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2006-11-25 00:51:25
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Act 1 scene 3

My deer can kick your deer's ass!

Don't get along; never have never will.

Chickadees! Ink! xDD

Probably my favorite spread so far.

Bad bad insult, to be called that.

I need to find a better refrence for an explosion next time. >.>

OMG chibi!

A little rushed, but finally complete.

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2006-07-09 [Paz]: It doesn't work :/

2006-07-10 [stuffAEAmade]: 14's not toned yet. I just wrote the link because it's all scanned and ready to be. :P

2006-07-11 [Paz]: Ah, I see :D

2006-09-05 [stuffAEAmade]: The last page will go up tomorrow. :O

2006-09-10 [stuffAEAmade]: Yay finally done! 40 still, but I want to keep moving. *nods*

2006-09-15 [Paz]: Yay! I like ot so far! :D The colouring on that uhm, ball? Is amazing too!

2006-10-21 [stuffAEAmade]: Ball marble gem, whatever. They get refered to by many different names in the script as well. :P

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