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This is one of many abandoned and forgotten subway stations through out the city of New York. Movie and Broadway production posters still hang from the walls. It is still connected to the running subway system, but only through partially obstructed railways and collapsed tunnels. It is the perfect place for the Resistance to run their operations as all the entryways are easily guarded and the way in i-s easily booby-trapped.

A strange note had been handed out to many of the surviving New York population. On it were the words, "The oppressive and sadistic regime has taken something from you. It is now time to take more from them. Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth, Life for a Life. If you wish to aid us then mark yourself with single star and instructions will be given. Down with Tyrany, Long live Democracy." Those that marked themselves were given another note instructing them on how to find the meeting place.

Simon Taft sat on the edge of the platform with his feet dangling over the railway. The electricity to the third rail had been turned off years ago so he wasnt worried about being electrocuted on accident. He ran his hands through his brown hair and it fell neatly back into place as he stood up to begin pacing the station for the third time. He was nervous, he didnt know what to expect or who was going to show up. All he did know was that he was going to be expected to lead them in all things Anti-Nazi, from strategy and keeping them supplied to actually fighting along side them. As he paced he also ran through his mind all the different ways the Nazis could get them in here and how to properly defend those.

The sound of clicking boots could be heard heading along the tile floor of the subway. It echoed and bounced against the walls, funneling towards Simon. Someone was approaching at a casual pace.

A small set of footprints followed those, keeping very quiet, but very close.

Simon, ever the paranoid and caustious, reached around to his back and wrapped his hand around the handle of the PPSh 41 he had hung over his shoulder. They were coming down the pathway described in the note since the others were already booby-trapped and would have killed anyone that tried to come down them. He stepped quickly over behind a pillar and kept an eye on the hallway, looking for any sign of Nazi involvement.

"Well so much for the big rally I was hoping for." Wayne said in a western accent to his female follower. He lifted his cowboy hat, trying to spot someone, anyone down here in the subway. No one could be seen. "Dang this place smells vile."

Ruth was sticking so close to Wayne, if she were any closer, she'd be inside his backpack. She didn't like being in the open, she didn't like being anywhere new, she didn't like being anyplace that wasn't the abandoned rail station she'd been living in before she met Wayne.

The sound of someone pushing a wheeled object echoed off the walls of the subway. Sin, pushing her small Harley in front of her, made her way down the walk of the abandoned subway. She gave the men a look from under her military cap. Sin was late. But she didn't seem to care, though. Leaning her bike against the curved wall, she sat down on the walkway a little ways from Simon. "So what's all this about?" she asked, her southern drawl quite pronounce.

After hearing most all of them speaking, Simon let go of his gun and stepped out from behind the pillar. "This is about taking back the country that is rightfully ours, and kicking out this the tyrant Hitler's lackeys."

When both new people appeared Ruth ducked behind Wayne and hid as best she could. She already had the knife he'd given her ready in her hand.

"Oh- nevermind. Looks like there are people down here." Wayne said, heading their way. He heard Simon's comment and resisted a chuckle. He sure was optimistic considering how bad America has gotten in the past two years.

"Who do we kill first?" was Sin's first question. She hated having to wait to get her revenge on those Nazi SOBs. "I have dibs on that general!" She looked at Simon to see if he would contradict what she had said.

"Easy pip-squeak..." Wayne said to Sin, waving his hands at her. This girl was nuts. "Fer one, ya'll probably shouldn't be talkin' so loud and fer two, introductions are best when said first."

Ruth was still cowering behind her big mighty protector. That woman was talking about killing people, she certainly didn't want to get caught out from behind Wayne when the shooting started.

"Now lets not get ahead of ourselves." Simon said, "While the killing of General Dulhelm is on the list of things to do, we have other things that must be done first."

"This- can't be it, can it? We are the only ones to show up to this little 'rally'?" Wayne asked, scratching his head under his cowboy hat. So much for an eventful afternoon. "Nevertheless- my name is Wayne Butler, pleased to meet ya'll." he said, taking his hat off his head for only a moment.

Ruth was peeking out from around Waye's arm and poked him in the side. She meant for him to introduce her, but she was still doing her best to hide behind him.

"Ah- and this is the lovely lady, Ruth Islowitz." Wayne said, stepping to the side so that she may step forward.

