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2005-08-10 19:41:36
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Here you can make your suggestions on the anti-racism!!!!! Suggest whatever you want!!!! for example: sites/other wiki pages/polls etc.!!!=^_^=


Our friend & one of the creators of this wiki created another wiki called Happy-Bunnies-united for all the happy bunnies out there and the sad bunnies that we will make happy ppl!!!! Join it!!! Happy-Bunnies-united!!!!


Do You Like huges??? YES?? So...join the Huggers United wiki!!!! Cuz everyone needs a hug!!! =^_-=


OK here is a wiki for all people interested in Vampires and Werewolves

Demon Mountain

Choose your specie and look around. A fun place for all fantasy lovers.


Tale Spin!! This is my friend [Blue Highway]'s wiki!! If you want to read a good story, you HAVE to go there! =^_-=


Support Gay Marriage All We Need Is Love!!!


Book of Fantasy!!! Here you can find everything about mythical creatures you like!!


Stop-Smoking-Support!!!This wiki-page is created for people who want to stop smoking,but they can't and/or for people who want to support other people who try to stop this bad habit!!

Not a laughing matter!, because not every joke is funny...

Safe Zone, because equality is for everyone!

Down With Racism, another one!!

11. I didn't know where to put this so I'll just pop in here like so:
A black man walks into a cafe early one morning and notices he's the only black one there.
As he sat down he noticed a white man sat behind him. The white man said "coloured people aren't allowed in here"
The black man replied:
"When i was born i was black
When i grew up i was black
When i'm sick i'm black
when i go in the sun i'm black
When i'm cold i'm black
And when i die i'm black
but you sir....
when you were born you were pink
when you're sick you're green
when you stay in the sun you're red
when you're cold you turn blue
and when you die you're "purple"
and yet you have the nerve to call me coloured"
the black man turned back around and the white man walked away.

A friend sent it to me so I thought I'd share it with you, hope this gets the point across [sequeena_rae] ^_^


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