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2005-09-17 08:21:43
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Soo... there you can upload your banners for the anti-racism !!! BUT the banners MUST NOT break the Uploading Art Rules!! otherwise we will not be able to put them in our houses!! =^_^=


Member Banners

Banner by [Gone Travelling]

Banner by [Blue Highway]

banner made by [deja vu, mi amor]

Made by [Zab]

Banner made by [Blue Highway]


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2004-07-18 [a clockwork orange]: [Gone Travelling], thank you for the banner!!! it's Great!!! =^_-=

2004-07-18 [Blue Highway]: Luv' it! The banner, I mean. It's very artistic, I like black & white (and yellow, and red, and...)

2004-07-18 [Gone Travelling]: Thanks =^.^= it wasn't meant to be good, i just thought of a slogan thingy and the mouth came with it =S

2004-07-28 [lost spirit]: hey can i join ur group???? i hate racist people


2004-09-11 [lostinspace]: how do you put a banner i your house?

2004-09-11 [a clockwork orange]: right click on the banner. then copy the URL. and finally write in your house <*img:URL*> (without *)

2004-11-09 [deja vu, mi amor]: i have a problem, my banner was deleted (the first one) by the elftown gaurds, why is that?

2004-11-09 [deja vu, mi amor]: and also i would like to make a new banner, is that alright? it will not break the art rules.

2004-11-09 [a clockwork orange]: was deleted??? it shouldn't be. It doesn't break the art rules. If they do it again, plz, send them to me. ok??

2004-11-09 [a clockwork orange]: Of, course you can make a banner!! =^_^=

2004-11-09 [deja vu, mi amor]: well it wasnt exactly deleted but now all it says is "miami host free image hosting"

2004-11-09 [a clockwork orange]: ooh! this has nothing to do with guards! =>.<= We had a little problem with the site which was hosting this banners. That's all!! =^_^= Thank you for the banner!!! =^_^=

2004-11-09 [deja vu, mi amor]: alright, well it happened at the same time, the guards deleted some other things from my house. your welcome.

2004-11-17 [ballerina_fairy]: kneeling be4 firewoks we could i use your banner?

2004-11-17 [a clockwork orange]: All those banners can be used by everyone freely. =^_~=

2005-04-01 [X2]: No, they cant, it got deleted for me, (Image deleted by the guards)

2005-04-02 [a clockwork orange]: Why they can't?? They follow all the rules...

2005-04-02 [Blue Highway]: Maybe the guard that deleted it wasn't aware that it was an ANTI-racism banner...but there is a huge red cross through it, and it says "Racism = Cowardice"...I don't understand how he/she could have missed that...maybe you should message the guards or [Hedda] about this..?

2005-04-15 [X2]: [a clockwork orange]: Just telling the fact... [Blue Highway]: No, Henrik has enoght work already...

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