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Lysander was staring at him with a calculating look, repeating what had just happened in his head over and over again. Finally he relaxed into a formal expression again. "Fine. I believe it's real. I don't feel the need to test it. I don't get what I have to do with whatever you are trying to convince me of though."

Chance gestured towards Lysander, "It's your speed. I believe you may have a different type of the same... gift me and my allies have." He put his hand back down to his side, "So will you come meet the others?"

The younger boy looked toward the sky momentarily, then met Chances eyes. It was a dominating look, not that he meant it that way. He prefered to make eye contact, it just happened to be seen as a hostile gesture. "Very well."

Chance smiled warmly, "Good. Then come on, it's only about a ten minute drive from here. My car's parked out front of the restuarant." He turned and began walking to the car.

Lysander followed, easily keeping up with Chance. He ignored the fact that the elder boy was moving so slow.

After about fifteen minutes they arrived at the base and Elson stooped down so Tank could stand on her own. "Rides over sister."

"Finally," Tank said with relief as she was let down. She jogged over to the door. "You run well... for that not being your ability," she told him as her hand went to the latch and she let him in.

Elson nodded, "It was part of my routine to get into the shape I have now. I used to run miles with weights on my back." Elson entered the base for the first time, but he really paid no attention to the surroundings, instead he called for Eva. "Eva!"

"She can't hear you," Tank said with slight exasperation. "Come on, I know where she is.. was anyway..." She motioned for him to follow and went to the elevator, pushing the button to call it. When it arrived, she held the doors and waited for Elson.

Elson stepped into the elevator, unclipping his chains as he walked. As he stood there, waiting for Tank to enter and the elevator to descend he formed his gauntlets, and flicked his zippo, keeping the flame controled so it wouldn't singe the inside of his pants. "She can be quite nuerotic at times."

"I'd say singularly holding a hostage in the enemy's base could be considered neurotic, yes," Tank agreed as she joined him and pushed the button for the kitchen and infirmary floor. When the door opened, she pointed where she should go, not trusting herself to be in sight of Eva again, especially not now.

Selena unlocked the doors to the car as she watched them walk over. He is going to kill me. She though to herself. She wiped the tears from her face and looked up in her mirror to fix her running eye liner.

"Why do you wear make up?" Lysander asked her as they reach the car, as if truly uninterested in the idea of such a thing.

Eva had decided to explore the base, thinking that she could find some interesting information that could help her kill the others. She was now in the computer room, trying to figure out how to get onto the system while Hannah lay unconcious beside her chair.

Elson did a quick sweep of the floor, but found nothing. Seconds later he returned to Tank. "Is there any more to this base? They're not here."

Tank frowned deeply. "If she's not here, then I know where she would have stopped exploring," she said and more or less shoved Elson into the elevator in her hurry and jammed the button, praying Eva wasn't messing up the computer room.

Selena looked at the boy. "You know, I never really though about why. I guess because I am a girl and thats what I have always done. When you grow up around your mom being a super model you kinda pick up on the make-up end of it." She paused. "I am Selena, whats your name?"

"Lysander, a pleasure," he replied, a hand placed on his chest as he bowed his head a little, then looked at Selena properly again. "If it is any consolation, I do not think you need make up," he added before opening the back door to sit in the back seat.

Chance opened his own door and sat down, slightly annoyed, but nothing more. He had nothing to worry about. "The drive to our place isn't very long, maybe ten of fifteen minutes." After checking to make sure the coast was clear, he started the car and pulled out, headed for the base.

Selena was taken back a bit by his words. I dont need make-up??? ..... She was thrown off by his comment. It was still replying in her head as Chance drove off. "It's not alot...." he voice trailed off as she looked sidways at Chance. "Is it?"

Chance shook his head, "Nope. Not at all." He turned and smiled and took took her hand as he continued driving.

"I meant you really don't need it. Make up is not a necessity, and much of it is made from animal parts or tested on animals. It's barbaric in essence... Make up is a want, not a need, so I really don't understand why you use it. I am assuming you are not a complete jerk. Am I correct?" Lysander asked, truly curious. He was usually good at guessing, but that didn't mean he was never wrong.

Chance wanted very much to laugh, but somehow he fought it down and kept his eyes on the road. Selena could very much bey a "jerk" when it suited her, but she would never hear him say it.

Eva suddenly looked up at the sound of the elevator and smiled. "Oh goody, visitors." she said as she stood and grabbed Hannah by the hair.

Selena smiled at him and squeezed his hand. As Lysander spoke Selena started to become angry. "What in the hell makes you think I use the kind that puts animals in their products!! And who the hell are you to assume I am that cheap. Women use makeup in order the enhance their beauty. I care what I look like thank you very much." Selena began to get very irritated at this person in the back seat that she almost started yelling at Chance for bringing him along.

"I never accused you of using that type of make-up," Lysander pointed out calmly. She was like every other girl he had met and spoke to: vain to some extent, and easily irritated. "And judging by your personality, I don't think you are that cheap." I happen to think you pay more for your make up than you are worth. "Also, enhancing your beauty is so you can attract more males... Again, I don't see why you would want to do that if you were loyal to Chance here. And if you care what you look like, wouldn't you rather look good as a clean canvas, than a painted one?"

Selena looked sideways at Chance clearly very irratated at the both of them. She turned to face him as she spoke. "For you information Mister, I do not attract attention from other males. I am dressed up because we went on a date.. other wise I would not have eye liner, shadow and maskera on my face. Now be kind and drop the make-up bull because you will not win it with me." She turned back around and turned on the radio to listen to something other then his babble.

"It is hard to win an arguement with a stubborn bull," Lysander replied once more, not really directing the comment at her as he looked out the window to await the new destination, memorizing the way as they drove.

Selena heard him mumbling in the back seat but couldnt make out the words over the music. She gave Chance's hand a squeeze and him an irrtated look.

Chance coasted into the parking lot they frequented when at the base. "We're here... I can't promise everyone is here, but most of them should be here." He switched the ignition off and undid his seatbelt, then climbed out of the car.

Selena did the same and stayed close to Chance as they walked towards the door.

Lysander followed, taking in the surroundings with sharp eyes. "Are the others like you... Chance?" he asked, resisting the urge to call him a magician again.

Eva stood patiently awaiting the arrival of the unknown visitor. She gripped Hannah's hair tightly between her fingers unaware that Hannah was beginning to wake up. Her eyes fluttered slowly open then shut again as she took deep quiet breaths. Finally her eyes opened properly and slowly focused on the door to the room. Her head was throbbing with pain from being struck with the lamp and Eva wasn't making it any better by holding onto her hair tightly. "Hurry up!" Eva said getting angry.

Elson stumbled into the elevator, not saying anything about the push. Though he would never admit it out lout, he was eager to get this done with.

"Just pretend I'm not here," Tank said as she hid in a corner out of sight from where the doors would open. The elevator jerked gently to a stop and the doors slid open to reveal the large computer room and Eva with her hand in Hannah's hair.

Elson stepped forward, "Let her go Eva." His voice carried the undeniable ring of command. Of an expectation that his will be followed.

