debate civil. I do like rational debate, but I am human and get defensive.

2010-02-09 [Aeolynn]: What Kay said. :3

2011-04-27 [Veltzeh]: Heh, I sort of felt like bragging about my original characters, but I realised years ago that many of them were quite clichéd, just not the way they usually are, which is why it took a long time for me to notice the problem.

A problem with making an original character that isn't a copy or fantasy of the player's person is that it requires a lot of research (of an unfamiliar culture, for example). I don't know what amount of research is enough for sufficient believability. :o

2011-10-25 [Mortified Penguin]: The only reason all of my characters are young, thin, toned, super intelligent, sexually appealing bachelors is because I model them after myself. And when I'm playing a roleplaying game, there's nobody I'd rather be than myself, because I'm the most fascinating character I know. You would rather I play a bald, 55-year-old, 600 pound, lesbian, black chick in a wheel chair missing an arm that smokes, has diabetes, has 12 kids, is on welfare, and is illiterate? It's original, sure, but roleplaying isn't about who can be the most original, it's about living your life as someone who you'd rather be (as opposed to the fat neckbeard living in your parents' basement that you currently are).

2011-10-25 [NOOOPE]: I'd rather not play with people being mary-sues. I would rather something fresh, original and imaginative. When I rp, it's not about fantasy fulfillment, it's about testing my abilities as a writer. When I make a new character I want to put them into a situation I don't have complete control over to see how well rounded they are. That being said, we probably shouldn't rp together.

2011-10-25 [Mortified Penguin]: No, no. We'd be perfect together in a RP. Original characters need an equal and opposite unoriginal character to balance things out. If every character is original, they start to become unoriginal. So you need unoriginality to be so original.

2011-10-25 [Mortified Penguin]: And they aren't Mary-Sues if they're based off someone in real life.

Fun fact: Did you know the story of Batman was taken directly from the life of [Mortified Penguin]? He has yet to receive any compensation for this.

2011-10-25 [kay-chan]: Did you know I took the story of Batman directly from the life of [Mortified Penguin]? I wasn't original and made billions. REGRET NOTHING.

2011-10-25 [Mortified Penguin]: *continues living in poverty*

2011-10-26 [kay-chan]: *has bitches and hoes FOR her bitches and hoes*

2013-05-10 [Kbird]: I'm sorry..I do use anime pictures...but that's just going to be intell I feel comfertable with my hand drawn stuff...sorry

2013-05-10 [NOOOPE]: I forgot this existed. I need to rewrite this shit.

2013-05-10 [wicked fae mage]: *encourages rewriting for more insults and snark*

Also, I forgot to ask for clarity, but I assume you wrote this with text-based role plays in mind? As in, you didn't write it with Dungeons and Dragons (or other table top role-playing games) in mind?

2013-05-10 [NOOOPE]: Oh no. Text -based all the way. Rather hypocritically, I just had a hot, female, half-elf bard as a dnd character. Then again, we were limited to the core races, so there's not much wiggle room. She was brain damaged and nutty as shit though, to combat dullness.

2013-05-10 [wicked fae mage]: Okay, good to know.

But, you are stuck with whatever classes and races your version and game will let you be. And humans get an extra feat, so...being human lets you be more useful with something.

2013-05-10 [Flisky]: My first GM made us all play humans. Of course, I played the virgin, hot ass sorcerer. (Because sorcerers need high charisma and I knew RPing diplomacy would be hard on me...)

2013-05-10 [NOOOPE]: d&d is highly structured and therefore requires certain traits which, in a less structured setting like original fiction and text-base rping, seem comparably cliche. That's really not something that can be combatted unless your gm is mega nutty and goes all out with world building.

When I play dnd, things usually devolve into being humorous so I start with a weird ass character off the bat. I've never really been in a super serious campaign, nor do I think I would like to be. I can't take elves seriously, man.

2013-05-10 [wicked fae mage]: At Tekko the one time I went, some friends and I (who have played D&D and Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder etc. together) went into the RPG room attempting to have fun. The DMs gave up trying to run a serious campaign because we wouldn't let them.

I had a character who was specialized in explosives and roughing people up. That's all I could do except fly our airship. And part of that is the fault of who designed the game to let me take only points in flying airships, intimidation, explosives and rope use. >.>

...but God was that a badass character. He was so awesome xD

I always do a weird character right off the bat. Even if it's a sorcerer, I do something odd about my character. One was an old woman who was helping defend a keep from an invasion. She channeled a Newton's Cradle fireball for 60 rounds of combat to kill the invading troops. Newton's fireball right in front of the mote. :D

2013-05-10 [wicked fae mage]: Can anybody take Elves seriously? I mean...maybe Drow, but do they truly count as an Elf type to anybody? I personally don't think of them as elves, but as piles of spiders that look like Elves.

2013-05-10 [NOOOPE]: Yeah, drow do inspire bad-assery. I think the problem with elves is that as a race, they are sorta mary sues. They are all beautiful, benevolent, intelligent, skillful, mystical beings whose only real fault is thinking they're better than everyone else, which is reasonable 'cause they are clearly better than everyone else. I know there have been more realistic depictions of elves (via dragon age and others), but their tolkien base is so damn lame. Then there are depictions of them being tiny, cheerful helpful sprites, which is hilarious in its own way.

2013-05-10 [Flisky]: I played an elf monk once. Actually, the build was flawless. Weapon Finesse-martial. It was awesome. But no one took my character for anything but a pretty face. Which was a bit annoying.

2013-05-10 [Veltzeh]: Ooh, a rewrite.

I can take elves seriously. It depends so much on setting. Most of the time all the fantasy races are just the same as humans, just with a different background, a restrictive outlook and some traits that are considered "non-human" by the "real" humans.

Hmm, it'd probably be refreshing to see a setting where humans aren't the Mario, so to speak.

2013-05-10 [wicked fae mage]: Well, there are games like that. There's a table top role-playing game where you're all rodents living in a human world and I'll be damned because I can't remember the name of it.

Dread is a survival game played with Jenga blocks, imagination and a DM. If you want to do something, you remove a Jenga block per difficulty level. I think you die trying if you accidentally knock over the tower... The more difficult the task, the more blocks you have to move. If you want to martyr yourself, you knock down the whole tower, succeed and die appropriately in an epic way. You can play that as any race, though.

There are others as well that focus on something more than default humans.

2013-05-13 [Flisky]: That test actually made me feel a little better about my characters. ^_^

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