Ruth's eyes widened when Wayne stepped out from in front of her. Feeling far too exposed she ducked back behind him as quickly as she could.

"Heh." Wayne chuckled, how could he have forgotten? Addressing the man and woman before them, he explained, "She don't really like...moving around like this."

A small sound like a scoff came from behind Wayne as Ruth rolled her eyes. That was an understatement.

Sin rolled her eyes at Ruth. She knew why the girl was hiding, it wasn't hard to figure out, but why with a man? She looked over at Simon. "Like what? I've been hitting every major supply chain I can with my group. What more can we do with such a useless bunch of untrained nitwits?"

That was it. "Nitwits?!" Wayne asked loudly, stepping forward. "Who in blue blazes do ya think ya are, little miss?" Wayne looked middle age, probably around 50, but he was quite large and fit. He was much bigger than the small 23 year old before him.

"What makes you think I was talking about you in the first place?" Sin asked with glare. She could already tell they weren't going to get along. "I was referring to the majority of these people living in this...well...what was once a country. And don't think just because you're bigger than me means you are any stronger." Sin glared at Wayne with the ferocity of a woman done wrong. Her hand strayed nearer her gun. "I am Captain Sin Dreyden of the United States Marine Corps, I was a nurse in Germany when I was captured! That's who I am!" Feeling as if she had said enough, Sin left her hand resting on the hip holster, leaning against her motorbike and glaring at Wayne.

"And I am Simon Taft, former Major of the United States Army. I was at Berlin when Hitler became empowered, my platoon wiped out before we could reach the other side of the Rhine. I lost more men in the attempted defense of Europe. Then I lost even more men in the defense of Africa, followed by more death at the hands of the Nazis here in the US including those of my wife and three kids just because they flew a flag in the front yard." He said putting himself in between the two. "We may not have as many militarily trained people as the Nazis do, but we still have a lot more then you think. And on top of that we have the motivation and courage of a country cornered with no where to go. If we start fighting with each other then why even bother trying to take out the Nazis." Hoping that was enough to get the two back on track he stepped away and began pacing again. "We do the usual guerrilla warfare, hitting supply trains, taking out small patrols, sabotaging equipment and so forth. We will eventually move on to stealing important equipment for our use, such as armored vehicles and tanks. Then we move on to killing high importance targets such as scientists and lower rank officers. Then we start taking the big steps."

"Hey, don't tell me- it's miss high an' mighty whose got her panties in a twist." Wayne said, gesturing to Sin. He had done nothing to offend her and she went berserk. It took a lot to piss of an easy going guy like Wayne, but she had done it in only a few seconds.

Sin gave Wayne another dirty look. "Whatever is going on with my panties is none of your effing business!" She flipped him a rude gesture before turning to Simon. From her reaction to his mentioning her panties, anyone with experience with rape victims would soon figure out why she was so...insane. Not that Sin noticed at all. "Military don't me shite, Major," she said with some conviction. "I've seen farmers do more damage to a supply train than some of those officers. But it also means that those farm boys will scatter at the first sound of gunfire 'cause they ain't trained to look a barrel in the face." Though she seemed cocksure of herself, Sin's eyes glistened slightly. She hated men. And these men were going to make life a little more difficult.

"Mmmm." Wayne backed up and grabbed a hold of Ruth's arm. She didn't need to be around these loose cannon, x-officers. It was clear that this would be a disaster. Guiding her, Wayne turned and headed in the other direction. It was too much of a risk to even bring her out of the hideout, he would have to apologize later.

Simon saw the two making to leave and cursed himself inwardly. They needed all the people they could get and he didnt want these two leaving because one ex-Marine had issues. "Please dont leave." He said as he walked away from Sin over to the two leaving, putting himself in front of them. "If this is to work we are going to need all the willing people we can get. You three arent the only ones that have shown up. We gave several different times to minimize who sees who, more of the anti-interrogation precautions. This is our chance to show the Nazis that we arent going to lay down and take it. Our chance to prevent them from doing to others what they have done to us."

Ruth Couldn't remember at exactly what time she'd grabbed her knees, but feeling Wayne's grip on her arm, she was exceedingly glad that he'd decided to move her. Now they were being stopped again. Why couldn't they have stayed home? An abandoned rail station wasn't exactly home, but it had been good enough for a few months. Damn Wayne and his overabundant need to do good. Her heart thundered in her chest and she as if she would fall over at any moment. Even though they were underground, they were too exposed. Far, far too exposed.