Eva stared at him. "When did you turn good?" she asked tightening her grip on Hannah's hair.

Selena opened the door, leaving the boys behind her she pressed the elevator button.

Tank tensed as the elevator doors suddenly closed and the elevator moved upward. She didn't move from her spot until she had reached Selena's level at which point she jumped out, fighting stance ready, as far away as the elevator would allow. "Oh!" she said, relieved to see the other girl as she let her stance down. "Selena. Thank god you are here. Chance?" She spotted the other boy and a new kid. Trapped like her. She ignored that for now. "Ok, well, there's probably something I should explain before you go anywhere..."

Selen jumped back at the sight of Tank. "What the hell is going on."

Elson shook his head, "I didn't. I simply called a truce with the girl you're holding by her hair. Terms and conditions to release you in exchange for her life." It wasn't entirely true, but she had no need to know the particulars. "So, if you kill her, you're breaking my word, and then we have problems." He stared her down, leaving no room for mistake on what he meant.

Chance walked up to Selena and Tank. "Why you so jumpy?"

"I thought it was our job to get rid of these guys, and here we are ready to kill one and you wanna let her go?" Eva replied.

Elson was fast losing his patience. "Yes, but there was a deal made that you were not aware of. Now, let her go and let's get the hell out of here before the others show up." He gestured to the elevator doors behind him. "There will be other days to finish them, right now, in case you forget, we're in the enemies base, and when they show up, we'll be severely outnumberd."

Eva narrowed her eyes at him but slowly loosened her grip on Hannah until finally the last strands of her hair fell through her fingers. Hannah lay there behind Eva, awake now with her eyes open but trying to make no sound so Eva would leave. "Fine let's go..." Eva said walking to the door and exiting the room. Hannah sat up and looked at Elson as she touches the large cut on her head from being hit. "Thanks..." she said to him.

Elson nodded, "You should clean that cut." He quickly turned and entered the elevator after Eva, pressing the up button. As it went up he breathed a silent sigh of relief. Seconds later the tone sounded and the doors began to open.

"Well, you see," Tank started explaining as she reach out to hold the 'door open' button. "There are two Others in the computer room right now, boy and girl. The girl... was the one in the infirmary. She's got Hannah. But don't worry! The boy, Elson, he's all right. I brought him-"

Lysander raised an eyebrow. "Others? Is this some kind of game, like capture the flag?" he asked, irritated slightly. They were trying his patience, since he didn't want to be here in the first place. For now, he was calm, but unless this drama was over soon, he was going to leave.

Chance heard the door chime behind Tank, and immediatey saw Elson. "Selena move!" His sword and armor formed as he rushed at the elevator doors, intending to keep Elson confined in the small space to prevent him from using his chains.

Elson quickly formed up his gauntlets and dropped into a relaxed stance while he took in his surroundings. They were outnumbered. There were three of them, the brat, his woman, and a new guy. He didn't know if the girl had any fighting capabilities, but he didn't want to take the chance.

"No, stop!" Tank shouted, her slightly smaller body stepping between the two boys, her arms outstretched with one hand to each male. This was about to hurt, if she knew Eva like she thought she did.

Elson had not made an advance, so he simply watched Chance to see what he did.

Chance skidded to a halt in front of Tank. "What the hell. He's the enemy. Why should I stop?"

"He is not!" Tank snapped with as much authority as an army sergent. It almost seemed to say 'quiet soldier!'. "He came to help Hannah!"

"But that doesn't mean we can't kill you's..." Eva said as cracks begin to form on the walls.

Chance silenced immediately. He didn't quite believe her, but then he saw the other girl and had to rethink. If she had somehow gotten loose, it may have happened that way. Then again. But Tank was there, telling him it was true which brought another question or three to his mind. "Did you let him in here?!?"

Elson was torn. Eva was being her hotheaded self, and he had come here under truce in his mind. Which, if he did nothing about Eva, would constitute a double cross on his half. Deciding quickly, he struck out at Eva with a guantlet, swinging just hard enough to knock her out.

Eva collapsed unconcious, the cracks in the walls ceasing to grow any further. Hannah appeared from around a corner having taken the stairs. She was holding a cloth to her head, it being covered in blood. "Chance...let him go, he helped me." she said walking towards them.

Elson turned, flashing Hannah a quick smile before turning back to the brat and Tank.

"Yes.. well, yes, I let him in," Tank said, her bravado wavering slightly, but she regained her formality a moment later. "Like I said, he helped save Hannah.. Well, he kinda did it himself. I mean.. I was the only one of us here-" she was becoming accusatory. "And I can't bloody well fight can I? No!"

Lysander still looked a little confused. He had missed something, he knew it. Looking at each person in turn, he knew who was on what side, though the boy who had just come out of the elevator was confusing him slightly. He judged he was on the cusp. "I'm sorry," he interrupted. "But what is going on?" He looked at Chance, but it was Tank who looked at him, then to Chance as well, again accusing him.

"You haven't explained to him? Oh you people are really bad at recruting."

Now Lysander was confused about the Tank girl's loyalties too.

Chance was getting angry, and so he snapped. "I had enough trouble just getting him to the damned base." He shot a hateful look at Elson. He was after all the man that killed Estidny. "So how in the red hells did you meet up with him?"

Elson caught the look and merely glared back, considering it was probably a very bad time to speak.

Hannah walked to Lysander. "It's a complicated situation, I still get confused myself." she said quietly, giving him a friendly smile. She held the hand out that wasn't holding the bloody cloth to her head for him to shake. "I'm Hannah...I control water." she said knowing that if he was here he must have his own unique gift so she thought she would tell him hers.

Lysander looked at her a moment and noted she was quite pretty, if hurt. Mostly he noticed she was hurt. He shook her hand politely. "Riiight... I'm Lysander. I don't know why I'm here," he introduced himself and let go of her hand.

Tank glared a bit and finally dropped her arms and walked up to Chance. Although she was a head shorter, she still looked formidable. "I decided, for your information, with the help of my god to go see the Others so I could see if anyone knew exactly why we were fighting. So far, I think no one does. And what else I realised and SOME people don't even know what SIDE they should be ON!" she snapped right back at him.

Chance was to pissed to flinch as she yelled in his face, he yelled right back. "That doesn't mean that you bring an enemy to the base and SHOW him how to GET IN!"

"HE DIDN'T SEE HOW IT WORKED AND HE ISN'T THE ENEMY!" Tank yelled. Their voices were getting louder, but she was mad at Chance for thinking he had the right to hate people he didn't really know. "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DISCRIMINATE FOR ONE ACTION, NO MATTER HOW HORRIBLE ONE ACTION CAN BE!"

Hannah quickly looked at Lysander. "How about I take you on a tour round the base..." she said hoping that she could him away from the arguing. "Or if your hungry or thirsty I could take you to the kitchen.."

"LIKE HELL I DON'T! HE KILLED ESTIDNY! I THINK THAT'S ABOUT AS HORRIBLE AS YOU CAN GET!" He pointed his finger in Elson's general direction and to the girl on the floor. "AND IN CASE YOU'VE FORGOTTEN THAT GIRL ALSO TRIED TO KILL YOU!" His finger slid back to Elson. "OH, AND LET'S NOT FORGET HIM TRYING TO KILL HANNAH!" The thought that Elson was probably playing some kind of game flashed through his mind. He was probably just trying to get close to them. There was no other explanation for his recent actions.

