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You can only be adopted if you have been made a pet!
How to become a pet;
1. Make a short description of yourself (2-3 lines), write it in the first person. You can describe what kind of pet you are, what you look like and what your character is: what makes you special?
2. Check if you spelled it correctly.
3. Add your description to the right wiki.
4. If you know an owner by whom you would like to be adopted, send a request to the owner. The owner has to follow the rules below.
5. If you have been gone from Elftown more than 30 days, you will be taken off the gallery to keep the galleries filled with active pets.

Important: Once you are a pet anyone can adopt you, you will NOT be asked for permission. If you later find out you do not want to be adopted by a certain owner, the adoption can be undone. To make sure you agree to every adoption it is strongly advised you watch the gallery you have been placed on.


You can only adopt a pet that has been placed in the galleries.
How to adopt a pet;
1. Ruffle through the galleries and pick out your pet if you don’t know a pet already.
2. If you know who you want to adopt, make sure that pet has been placed in one of the galleries.
3. Add yourself below the pet as adopter.
4. If you have been gone from Elftown more than 30 days, the adoption will be made undone to make sure every pet has an active owner.

An owner can have several pets and vice versa. If you don't want to be a pet anymore please help in keeping the list updated and request on the gallery to have you taken of the list again!


Go or return to:
-The Adoption Agency

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