"Doesn't seem like their willing at all," Sin said, growing serious as she looked at Ruth. "She's afraid." And Sin knew exactly what Ruth had to be afraid of. Looking at Wayne, she shook her head. "You should have left her wherever it was you call home. She seems to be in no state to travel." The medical side was coming out, and Sin was itching to go over and give Ruth a once over to make sure she was alright.

Hearing the woman talk about her like that made Ruth feel useless. Which, right now, she was. She'd hardly moved, but a soft burst of wind flipped pass Sin's head and the sound of metal striking stone echoed through the wall behind her. Ruth had only peeked for a second, but it was enough to demonstrate that she wasn't completely useless. She had her strengths, they weren't just standing out in the open in an abandoned subway tunnel or... anywhere else for that matter. When Sin looked behind her she'd see a kitchen knife embedded in the wall.

It was an automatic reaction. Sin's gun was out of its holster and pointed at Ruth as soon as she saw the knife flash by. The pistol was trained with one hand on the other woman before Sin could control the impulse and lower the weapon. A repulsed shudder went through her and she reholstered the weapon before turning and retrieving her bike, pulling the Harley upright so she could push it towards the exit.

Ruth didn't often make any sound, but a small "Hmff." Came from behind Wayne. She'd proven that while she wa small, weak and terrified out of her mind, she wouldn't let anyone push her around. As Wayne well knew.

When the gun was visible, Wayne opened his legs, stepped in front of her and widened his shoulders, protecting Ruth's body completely. Upon seeing her heading out, Wayne tipped his cowboy hat up and looked at the other man, "Simon was it? Listen, we are here because we want to help. Button-- I mean Ruth and I were hoping you had some sort of headquarters hidden away as a base." He resisted telling Simon about his enhancement just yet. "Now, Ruth may not be willing to combat Nazis, but she is one damn hell of a cook." he explained. "Oh and if everyone else in yer little possy is like that woman down there, I don't think we want any part of this." he said, pointing to the back of Sin's head.

"I ain't in his possy, cowboy," Sin said with a frown, not turning. "Like I would answer to a man." She looked up and saw the knife caught in the bricks that formed the wall. Pulling it loose in one swift motion, she tucked it into the back of her belt, glancing back. In the dim light, there was a slight glistening on her cheek. "Have fun playing camp, I have work to be doing."

She was leaving and Ruth understood that they would need as many people as they could get. Keeping her hand on the back of Wayne's coat she stepped closer to Sin and placed her hand to her chest. She was trying to apologize, but would Sin see that? Or would she think she were asking for her knife back?

"This is the headquarters, Wayne wasnt it?" Simon said making sure he said the right name. "This is the most secure place in the city right now, short of a Nazi bunker. Every pathway to this station is rigged and booby-trapped. It is enough explosives and traps to take out two platoons of 'em. We dont have much in the way of cooking facilities, but we hit enough supply trains and we'll have whatever she needs." He then turned to Sin and Ruth to see how that played out.

"So- there isn't just us?" Wayne asked, hopeful. He looked to a railway car that was clearly out of use, then back to Simon. "So... where do ya'll sleep?"

Sin stopped as a hand came towards her. She looked at Ruth, her head still slightly lowered and her jaw set. "What'd they do to you?" she asked quietly, nearly in a whisper. "Torture? Rape? Mutilation? You're scared, you have every reason to be." She glanced up at Wayne, gesturing with her eyes at him. "I don't let men do my talking for me. And I don't let my weapons, either." She took the knife out of her belt again and pressed it into Ruth's hand. "If you throw it first, you will be weaponless if it misses." She turned fully to Wayne now, giving him a complete once over. "And just so you know, I have reasons for being the way I am. Currently the explanation for those reasons are either dead or locked away in the VA hospital outside of town and not up for discussion." Sin finally looked at Simon. "I'll help you and your little group. But only under one condition. I don't get bossed around by anyone."

Ruth took her knife and placed it inside her coat, revealing several more where that one had come from. So, no, she hadn't left herself defenseless. She neglected to comment about what had been done to her, Sin had hit all three of the major buttons with her list any way. But she at least still had her tongue. Ruth moved back to Wayne's side, a little less fearful.

