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2005-12-16 13:50:08
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A letter to all Wandering Souls

Hiràhn Tónien’ny Lievã tyr Hallân, yēnn teih vhãnt Krë’núth.

Lenúmë ny yēnirh wáir ànden, teih tònin vâenal wáier nâen ra prōmìse ny aer taìn Ecnemök. Núth’Aválien wái zhra – zhara ri. Ā wái àndien núth’Rheisã, teih Ā uv-ēnn veka lhen núin ahnos ringānk ny Pháva. Faèn wái núth Gòhr dehnos eisydēn.
Enn asÿdēna caen faèn Rheisã’zâin. Ra Asÿdēna ny ra Ànìnë wái zâin.

[Welcome Friend of Light or Dark, rest and lower your Weapons.

Days of peace are gone, and we have been given the promise of a new Apocalypse. Your heart is summoned – follow it. I have passed beyond the borders of your world, and I can but aid you through power of will. This is your war to fight.
My time comes to a close. The Time of the Gods is ending.

Mà’Thýar, Tòndi’en iven núth’Aválien, teih Yēnirh ràhaen núth’bekèn.
Ahven ra Esrëal dehnos Raihēna Yavànnië…

[Farewell, may Hope lift your Heart, and Peace guide your hand.
Find the Key to Eternal Life…

~Mistress Sylvàine

Fia núin Evàne?
[Do you Believe?]
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2005-02-20 [Coldfire1]: oooh, i love dragons! aren't the most beautiful cratures ever?

2005-04-06 [Mira Ravenheart]: They truly are *smiles*

2005-07-06 [eternal mist]: wow those quotes are very good ^.^

2005-07-09 [Dance Louder, Sing Harder]: very very good

2005-08-08 [Mira Ravenheart]: *blushes* Thank you!

2005-12-14 [O'saku]: this whole story is done very well ^^

2005-12-16 [Mira Ravenheart]: Thanks, you're welcome to join. Go to In a Dragon's Eye :)

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