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A Right to Bare Arms

Stock full of arms!

Welcome to my stock gallery for arms and hands...big and small, you'll find them Feel free to use these images in whatever way you wish, but please, try to remember to mention me when you do - I can't make you, but it'd be really, really nice of you. Just be like, "Oh yeah, you like that arm I made? Thanks to [kamisch], I was able to fine tune the details!" ...or something like that ;)
1. Loving Arms
 Full of hugs and love, this is a perfect place to look if you're looking for arms that are full of kindness, compassion, and holding on to people.

2. Arms That Do Things
 Arms in action! That's basically it...arms doing what they do, when they do things. From the mundane things, like coffee pouring, to more exciting ones, like playing guitar!

3. Bendables & Extendables
  A hodge-podge collection of arms that aren't necessarily doing anything, just being arms. Split into bent arms and straight arms, though some are hard to place in either.

4. Lay Your Hands on Me!
 (Heh...coming soon as this computer will let me upload anything again and not be soooo slloooooow)

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