Elson, stood silently for a moment before bending over and forming a chain around Eva so she couldn't move in case she came to before they got a chance to leave.

"FINE! LET THE BABY HAVE HIS TANTRUM! I HOPE ONE DAY YOU SEE HOW STUPID YOUR BEING!" Tank shouted then turned on Elson. "Get out!" she yelled and went to the stair case, slamming the door behind her as she started to descend.

Lysander nodded, cautiously, to Hannah. "Yes, a tour is good, since I think he won't let me leave until I know all about.. well, what ever you are doing," he said, pointing slightly to Chance. "But we should get you some first-aid first.. Your head looks horrible. Do you know where the kit is?"

"We have an infirmary upstairs...come on it can be the first stop on the tour." Hannah replied knowing that Selena could heal but thought better of hanging around any longer. "This way..." she said leading to the stairs.

Chance simply glared at the doors before turning his glare on Elson. "You and me, one on one."

Elson shook his head as he thought. He didn't want to straight decline, for fearing of being thought of as soft. Then he remembered the zippo. "You're not ready for me, brat." Quickly, he sent the gaunlet up his arm as he plunged his hand into his pocket.

Chance saw the movement and dashed forwards, hoping to end things quickly.

Elson deftly knocked the cap of the zippo back with his pointer finger and struck the flint with his thumb, lighting the lighter in his pocket, then quickly forced the flame to his front, flaring up in front of the brat. At the same time he quickly bent and picked up Eva.

Chance jumped back, bewildered. The flame had come from nowhere, so he turned quickly to his back, fearing another enemy had snuck up while they were arguing.

Elson took the opportunity to dash through the fire, catching Chance with a quick right hook as he passed, hoping it would slow him down.

The gauntlet caught Chance just above his jaw, slicing him cleanly open where his chin bone ran. The pain was enough to make him see stars, and he almost fell. Instead, he caught himself on his hands and knees.

Elson never paused to look back and see if the blow was effective. He was too preoccupied with getting himself and Eva away from there, and back to the base.

Chance looked up just in time to see Elson turn the corner and vanish from his site. Cursing himself he looked down, about to get up. Then he noticed the blood and felt his face, finding it gashed severely. He stood up and walked over to Selena, "Think you can help me out here?"

Elson ran.

Lysander nodded and followed Hannah, wary of anyone around him and more than a little shocked by the flames.

Tank sat in the kitchen, a steak knife stuck in the table before her, which was odd because she wasn't eating anything, and didn't appear to have at all. She looked dark.

Hannah led the way to the infirmary then began pulling out various bandages and other things needed for fixing up her wound. "Can you help me, i'm not very good at this sort of thing..." she said looking at Lysander. She removed the bloody cloth from her head then ran a hand through her long blue hair, letting the last few strands fall through her fingers.

"Neither am I," Lysander admitted as he picked up a dampened cloth to clean away some of the blood. He was good, avoiding the open part of the wound to clean away anything surrounding it first before he used the ointment to clean it. He was being very gentle but thorough. "I usually just.. wrap sprains. I've never actually had a wound before, and never helped anyone with one-" He stopped himself and replied quickly, "Not that I wouldn't, I just never have. They never asked me to and trying to help just bugged them so..." He carefully put a guaze bandage on it, securing it before stepping back. "There you go, but I think you should see a doctor, just in case."

"Thanks, you've helped with the pain. Selena will heal it up for me later..." Hannah replied smiling. "So why are you here anyway? What can you do? I bet it's something a lot cooler than water..." she asked as she began tidying up.

"I don't know what you mean. I can't do anything like the magicians here," Lysander replied as he helped as well, moving around so quickly as if he had spent years in the room, instead of just minutes.

"Magicians? Is that what you see us as?" Hannah asked watching him, amazed by his speed, wondering if that was his gift. "Maybe it is like magic, but this is no child's play...would you like to see my weapon?"

Lysander stopped with apparently no effort and faced her, head tilted slightly. "Sure," he said. He did indeed see them as magicians, but it wasn't like he didn't like magicians, he just usually saw through their tricks, not like these people.

Hannah smiled. "Ok...we have a solid floor..." she said getting down on one knee and knocking the solid floor before standing again. She stood with her feet slightly apart as a puddle began to form between them. She looked at him and smiled one last time before she reached down into the puddle and seconds later began pulling out a long thin handle. With a quick tug she pulled out the mighty trident from the puddle then looked at Lysander as the puddle disappeared. "Pretty cool huh..." she said as she walked to him and held it out for him to see.

Lysander flicked it with a finger, finding it to be hard and very much real. "Very," he replied and looked somewhat impressed. "You and Chance can both.. summon... these weapons. I can do no such thing. I have no idea why I'm here," he told her, looking at her face again with a frown.

"Well your very fast...speed could be your gift. Thats really cool..." Hannah said as she set the trident down.

"Lots of people are fast, and lots more people are slow," Lysander told her and sat on one of the medical beds, looking at Hannah with something that said whatever he was saying was not what he was thinking about. "Just because I can run a one minute mile, everyone gets impressed." He rolled his eyes with disinterest. "It's hardly an effort."

Hannah hoped up right beside him. "That's pretty impressive to me..." she said watching him.

"I don't see why. I was taught the best things are worth working for, but I don't have to work hardly at all to run that fast," Lysander said, not really noticing how close she was. "It's like saying the first time you ride a tricycle is impressive, but it's not. A bicycle ride is worth more interest."

"But you should value your natural talents, even if you don't have to work at them. I am not very good at anything....I would love to be naturally good at running." Hannah replied.

"I can run away. Soooo impressive," Lysander said sarcastically and looked at Hannah sympathetically. "And I'm sure you're good at something. I mean, you just haven't found it yet. Sometimes people won't do things, like some boys won't cook because they think it's girly, and are forced to try it and find out they are really good at it. They still hate it, but they are good at it. I hope that when you find your natural talent, it is something you really like to do.. But in the mean time, I stick by my idea that the best things are working for. It is better to work hard to do something you want to do, than be good at something you hate."

"Ok...well if you could do work to do anything...what would it be?" Hannah asked smiling once again at Lysander.

He took a moment of thinking before he answered, honesty in his words, as if he had planned them most of his life, "I would learn construction, to build homes... Maybe build a whole community that's secluded with a school and everything and have a bunch of people who can't have children live there with a bunch of orphans... You know, make sure everyone has a family to love... One big family. I would want to build them all homes to live in."

"That is amazing...well I hope you get to fulfil your dream." Hannah said looking at him.

Lysander looked at her, smiling with appreciation. "Thank you. What would you do if you knew you could do it if you worked at it?"

"Be a world famous artist who gave all my money to charities...but my parents are completely against it, money to them is everything." Hannah replied.

"I say you do it. It sounds like a wonderful goal." He smiled. "Maybe you could fund my construction project?" He chuckled.

