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2013-06-18 01:08:34
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You know what? Do what you want when you rp. All the power to you. This page was egotistical crap.

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2009-06-19 [Flisky]: Well, M, now you've done it. I created an older character. (30-something. Not old, but still, much older than I usually run. And male, too.)

2009-06-20 [NightHawk]: Nah, just send the kids for me. I've got a spit and a fire if anyone's got barbecue sauce...

2009-06-20 [Aeolynn]: ewwww... I don't want to kill em... I just want their parent's to be smart enough not to breed. >.o

2009-06-20 [NightHawk]: Not kill them? Then... then... how am I supposed to EAT them? It's what they're there for, isn't it?

2009-06-24 [Nocturnaliss]: You know who's also damn hot for his age ? Sean Connery. And he's almost 79 years old. I see him and melt.

On a more serious note, kids will be kids. Which meas they'll keep doing what it is you hate and you'll keep hating them for doing it. I remember a time when I was one of those, and y'know what ? Getting older is the only remedy to it. Getting older, gaining life experience, watch your wants and needs change and mature. Doesn't mean some youngin's can't be older than their physical age... just that you're more likely to encounter the common type. Unfortunately for you.

2009-06-25 [Sir. Robert]: lol...I haven't gotten a chance to roleplay at all, but this pretty much describes every character that I have seen.

I have played my share of D&D which has its roleplaying parts, and I loved being a creepy old man. I think my last character was a 56 year old cleric that was both wrong in the head and perverted :P ...Unfortunately "Lenny the Healer" killed the whole party 5 times before I retired him for his bad luck and nobody wanted him in the party anymore.

2009-06-25 [NightHawk]: *high five to [Sir. Robert]* Hehe. One of my last D&D chars was this kindly old mage who was... really frickin' ancient. His Strength, after ageing, was a 5. >.> And the main reason he fought so hard to save the world was just so he didn't have to go to another plane to drink his tea. Oh, that and he was LG.

2009-06-25 [Nocturnaliss]: Sir Robert, your character sounds awesome. I just had to mention that XD

2009-06-29 [Akayume]: Amen to this! (: Although I usually play stereotypical characters, I do have a thirty something year old who's black and currently seperated from his wife (whom he is still pathetically obsessed with even though she was cheating on him and is leaving him). But I agree. People need diverse characters!

2009-06-30 [Dezmond]: Erm...well I have a Thai prostitute lol, he's a bigger ass than [NOOOPE] Too!! (Joking I like M ^^) but he is a major ass

2009-07-27 [Rice]: I like having ugly characters >8) Or characters with facial disfigurments....

2009-10-21 [elfprincess021]: Nice wiki M!. I never seen this wiki until now. I agree fully with this. I can't say I'm really an rp person. But this should go for any character or form of art. I think its time for people to start creating and stop following. I would definitely say about 90% or maybe more of characters I've seen are the stereotypical ones.

2009-10-24 [Duke Devlin]: It's what makes yours interesting, Keys. XD

2009-10-25 [Rice]: 8D
We've be in so many RP's, you know my love of the weirdos..XD

2009-10-25 [Duke Devlin]: Damn straight I do. ;D
I've actually lost count of the number of rps we've been in, and had. xD

2009-10-25 [Rice]: ...oh god....I have about a mountain of out notes in my draw that probably weigh a ton.

2009-10-25 [Duke Devlin]: Hahaa you should scan them, and we should archive them on here. ;D

2009-10-25 [Rice]: Oh god that would take AGES!

2009-10-26 [Duke Devlin]: Haha true. ;)

2009-10-28 [wicked fae mage]: *hugs the author* I hate the people who can't bear to have a character who isn't a perfect ten. Although, even though they are still over-used I still like vampires, werewolves, dragons etc. Many kudos for your wiki =3

Oh, and I just skimmed over some of my characters to see if some of the stereotyped list applies to them. A few that are intentional do. My friends and I made stereotypical "hawt" princesses to make a point, for instance. Although I also have a warrior who is scarred up over most of his body, so in my mind that balances out. I stated being a fan of vampires, so the vampire series that I write are an automatic stereotype >.<; *goes back to flipping through character notes*

2010-02-06 [another brick in the wall]: I don't RP, but I do see these occurances EVERY time I skim through RP pages. The thing I must say though is I think this little rant is more childish than what its ranting about. Seriously, making a character just to beat the norm is not true originatly, since you're still basing your character after the norm only in this instance just doing the opposite. just so you know, 'counter-culture' is just as dependent on the culture as the conformists, you just do whatever the norm tells you not to. that's blatently childish in my eyes. to be original isn't to be different, but to be your creation. do whatever the hell you want. If people like RPing with 18 year old white boys, who the hell are you to tell them not to?

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