"Well, right now we are sleeping in a few of the other rooms we have come across." Simon explained to Wayne. "You will all get the grand tour once we are done here with any questions." Turning to look at Sin, "I wont boss you around, im not going to take advantage of the situation. I will need you to accept my judgement calls and movement recommendations. If you hesitate or decide to argue you could end up getting me, you , or someone else killed."

It was starting to be obvious that this woman didn't much care for men. Wayne could only assume something in her past triggered it. Nevertheless, he thought it wrong to judge EVERY man based on her bias. Wayne knew he was a good man and always treated the lady-folk with respect. "How many others are there?"

"I will accept your judgement if you accept mine. I'm not overly worried about my own life, it was over three years ago," Sin stated quite matter-of-factly. She sat on her bike, looking over at Wayne. Okay, so he wasn't a bad guy. Mainly, he wasn't one of them. Maybe this wouldn't end in disaster and bloodshed.

"Another thing I cant really tell you for everyones protection." Simon said, "Just know that we have enough people right now to cause the Nazis some minor problems, we are trying to get enough to be more then a minor nuisance." He was glad that this Sin lady was finally cooperating, he felt bad for her, he knew that something bad had happened to her to trigger all this mistrust and hate, but he didnt want to pry. "I think I can do that." He said and tried his best reassuring smile.

Ruth poked Wayne in the side and handed him a note that read. "Can we please get out of the open?"

Wayne glanced at the note before handing it back to her, "Hey,...Simon, was it? Mind if we skedaddle out of this hall to a place more secure?"

Simon looked around him at the abandoned station and wondered what could be more secure at the moment. "Yea, we can head into the spare rooms we found." He lead them over to a door that read Maintenance Employees Only and opened it, ushering them in.

Ruth continued to cling to Wayne as they moved into the maintenance area. She sighed with reliefe when she saw the normal shapes of a room around her. The tunnel and platform may have been secure, but four walls and a roof felt even better.

It took Sin a moment to get her bike over the small lip in front of the door, but once she did, she stopped and looked around. She hated all this indoors stuff and behind locked doors. It made her feel as if she were imprisoned.

Wayne could already tell Ruth felt more comfortable in here simply by the way she clung to his shirt. "So- ya'll got weapons?" he asked, not sure what these people had on them. He gestured to the revolvers in his pocket and tommy gun at his side. He also had some knives, but it wasn't nessesary to show those.

Ruth put a few inches of distance between her and Wayne now. She was still holding onto him, but not so closely. This place needed a woman's tough. Not in the way a home needs flowers and curtains, but it needed something. A good sweeping and a wash down was in order and if this was going to be her new hole in the ground, she wanted to get to it right away. She resisted though, it wasn't her place to begin moving things and start cleaning.

"We have a small stock pile of weapons, ammo, grenades, and other military supplies along with some non-military." Simon explained as he flipped a few switches in a circuit breaker on the wall. As he did so, lights and a few generators kicked on illuminating the room better and showing a maintenance corridor leading away from the room. "Whatever we were able to salvage from hit and run attacks on supply raids and military bases."

"Weapons are nothing if your combatants do not know how to use them." Soft, forceful, yet cool, a voice seemed to float on air in response to Simon. As if she had melted from the shadows, Athena dropped from what could be assumed to be a manhole in the ceiling. She landed gracefully in a kneeling position, and slowly stood, her hair and her bomber jacket in perfect place. Her eyes swept the room, settling on everyone and no one at the same time. "You assume that everyone has fired a gun, shot someone, stabbed a person in the back, strangled an enemy with their bare hands. You'd be wrong."

"Well howdy, sugar-cube." Wayne tipped his hat at Athena after she dropped down. His guard was up, but from her explanation, it seemed this woman was nothing to worry about.

Ruth slipped behind Wayne when this new woman appeared. She peeked out around Wayne's arm and saw how breathtaking she was. She felt very small an ordinary in comparison.

Standing her ground, Athena sighed. "This is it?"

"For today, yes." Simon said to Athena as she appeared. He also reminded himself to bolt that manhole up and plant a small explosive in it to prevent access in that way.

Sin's gun was out of its holster once more, but she put it away upon seeing the woman talking to Simon. She just rolled her eyes at the woman, clearly unimpressed. It wasn't as if she hadn't used that same trick months ago to get the drop on some Nazis.