Hannah smiled and nodded. "Of course! We could be partners!" she said then laughed.

"Dreams of the teens," Lysander said, shaking his head with amusement before he stood up from the bed. "So, how about the rest of that tour?"

Hannah nodded and jumped off the table. "Ok so we have the bedrooms, kitchen, computer room...anywhere in peticular you'd like to start?" she asked.

Lysander raised an eyebrow at her. "Ok, how about the gym?" He smiled a little. "I don't know what to ask for if I don't know what is here."

"Hmmm...gym...oh yeah! This way!" Hannah said grabbing his hand and starting to walk.

The boy was quite suprised, but tried to mask it as he was pulled along at what seemed to be a slow pace compared to the eagerness of her body language. He allowed her to lead him however, wondering what else was in this building and if he would get to work out in the gym.

Hannah stopped in fron of the elevator and hit the down button. "So how did Chance find you anyway?" she asked as she waited.

"I don't know. I was just drinking my hot chocolate in a cafe and he came in talking about you all and inviting me along. Like I said, I really have no idea why I'm here," Lysander answered with a frown.

"Don't worry...once everyone has calmed down we'll get you sorted out with an explanation and stuff...or if you have any questions you wanna ask me now, feel free!" Hannah replied as she stepped into the elevator.

"Ok... Can you fight with that.. weapon of yours?" Lysander asked as he joined her in the elevator looking around it.

Hannah nodded as she smiled. "Yeah, took a little bit of practice but I think i've got the hang of it. And i'm pretty good when it comes to controling water."

"Will you show me?" Lysander asked as the elevator doors opened.

"Sure if you like..." Hannah replied as she left the elevator and began walking.

Lysander nodded as they stopped at the end of a short hallway and opened the door to the room, holding it for Hannah. Inside was a large room with mats and weights and lots of things to exercise with and lots of room to practice moves.

"Thank you." Hannah said politely as she walked inside. "So what exactly do you want me to show you?"

"What ever you can do," Lysander replied as he went to a weight bench and sat down facing Hannah.

"Ok..." Hannah said as she removed her jacket. She summoned the great trident then stood in front of Lysander. "I feel kina of stupid." She said then laughed.

"Oh well then..." Lysander stood up with a frown and moved infront of her, dropping into a relaxed but defensive stance. "Pretend I'm an adversary. Try to strike me."

"You got it!" Hannah said as she twirled the trident through her fingers as if it was weightless. She grabbed it with both hands suddenly and lunged forward aiming at Lysander.

Lysander saw it almost as if in slow motion. Frowning with confusion, he side stepped her and let her fly past, now behind her at the end of her strike.

Hannah stumbled and looked around confused. Where did he... she thought as she turned then saw him. "How did you get behind me?"

"I side stepped," Lysander replied as if he thought she had noticed. "Is that all you can do?" It was not condescending, more like wanting to see more.

Hannah shook her head as water began to appear beside her.

Lysander stepped back a couple of paces, braced for an attack.

The water began to swirl around Hannah faster and faster then suddenly shot out towards Lysander at top speed.

Lysander's eyes widened slightly. It was actually moving at a normal speed. He leaned back into a swift back bend the water missing by inches. He finished the back walk over and went into a crouched position. Pushing off with the balls of his feet he darted at her, knocking the trident out of the way and used his other arm's forearm to push Hannah's collar bone just enough to make her step back a little.

Hannah was forced to move backwards but smiled as the water began to creep up her leg as if to encase her body. She grabbed his wrist, making the water spread from her to him.

Suprised again, Lysander pulled his wrist away before there was time to stop it and spun around twice, ending up behind her where he jumped back twice to get out of range. He stood watching her, hands at the ready.

The water began encircling hannah again picking up speed with each spin. It suddenly split into two and both flew off towards Lysander like missiles. As this was happening she dove for the trident and picked it up before lunging at Lysander for a second time.

Lysander turned and ran away. Undignified as it would seem, it wasn't for long. As the attacks came for him he sped up, nearly a blur and ran quite a few feet up a wall, kicked off and backflipped through the air, landing in a graceful crouch behind Hannah, the water now splashed on the wall. He actually looked a little nervous. Not because of Hannah's trident, but the water. It was the only thing really keeping up with him and that made him a little worried. Nothing ever kept up with him. Nothing natural anyway.

The water suddenly disappeared and Hannah turned smiling, one hand on her hip as the other held the trident. "Had enough yet?" she asked.

"Of the water darts, yeah," Lysander admitted as he stood up. "Not much of a physical test if you make your.. tricks do all the work." He frowned.

"Well my...tricks...are my most effective weapon and you wanted to see what I could do. The water is good for disabling your enemies and then striking with the trident...but you are to quick for me." Hannah said with a smile as she walked to him.

"Which means I pity anyone else who catches you on a bad day," Lysander replied, his head tilted slightly at her before he shook it a little as if in disbelief (or wonder) of the girl before him.

Hannah laughed, her bright blue eyes sparkling as she did. "It's fun to do but it drains a lot of energy...if I fight to fast I could end up leaving myself very vunerable..."

"Fight smart, not fast or strong," Lysander agreed as he looked around the room. He started walking around, examining various things.

Hannah watched him then sat down on a bench deciding that maybe he didn't want to be bothered.

Selena stood in silence as she placed her hand on Chance's cheek to mend the cut. Mear seconds later it was healed. "I think you should go lie down. I am going to find Hannah." She walked and pressed the elevator button. The doors soon opened and as they closed she said to him, "You know it was out of line, but I understand your need to protect everyone." and with that the doors closed and she was acending to the kitchen.

Chance shook his head and sat on the ground, not knowing what to do.

The doors opened to the kitchen floor. Selena walked in and noticed Tank. "Hey you alright? I am sorry about Chance he was just trying to protect all of us. Thank you for bringing him here to help Hannah." She watched looked from the knife to the girl. "You weren't going to like... hurt yourself were you?"

Tank looked at Selena with narrowed angry eyes, but the anger was not directed at the elder girl. "No," she said curtly. "It's in case Chance comes in here and bothers me. Besides, I need something to protect myself anyway, since I can't have people I trust protect me."

Suddenly angered again, mosty at the situation, he walked to his room and sat at his desk, writing random poems on a notebook he always kept with him.

Selena just left it at that. She walked to the gym."Hey do you need help Hannah?"

Lysander paused in his search to see who had come in. Upon seeing it was Selena, he continued looking around, not wanting to bother the other girl. He stopped at a heavy bag and punched it lightly. It barely moved. His face became critical as he thought about it and dropped into a sort of crouch. He punched a few more times, working into an easy pace of hitting the heavy bag. To anyone else who looked at him, he seemed to be going at least twice the speed any normal boxer might.

Hannah watched Lysander for a few seconds then stood and walked to Selena. " heads got this huge gash in it, I could use a little healing help." she said with a smile as she began to slowly remove the bandages.

"I am sure its not as bad once all the blood is cleaned off. Besides I have done worse." Once the bandages were remove Selena put on a glove and placed her had over the wound. The skin began to reheal instantly. "There all done." She took off the glove and took the bandages from her. "I'll get this and you have fun." She looked at Hannah and then to Lysander before leaving the room. Selena steped to the nearest trash can and placed the things inside. Yawning she pressed the elevator button.

