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Gallery of adoptable pets with their name starting by A down to I



[Akayume] - I am a puffin! I waddle about like a penguin, and I'm looking for a good owner to take care of me. ^.^
Adopted by: [The Blood Angel] and [deus-misereatur]

[Aminta] - I'm a 20 year old female shapeshifter with magical powers...5'4 1/2" in height, thin and fit, blackish brown hair, and two different colored eyes. I'm a soul catcher (therefore I am not mortal nor am I immortal) and am very loyal and trust worthy. I'm a lover and a favorite thing to do is to do what I am told ^_^
Adopted by: [dumbassc] and [punkrebel_13]


[Balthizar] - I'm a green emerald dragon, I'm at full size. I will do anything my owner asks of me within reason, I'm also protective.
Adopted by: [Monni] and [Lady of Lore]

[maggie the pie] I'm half human and half fox, I have cute little pointed ears like a fox, and a long fluffy purple tail. I have a small little black nose, with big almond shaped eyes that are a darp purple. I love to cuddle and play, I am very active, so that I keep in shape.
Adopted by: [The real life Bella Swan]


[Thrice] - Black wolf!!
Adopted by: [WillowWeaver]

[Chi] - Wolf Pup!! Goofy wolf pup that loves friends. Is looking for a good owner and stuffies.
Notice: this is the official most adopted pet on Adoption Agency! 10 times noted!
Adopted by: [Blaze the Nameless], [deleted, gone], [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!], [Fashionably Restrained], [Jimbaliah], [kuyo], [Lady Alaina], [OvertheMoooon], [Malidar], [Eloura] and [Solstice Seraph]

[Close The Damn Door] - Unicorn!! I'm black.
Adopted by: [Raventhorn]

[Coffee is my weed] - I am a Blue Phoenix…..need I say more???? I love long nights cuddled up by the fire, nibbling on rodents, and stalking people…….
Adopted by: [Fashionably Restrained]

[Coldfire1] - A dragon as big as your toenail and eye color is dark green and calls to all travelers. Adopt me and you have adopted a nightmare ;)
Adopted by: [Fashionably Restrained]

[notincalifornia] - Mentally Tormented 13 yr old Schizophrenic!! I'm a psychotic little girl, long black hair and am usually found wearing a straight jacket. I will obey my master at all costs... all costs. My most regular hobby is sitting in a corner, wearing my most favorite straight jacket, rocking back and forth humming a strange hypnotic tune and staring at you... smiling. ^_^ If you adopt me, beware, all my friends are coming with me... *starts having a conversation with thin air*
Adopted by: [i fall from the sky]

[Czestawa] - I'm a white, short hair, Vampire kitten. I have blue eyes, I'm nice if treated well and can be very afectionet. I can be your best friend. I love to play.
Adopted by: [lohawefniwubf]


[Damond Only] - I am a lovely little black cat. I just love being a pet, I need a master! I would do everything they said. and be the best pet kitten they ever had! Meow! ^_^
Adopted by: [Raventhorn]

[.Danielle] - Raven!! With feathers as dark as night, and eyes so keen and watchful, I'm the one who forever watches and knows all that goes on. To the one who owns me, I shall always stay by your side, unless I have a certain reason to why I must leave. If one dares to harm you, vengeance is needed, and I will be the one who does so.
Adopted by: [Fashionably Restrained]

[DarkRedKrueger] - Kitten!! I'm a black kitten with red eyes. I look very innocent, but I play with fire. I can create fireballs and be very deadly, but I listen very well. I can heal, so if u ever get in trouble or you're hurt or u get killed I can heal and revive u and help u. Oh yea I do love blood I'm kind of like a vampire kitty, but don’t worry if you’re my owner I wont hurt u.
Adopted by: [Blood Angel]

[DawnUnicorn] - Unicorn!! Unicorn of course! A tall pure white unicorn, big emerald eyes and long lashes, flowing wavy mane and tail, jet black shiny hooves with feathers. Will happily sing, gallop you around etc. Loves comfort, philosophical conversations and to know she's not alone, but often needs space to wander, ponder and be free as the wind.. seeking an owner/friend whose not going to put me in a stable ^_^
Adopted by: [IndigoRose]

[Cain Blak] - Dragon/orc

[draganfly] - I'm a bunny and I have white fur with bright bright blue eyes, very sweet but likes to get her way ^_^
Adopted by: [Malidar] and [WillowWeaver]

[drakkar] - A dragon
Adopted by: [Wyndon]


[Elforia] - Cat!! I'm a morphing elf so I'm not an actual animal, but I can become a dark brown cat with blue eyes, a fringe over one eye and wings (still learning to morph). I'll happily be a comfort cat for those who need it when times go wrong. Or I'll happily play. 
Adopted by: [Fashionably Restrained] and [Lady of Lore]