The elevator came to a stop at the bottom floor, where Chance exited and walked to the biggest computer. After picking up the roller chair, a thought struck him and he hastily picked it up and put it down then seated himself. The computer was still running, so he went into a history program he found in the command files. He quickly scanned it then sighed in relief after seeing that no one had poked around yet besides Hannah. He exited all programs and scanned the icons. He wasn't looking for anything in particular, just looking. After a minute he found an interesting looking file and touched the screen, opening the file. "Wow..."

The elevator rose to meet Selena. She entered and thought about talking to some of her friends so she pressed the 5. The doors closed and she sighed with relif. Maybe they havent forgotten about me. The door's opened to the fifth floor. She walked out and sat next to Chance. "Hey, you doing okay?" She logged onto her messanger account.

Without looking up Chance nodded, "Fine... just fine." He was too deep into his reading to say much more, his eyes flitting across the screen line by line.

Selena left him alone. As soon as she finished logging on six people messaged her worried. She got lost in converstaion with them.

Hannah thanked her before she left then walked to Lysander smiling. "I'm all healed." she said pointing to the place one her head that had the gash in it but now the skin was perfectly smooth.

Lysander stopped his quick jabs and stood upright again, giving her a little smile. "Good," he said, then looked around. "Ummm can I go home now? No offense, this is all facinating and stuff but... I have track practice in like..." He looked at his watch. "Oh wow, 20 minutes ago. It's 4:50."

"yeah sure...we'll take my car." Hannah replied. "It's just outside."

"Oh, good." He nodded and jogged to the elevator, pressing the button. He was glad when the doors opened soon and they were both in, headed to the top floor.

Hannah pulled the keys to her car out then held them tightly in her hand. "Do you know how to drive?"

"Yes-.. Why?" Lysander asked, stepping out as the doors opened and went to the front door, holding it for Hannah.

"You wanna drive?" Hannah replied as she walked outside and pointed at her black sports convertible.

"That.. wouldn't be a good idea..." Lysander said as he went to the car and waited for the alarm and lock to be undone.

"Why not?" Hannah asked as she pressed the central locking button on her keys to open the car.

"Last time I drove, I was caught by the police for speeding," Lysander explained as he got in the passanger's seat and fastened his seat belt. "They said I was going almost 200 miles an hour. I told them that the speedometer and their machine was broken. I couldn't have been going over 60 on that interstate. I told them they should pull the other people over for going so slow, that it would cause an accident to go 25 miles an hour on a freeway. It wasn't like I hit anyone."

Hannah climbed into the drivers seat and put the keys in the ignition. "200 miles an would love to just feel what it felt like to go that fast." she said as she started up the car and began pulling out of her parking space.

Lysander refrained from pointing out he hadn't been going 200 miles an hour. Or at least, it hadn't felt or looked that way... "I don't suggest it. Apparently the cops don't like it. Except on race tracks." He tilted his head a little as if thinking.

Hannah laughed slightly as she drove from the car park. She glanced at him for a second. "Whats wrong?"

"My dad..." Lysander said, as if thinking out his sentence, "works on race cars.... There's a track.. just a bit out of town... It's more of a hobby than his job since his job is... Well, never mind that. I was thinking, if you really wanted to go 200 miles an hour...." He looked at her, awaiting an answer.

"Really? That would be so cool!" Hannah said smiling.

"Left here," Lysander directed as an intersection came up. "I'll drive. I've got training, and if you tried it the first time driving... Well, anyway. I'll drive. You can sit in the passenger seat. I'll listen to the speedometer. Trust me, if we followed my judgment, they might say I was going 800 miles an hour, not that that's possible in those cars..."

Hannah followed his directions. "Yeah I don't mind being passenger, gives me a chance to sit back and relax!" she said then laughed.

Lysander nodded. "Well... don't be too dissappointed. It's really not that amazing..." He looked up the street. "Straight ahead, just out of town, should come up on the left."

Hannah nodded then just as he said the track appeared on the left. She pulled into the car park and stopped the car. She pulled a pair of sunglasses from a compartment out of her car then slipped them on. She stepped out of the car and straightened her skirt then waited for Lysander.

Lysander stepped out and closed his door, looking up at the semi-professional building before them. There were no races today, so they were free to go. Lysander motioned for her to follow him to the help entrance and he showed his ID to the guard, notified him that Hannah was his guest and the burly man let them in. Lysander led the way to the pit, looking around and not even seeming to notice the loud roar of the cars as they past.

Hannah followed him, smiling at the security guard as she passed him. "This place is amazing!" she said in awe as she looked round.

Lysander just nodded. After a moment of searching he seemed to find who he was looking for and approached a crew chief. The man, who looked remarkably like Lysander, if worn with age and with a little scruff on his chin, smiled brightly at him and shooked his hand heartily. Lysander talked to him a moment before motioning Hannah over.
"Dad, this is Hannah," Lysander introduced. "She wanted to go for a ride." His father smiled knowingly and Lysander scowled to deter his incorrect thoughts, but he simply turned to Hannah and held out his hand with a welcome smile.
"Ah, hello Hannah! Nice ta meet cha! Nice ta meet cha!" he said over the roar as the cars flew by again. He had a loud hearty voice that was hard to be afraid of, calloused hands, and tanned skin.

Hannah removed her sun glasses and smiled warmly her bright blue eyes sparkling. She shook his hand. "It's nice to meet you too sir."

The man gave her a nod, still smiling, before turning to Lysander again. "Ah well, all the car's is on the track, but another lap or two and we can call them off. I'll go get the stock car for ya son." He cheerfully gave Hannah a little wave before turning and leading a couple of men away. Lysander had turned away and was watching the cars. He was frowning slightly and looked somewhere between regal and bored with the cars flashing by at 150 miles an hour.

Hannah looked at him. "Whats wrong? Have you changed your mind about this?"

"Hm? Oh, no, it's not that," Lysander told her as the cars slowed and entered the pit to be off the track. "I just don't see why they drive so slow... I mean, if they only have control at slow speeds, how are they to win a real race?" He looked at her as if he actually wanted an answer, but was interrupted from a shout from his dad. "Come on," he said, motioning for Hannah to follow to the stock car. They were each handed a helmet.
"You buckle up, little lady," Lysander's dad told her with a grin and Lysander just rolled his eyes and got into the driver's seat.
"Oy! Le' 'er be, Freemont," another mechanic clipped at Lysander's father. "I'm sure Lye here'll keep 'er nice 'n safe, eh, yea?" He looked at Lysander who just rolled his eyes again.

Hannah smiled and climbed into the passenger seat after she had put her helmet on. She clicked her seat belt into place then looked at the mechanics. "Don't worry I can take care of myself."

"All right," Freemont said and chuckled. He and the other men dashed out of the way as Lysander started the car. The tires spun, smoke pooring out before they took off like a shot out of the pit and onto the track, hitting one hundred miles and hour and climbing. Lysander checked the speedometer often, making sure it was the right speed, regardless of how it felt.

"Wow this is so much fun!" Hannah said as she laughed.

"Well.. we're almost.. There, 200," Lysander said, checking the speedometer a few more times. He didn't seem to have any trouble controlling the car. He smiled as his dad came whooping onto their radio headsets.
"Woo! Two hundred! I don't know how you do it, you're a natural! No training and you can do this!? All these racers are green with envy!"

"This is amazing, your amazing!" Hannah said happily.

"This is nothing," Lysander called to her over the engine. "We're making alot of noise for not going so fast!" He shifted the gear and the car started to go a little over 200.

"We are going fast! Just be careful..." Hannah said glancing at Lysander.

"The average top speed-" Lysander called to her. "For a nascar racer is about 215 miles per hour." He looked at the speedometer, seeing they were at 210.
"Hey Ly! Bring it back! The wheels are gonna melt to the track!"
Lysander confirmed he heard his father's concerned but happy voice as he started slowing the car down through another couple of laps, preparing to return to the pit.

Hannah smiled at Lysander. "That was so much really know how to drive..." She leaned over and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. "Thanks...its been a long time since i've had fun like that."

Lysander made a slight face at the kiss and finally pulled into the pit. "Thanks," he said as he finally stopped. "Come on. How do you feel about chinese?" he asked as they got out and gave the helmets back to very excited mechanics.

"Chinese sounds great..." Hannah said as she got out of the car, a little unsteady on her feet, her head spinning a little.

Lysander wrapped an arm around her waist to steady her as the mechanics pushed the car away. "Then lets go eat. I'll buy, and you can explain more about that... club or whatever you are part of. And don't worry, that weird feeling will pass in a bit."

Hannah smiled. "You got a deal...and i'm not worried, takes a lot more to scare me."

He nodded and let go of her, made sure she was ok to walk, then walked back to her car with her. "I know a place on Element Street. Do you know the one I'm talking about?" he asked her as he waited for the passenger door to be unlocked.

Hannah shook her head. "No...but I like surprises." She waved goodbye to everyone at the track then got into the car.

"Ok, well, straight back into town, at the second intersection, turn left. That's Element Street. You can't miss the Chinese place," Lysander explained as he fastened the seat belt.

Hannah nodded then started the car and drove off. "Thanks again, I really did have fun."

"I'm glad, though I don't see why you found it so interesting," Lysander replied. He didn't see how anyone enjoyed the average speed races, but then again, maybe they weren't average to others.

"Are you kidding! We were going so fast!" Hannah replied as she drove.

"Yeah.. I think I could ride a bike faster than that if the chain wouldn't break," Lysander said as the buildings passed and they crossed the first intersection.

Hannah glanced at him. "We were going over 200 miles an hour...and that felt slow to you?"

"No shit..." Chance sat slackjawed at the main computer, staring at the screen, almost as if he were seeing through it, which in a sense he was.

Selena looked sideways while typing, then stopping in mid sentence. "What the hell is that?" She asked him looking at the main screen.

Chance pointed at the screen, "That one is our money." He pointed to another spot, "That is how much we spend monthly, including bills and food. All this was figured out ahead of time by Estidny." He tapped a couple buttons on the keyboard, "But this, this is the jewel." He scrolled down a list of riddles, each answer being the location of an ancient ruin, as indicated in the paragraph heading the page. "Says here, "items of great use."" He looked over at Selena. "Maybe some relics or something to highten our powers?"

"Wow...." Selena looked in awh at the screen. "Do you think we need to like find them?" Selena exited her computer and started to read the riddles. "What do you think they are to.. Like what kind of help are they to bring us? Any answer to that?"

Shrugging Chance answered her, "I've really no idea. It could be anything... The others need to see this, stay here." Chance quickly took the elevator up floor by floor until he had informed everyone that he had found something important, and that they needed to come down to the computer room.
    Minutes later Chance returned and sat in front of the monitor, quickly scanning the document while he waited for the others.

Selena took Chance's hand is hers. As they waited she read the clues.

Tanker had left her knife in the kitchen. She was still irritated with Chance, but if she was here she might as well help. She walked over to the computer and read with Selena.

Chance had forgotten about their earlier dispute due to his discovery, so he didn't think when he began speaking to Tank. "What do you think it means? I don't want to jump to conclusions here."

"I wouldn't... I think we should figure them out, find the closest one, and go find it. Only way to know is to get one... Unless we could research it, which I highly doubt..." Tank replied as she read the riddles.

"I think shes right, Chance." Selena looked at the both of them. "So should we all work together or seperate?"

Chance shrugged, "Personally I was thinking two groups... That way if the Others are looking too, we can work twice as fast as them. But I think we should vote on it."

"I vote for whatever wins without my vote," Tank said as she sat on the conference table in the room.

Chance raised an eyebrow. "That's... not... really a vote..."

Tank raised one back. "Do you want me to wait and see what the others vote for, so I can vote with the majority then?"

Chance grinned, back in a good mood becuase of the discovery, "No, I don't think that's necessary. I'll just keep you in mind as nuetral."

"I think the groups would be good. I don't wanna go alone." Selena said to the both of them.

Chance turned his attention to Selena and nodded, "Me too. Apart from the fact that it's more power in one place, and we can work faster, we'll also have more heads in one place in case puzzles other than the riddle itself present themselves."

"I wish I could be with both groups. I couldn't be able to live with myself if something happened to someone and I would be able to stop it." She looked back and forth at the both of them.

Chance shook his head, "Don't we all."

"Then it's settled," Tank said, turning her attention away from the screen. "Chance and Selena, you two can go with the new kid. Since Chance is sort of the leader, it's kind of his duty to train and explain. I'll go with Hannah. Since I can't fight and she's pretty good at protecting me so far, I'll take my chances with her."

Chance shook his head, "I think Selena should go with you... I have my armor and Ly... Ly... whatshisname has speed. Apart from that there's only going to be Hannah fighting. I think you guys would need the healer more." Tank had called him leader. He didn't feel like one. He just felt like for the moment he was giving orders becuase no one else was.

If Tank had had fur, it would have bristled. "So you're going to put two non-fighters with one fighter, and what the bloody hell do you think you're going to do if either of you two get hurt! You're not exactly an expert at working your stupid armor and I don't think Selena here, your girlfriend is going to risk you getting hurt. You haven't been at all helpful and Hannah has. She saved me before. Lysander's new, so what if he's fast? He's no fighter and if he has speed who says he won't just run away? Then you'll be on your own and I know I'm making Selena nervous so I know she won't allow it now. You'll just have to take the noob and Hannah and I'll be our own team." She was half way scowling at Chance. She was still annoyed and any stupidity (in her opinion) on his part was not going to be tolerated.

His mood dropped again, quickly. But he controlled it, he didn't feel like a fight between them now seeing as how it wouldn't help matters. "Whatever. Fine. Where's Hannah? Do you have her number?"

"No," Tank said, her aggressiveness dropping immediately. "Try the phone book." She got up and went to the elevator, punching the number and left a minute later as the doors closed.

Chance watched her leave silently. He didn't get her. He had simply made a suggestion, not an order, and she blew up.