[Eloura] - A pure white wolf with a pure black diamond shape on me shoulder I have deep purple eyes
Adopted by: [Balthizar]

[elvenstarr] - Vampire!! I'm a vampire. Tall, slender, black hair, dark eyes... and I hope you don't mind bite marks ;)
Adopted by: [Shadow serpenz], [TheSzerdi]


[firedragon1] - I'm a Phenoix Wolf, I love to play. I'm bright orange and red. I'm nice to kids. I can grow to be 1000 years old. My favorite treat is bacon.
Adopted by: [Lady of Lore] and [IcyFollower]

[Fire-n-Ash] - A baby dragon!! Baby dragon with ruby eyes and cobalt scales.
Adopted by: [Lady of Lore]

[frogster] - I am a mysterious beautiful female white tiger with steel clear blue gray eyes.... I am a 16 y/o female...
Adopted by: [Leelo]


Name: Alexis
Species: Dragon
Coloration: I have pale silver scales, I am about seventeen feet tall and twenty feet long with a thirty-five foot wing span.
Age: 219
Temperment: Most of the time I am fairly sweet, and I spend a lot of time thinking.
However, if I feel threatened or my loved ones are in danger, I will fight.
Abilities: I can breathe fire, and I can teleport from one place to another instantly.
Adopted by: [Fashionably Restrained]

[gaither babe] - Gothic Demon Kitty!!

[GothicMoon] - Dark Pegasus!! I'm a Dark Pegasus and need lots of room to roam. All I ask is for a little rubbing now and then. I'm pretty easy to take care of until I get pissed off, then the darkness shows. I'm pretty temperamental, but most of the time I'm very loveable. ^_^
Adopted by: [Blaze the Nameless] and [psycoholic]

[Gwendylyyn] - Shape shifter!! I'm a shape changer who typically takes the form of either a vampire or a black panther. I'm schizoid, love to be scratched behind the ears when in a form that has anything to do with a cat or dog, can be very morbid or very funny and hyper. Being on a leash has proved to be fun and dragging people around on leashes entertains me as well.
Adopted by: [Juiced]


[Hiro Kitaki] - I'm a loveable small black dragon...a good friend and protector...I'm house trained and can fly messages. ADOPT ME!
Adopted by: [Lady of Lore]

[Scary Kids Scaring Kayla;] - I'm a black vampire cat with purple eyes. I am loveable but sometimes dangerous. I'll protect my master at all costs as long as I am treated fairly. If i'm treated unjustly I might end up biting my owner or running away.
I like to eat meat...meow.
Adopted by: [Lady of Lore] and [purrykitten007]


[~Cherry~] - Hello, I am Cherry and I am like a black elven wolf. My preffered name is Onyx but I can be called by anything. I'm really sweet, and I love to play and pal around. My eyes are blue.:)
Adopted by: [Fashionably Restrained]


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2006-11-04 [Akayume]: wow. :p two peoples want to adopt me (*huggles all around!* :P)

2006-11-04 [Sunrose]: Fixed ^^

2006-11-05 [The Blood Angel]: I own a puffin!! Erm an Akayume even :D

2006-11-12 [dreds4hair]: ahh I wanna adopt Poindextra... I love Chinchillas!!!!

2006-11-12 [dreds4hair]: oh oh and Dark Kitten... ;D

2006-11-12 [Juiced]: i want to adopt [Gwendylyyn] if thats ok

2006-12-06 [Hiro Kitaki]: ...YAY!

2006-12-07 [Lady of Lore]: I'd like to adopt Hiro please.

2006-12-07 [Hiro Kitaki]: ...really now?

2006-12-07 [Hiro Kitaki]: ummmm...i never agreed...

2006-12-07 [Sunrose]: As you can see on the rules page, once you put yourself on this page anyone is allowed to adopt you.

2006-12-07 [Hiro Kitaki]: ...oh...ok...i mean...ok sure...but might wanna edit...the name was wrong...

2006-12-07 [Sunrose]: Oops...typo..

2007-01-18 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: I want to adopt [Chi] please!!

2007-01-19 [Sunrose]: Fixed :)

2007-01-20 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: Thank you!!

2007-01-20 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: is there any sort of banner or something to be put on houses for adopting??

2007-01-20 [Sunrose]: You can use the banner of the wiki, Adoption Agency :)

2007-04-09 [purrykitten007]: I would like to adopt .No hardcore dancing on the living room floor. Black cat, purple eyes-who could ask for more? Plus, she looks quite a bit like my goth/emo/etc daughter, Hailey and they are the same age!

2007-04-09 [Sunrose]: Fixed :)

2008-07-12 [blood_fairy21]: can i adopt [Coffee is my weed] and [Close The Damn Door]?

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