Selena was close to tears. She pressed the elevator button and kept her back to Chance. She wanted to hide her tears but it was damn near impossible.

Tank had went to the gym. She paused in her exercise when the elevator was called, but then thinking it could be Chance, she scowled deeply and hit the heavy bag again. Why did he have to be such a... such a... Another punch. GUY!

"It felt average," Lysander explained. "Like how fast my mom drove on regular roads when I was little."

His power has got to have something to do with speed... Hannah thought. She saw the chinese he had been talking about and pulled up beside it and parked. "I'm starving..."

"Order whatever you want," Lysander told her as they exited the car and went inside. He bowed to the greeter politely and the elderly chinese man bowed slightly back, as was custom and showed them to a booth against the far wall. Only one other couple was in there, a couple of booths away, talking quietly and a mother with two preteen children at a table near the front window. Chinese music played softly from somewhere and the decor was very authentic with ink paintings on the wall for decoration.

"Wow, this place is beautiful..." Hannah said looking round. She turned to Lysander and smiled. "Thanks for this...I really do appreciate it..."

"It's ok, really," he replied as they took their seats and he ordered a water before looking at the menu. "I mean.. you needed to eat, and I dislike being confused. I think it's a fair deal that I feed you in exchange for information."

"So what was all of this to sweeten me up so i'll talk more?" Hannah said watching him as her arms folded lightly across her chest. "Why didn't you just ask me straight away, I don't have to be tempted with food to talk..."

"I'm not tempting you to do anything," Lysander said without looking up from his menu. "I figured you would tell me anything I wanted to know. You seem really nice and I'm really glad you are willing to explain all this to me." He glanced up at her, but only for a moment before looking at his menu again. "I just figured you were hungry, so I thought we could talk over dinner. Or would you prefer to starve until I understand, and then go off to find food later?"

Hannah unfolded her arms. "Sorry...i've just had a lot of experiences in my life where people have pretended to like me then used me to get what they want then leave as quick as a flash...whatever you want to know ask away." She picked up her menu and began reading.

"Trust me, if I was doing that, I wouldn't make it so obvious," Lysander replied and read a moment longer before raising his eyes and smiling lightly to show it was a joke and that he would never really do it at all.

Hannah smiled back. "Thanks...your a really great guy. So what would you like to know?"

"Everything," he said as the elderly chinese man came back and he told him his order of steamed vegetables and tsao's chicken.

Hannah gave her order of chicken chow mein and a glass od cola then looked at Lysander. "Well ask me a question and i'll do my best to answer."

Lysander handed the menus back and waited for the man to leave before he spoke again. "What exactly is the club for? I mean.. The NRA is for guns and rights of the people to have them and all that. What's your club about?"

Hannah looked at him. "Hmmm...well we all have special powers from different gods...understand?"

Lysander nodded, giving her his full attention. "I'm listening," he said, not wanting to say he didn't believe it. It was getting harder not to believe it.

"But we're not the only ones who were granted this powers...there are others, you seen two of them earlier. Our job at the minute is to find out what they're doing and obviously to stop them killing us..." Hannah replied.

"Wait... So you're the good guys, and all you're trying to do is stop the bad guys from killing you?" Lysander asked. "Why are people trying to kill you at all? What's their motive?"

Hannah looked thoughtful then bit her lip. "Hmmm...I guess they're just being told what to do like we were...i'm not entirely sure. All I know is that i'm doing the right thing...and that I don't really have a choice..."

"Well, how do you know you're doing the right thing?" The food came and he paused as the plates and Hannah's drink were set down and he thanked the man who then walked away. "Hypothetically, a child is told to go get their ball. No harm in it, it's only a few feet away, and they really want the ball, it was a gift. Child goes over to get it and it turns out the ball was sitting in the street. Are you willing to risk the car, just because you didn't take the time to see the street lines?" He picked up his chopsticks and used them to eat a piece of chicken.

Hannah watched him. "Well...I...." She sat unable to answer. What if we're not doing the right thing? she thought. She picked up her glass and took a sip to pass more time.

Lysander paused and looked at her. "It's ok to give an opinionated, religious, and or spiritual answer or what ever. I'm not going to hold it against you. If you say 'it just feels right', that's ok. I'm not going to tell you 'that's stupid'. Just answer to the best of your abilities, that's really all I'm asking for."

Hannah looked at him and nodded. "I..I just want to believe I am doing the right thing, you know...I could be completely wrong I truely believe that the side I am the one who is doing good."

"And what exactly has your side.. done?" Lysander asked, eating another bite of chicken.

"We...uh..we have....well nothing really so far..." Hannah said starting to doubt the whole thing herself.

"What has the other side done?"

"Well they...nothing major but..." Hannah looked at Lysander. "They aren't that bad...except for Eva..."

"Eva? Who is she? .. And what did she do that was so bad? But wait," Lysander thought a moment, "what did the others do, even if it wasn't major?"

"They...well they..." Hannah said but was unable to think. Both sides were guilty of fighting and as she thought she realised that they had probably done worse things, with practically kidnapping Eva and all.

"Ok.. this is getting us no where," Lysander noted. "Perhaps a simpler question. What can everyone do?"

"I'm sorry...i've never really thought about all these things before and the questions are making me realise a lot of things." Hannah said looking at Lysander. She cleared her throat slightly then continued. "Well as you know I work with water, Selena can heal people...Chance can summon the armour and shield...not sure what Tank does really, I don't think we've ever discussed it...Elson can make these chain things and Eva controls earth and walls and things, thats all I know so far I think."

"Is that everyone? The four of you and the two others?" Lysander asked as he took a bite of his food.

"Well I know there are more of the others, but I don't remember coming into contact with them so i'm not 100% sure what they do...the others might so you can ask them later." Hannah replied taking a sip of her drink. "As for us, I think that was everyone..."

"Do you want to know what the others do?" There was no hint of 'I could show you how.' He was only curious about her curiosity.

"Yeah of course I would...i've always thought of just going over there, and just asking to talk to them you them that we're actually all the same." Hannah replied.

Lysander raised an eyebrow. "You believe you all are the same, and yet you are on different sides?"

"We had no choice we had to choose sides...we would never have been able to have lived normally with these people hounding us everyday for our help. I believe we are all alike and the only thing that seperates us is the side we fight for." Hannah said as she set her fork down on her empty plate.

"If you wanted to help, then why didn't you help them? You say they would be hounding you for help. Wouldn't you have helped them? And for that matter, what separates your sides? Do you know what they fight for? Why they attack you?" Lysander asked all these questions, not particularly realizing they sounded a little rhetorical. He set down his chopsticks and allowed the waiter to take their trays and ordered a plate of pastries and fortune cookies.

Hannah slowly shook her head then looked at him. "You must think we are crazy...I am beginning to believe it myself...and now I wish I had never got tangled up in this mess."

"Or maybe you are just confused by a boy who asks too many questions," Lysander pointed out and smiled at her. The desserts came and Lysander thanked the man. He took up a little pink roll and took a small bite.

Hannah smiled weakly back at him then picked up a dessert and took a bite. "I am glad you asked has helped me think about a few things I should have a long time ago. "

"Anytime," Lysander replied and nodded slowly in a sort of very small bow. "Is there anything you would like to know?"

"Tell me about yourself...your family and things like that. Tell me what its like to be in a normal family." Hannah asked with a smile.

"Well... I'm on the school track team, my mother is an author and my father is an industrial designer. They do everything from romance to children's and from pens to cars. We live on the edge of town, in what I guess would be the suburbs. I enjoy art, looking at it, making it, whatever, and exercise. We take vacations to beaches and artics," Lysander answered, just telling a few facts about his family. There were many things his family did, and in every realm they were small town famous, but the world still didn't know their name. His father was working on that, though Lysander didn't know why.

"You like art! Me parents hated it when I would cover the mansion with my paintings and drawings..." Hannah replied.

"Any decoration is art. How did they intend to keep art out of the house if the house itself is art? Plus, stifling a child's creativity can lead to anti-social behavior later in life, as well as a retardation in learning," Lysander replied as he used a small fork provided to spear a small piece of cantaloupe.

Hannah smiled. "It didn't really matter they were never there guards never minded, as long as I didn't break anything." She laughed slightly then picked up a fortune cookie.

"Sounds like your parents could have afforded to repair it."

Hannah sighed. "I would have given up all our wealth just to have been a normal family."

"Normal is relative." He smirked. "No one's relatives are normal."

Hannah smiled. "Yeah I suppose..." she said as she held the fortube cookie in her hand unopened. "So do you have to go home after this?"

Lysander nodded and looked at his watch. "Yeah. It's definately too late to go to track practice now. I'll explain it to them tomorrow I guess."

"You could come back to the base if you want...but only if you want. Or...or if you wanted to do something else..." Hannah said quickly then felt incredibly stupid.

"Well, what do you plan on doing when we leave? Or just.. what do you want to do?" He nodded to the waiter who had come to take the small now empty tray away.

"Well right now if we hadn't met and weren't here...i'd probably be home alone, watching a movie or painting...I haven't stayed at the base in a while actually." Hannah replied. She wasn't really sure what she wanted to do.

"Not quite what I asked," Lysander remarked as he left money for the bill and a tip then stood and waited for Hannah. "I would walk you home, but then I don't know what would happen to your car."

"Well i'll drive you home...then i'll go home or back to the base or something." Hannah replied as she followed him.

Lysander shook his head. "It's getting late. I'm just going to jog home. Drive safe, ok?"

Hannah nodded. "If your sure...see you round I guess..."

"See ya." He gave a little wave and turned to go, paused, and looked at her again. "And thanks, for trying to explain." He smiled slightly then turned and sprinted away.

Hannah waved goodbye to him then got in her car and drove off. Deciding that she didn't want to be alone she went to the base. When she got inside she travelled to the third floor gym to retrieve the things she had left there. When she saw Tank she smiled. "Everything ok?" she asked as she picked up her jacket.

Tank paused just barely to look at her, the glance fluid with her slight movements. "Just peachy," Tank replied, emphasizing the second word with another punch. She continued to strike the bag.

Hannah raised an eyebrow and walked over to Tank. "Whats happened?"

"Chance. Being a guy," Tank replied and brought her back leg up in a hard kick that moved the bag quite a ways, it returned and Tank stopped it with a couple of strikes of her fists and continued her pattern of before the kick. "You all need a leader and he seemed a likely candidate but he obviously doesn't have a clue."

"Ok...did you's find something because i'm a little confused.." Hannah said looking utterly confused.

Tank stopped. "Oh... right..." She seemed to just remember something and looked at Hannah. "There are some riddles, on the computer, that we have to figure out... It involves us going places... That's what... what we argued about."

"We have to solve riddles now...and where exactly do we have to go?" Hannah asked.

"I know at least one is just a few miles from here, but another is in Asia..." Tank shrugged. "I don't know how we're supposed to get them all."

Chance hadn't seen Selena's face, as he had still been looking at the elevator. But when Selena swept past he looked back to the computer. After staring at the screen for a moment he closed his eyes, put his head in his hands, and sighed. When he opened his eyes he saw the teardrops on the floor. Suddenly, for no reason he could tell, he was extremely pissed and needed to go away. To where he didn't know, or to do what for that matter but he was going. Quickly he got up and called the elevator and waited for it to come back down. When it arrived he took it to the top floor and walked to his house. By the time he got there, he was slightly cooled off, but his mind wouldn't stop. That's when he remembered the jack in his cabinet, which he immediatly went to and promptly began to get shitfaced.

Selena was in her car when she saw Chance exit the house. Driving to her place she speed up after the first light. She sat in her room for quite a while, until finally falling asleep.

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2007-12-29 [Eyelash-Wishes]: ok lol

2008-01-04 [Artsy]: so.. what are we waiting on?

2008-01-05 [Tekkon KinKreet]: nothing lol sorry... i had to get off the comp when i got home cuz i was looking through my mail and my utilities bill was in there so i had to go pay it. ^_^

2008-01-05 [~Acidelf3~]: lol

2008-01-07 [Tekkon KinKreet]: i'm really interested to see how Spark answers Ren's Q. ^_^

2008-01-07 [Artsy]: why? and as you notice, i'm trying to make Ren a bit more social, i don't want people thinking she's a hateful bitch, she's just... formal, sort of usually, and enjoys her destiny

2008-01-07 [Tekkon KinKreet]: oh i know... i think it'll be a struggle for her, cuz she's always.... making moves... like... playing chess with words and people... and sociality will mess with it i'd think.

oh and becuase Spark knows EVERYTHING and i wonder how she'll take Elson going to the Accidents hideout the page or so before. He did it on accident, not paying attention to where he was going, but it could be taken either way.

2008-01-07 [~Acidelf3~]: ...

2008-01-08 [Nuktae-tal]: Hey spark doesn't know about that... so she doesn't know EVERYTHING just things she asks the book about... wich is a lot of stuff.

2008-01-08 [Tekkon KinKreet]: well yah.. use the resources you have. ^_^. But she basically has access to everything, any bit of knowledge, if only she asks the right questions.

2008-01-08 [Artsy]: yeah.. tank just flew off the handle a bit at Chance...

2008-01-08 [Tekkon KinKreet]: lmao i noticed.

2008-01-08 [Artsy]: she has a point though, don't you think?

2008-01-09 [Artsy]: i love chinese desserts, they aren't really sweet and they are tasty! **happens to like her food a little tastless or bitter**

2008-01-09 [Eyelash-Wishes]: never had a chinese dessert before lol

2008-01-09 [Artsy]: well... the thing Lysander is eating is like a slice of pumpkin roll, but the pumpkin part is like.. short cake (vanilla cake sort of) with a mild strawberry whip stuff rolled in it

2008-01-09 [Eyelash-Wishes]: wow that sounds really nice lol

2008-01-09 [~Acidelf3~]: k i posted hannah and lysander after all the stuff that selena and chance and tank just did... i hope it dont bother you but at the same time now we can keep up better cause i kept wondering why the changes were being made to the page and i didnt see any updates

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