"Then you will surely fail." Athena walked forward and stopped at the edge of the platform, her eyes staring off into the darkness. "Advertising a resistance is a poor idea. While the Nazis might not take it seriously at first, if you are able to accomplish anything they will begin looking, searching..." Her hands rested in the pockets of her bomber jacket. The stillness in the air was deafening. "Do you even have a plan?"

Ruth's brow furrowed when she listened. Where was all their hope? Wayne had shouted about duty, honor and patriotism when they'd argued about coming here. About giving the Nazi's a taste of their own medicine. She'd expected to find a large group of people with guns in their hands and fire in their hearts. So far all she could see was pessimism and glasses half empty.

Simon was beginning to feel the same as Ruth. He had hope and he believed that they could make a difference, but it was starting to feel as if no one else did. The fact that they were all here was enough to make him feel that maybe they were all just keeping themselves from getting too hopeful. "We have a plan, yes. Start small and work our way big. We are not a separate resistance, just a cell from a larger resistance that started out in California. We are going to have to be independent for awhile before the larger group can provide any support."

"We'll be doing the same things I've been doing on my own, right?" Sin asked Simon. "But safer, I would assume." She really wanted someone to help her, but didn't want anyone running her show. She had been doing well on her own for so long.

"I cant really say that it will be any safer." Simon said, not wanting anyone to think this was going to be a cake walk. "There are still going to be Nazis trying to kill us and we are going to draw their attention as our new guest has mentioned."

Wayne lifted the tip of his hat. "Plain ol' livin' in this city isn't a walk in the park. I'll volunteer for any life threatening missions." he raised a thick worker hand. He didn't explain why.

Ruth's eyes widened when she heard Wayne volunteer. She jabbed him in the side with her fingers in a "How could you!?" Sort of manner. She knew this life could be dangerous, but she'd not expected him to just jump in head first and offer himself up right off the bat.

"Well, I'm glad you feel that way Wayne." Simon said with a nervous kinda smile. "I may have you join me for a little skirmish later if your up for it."

Wayne winced a bit when Ruth dove her thin fingers into his side. Ignoring it for now, he went on, "Darn tootin'." he smirked. Wayne had vibes of a tenderhearted, hardworking cowboy and it showed through his smile.

Ruth's jaw set and if Wayne had looked at her, the daggers in her eyes could have killed him... Not that it would last, but still. The last thing that needed to happen would be for him to get captured by the Germans. He might be effectively bulletproof (in that he could survive everything aside from decapitation) but that wasn't the point. He wasn't supposed to take any unnecessary risks and he knew that.

Suddenly turning around, Athena addressed the group. "Well, we ought to start with the basics. Would it be outlandish of me to assume that everyone here has fired a gun? What about killing someone?" Athena allowed a moment of silence before continuing. "Thinking about killing and doing the deed are entirely different. Wouldn't want anyone to freeze up at the last... Moment." Her voice got soft at the end of her sentence, and her eyes settled on Ruth's before she flicked them away.

Ruth noticed that look and no, she'd never killed any one. Wayne had said she'd basically be cooking for everyone. Why did she need to learn how to kill someone? She didn't go outside any way.

Giving Athena a hard look, Sin took a step forward, still pushing her bike, setting herself firmly in between the rash woman and Ruth. "I'm sure everyone who needs to know how to kill does. How about you? Ever killed a man? Ever watched as the life drains out of his eyes? Ever thought about the family he's leaving behind?" She wanted to be sure that this woman knew what she was getting into. And take the attention off of Ruth.

"No, I haven't-" Athena said, her voice thick with honey-like sarcasm, "that's why I brought it up, to throw suspicion off me. Obviously it didn't work. Bo hoo." She returned Sin's gaze, but doubled the coolness in her eyes. "You must be prepared to kill; danger often finds itself on your doorstep when you least expect it. To think otherwise is naïve and juvenile." Her voice softened, dropping almost to a whisper. "Even if you cannot manage to kill, you must know how to defend yourself. You cannot expect a guardian angel in times like these."

"Is it going to be like this all the time?" Simon wondered to himself as the two women traded veiled insults. "No one has to kill if they dont want to. Not everyone is going to be on the front lines mowing down Nazi soldiers left and right. We have need of espionage specialists, and people who can keep things running around here and all that."

Ruth raised her hand before she had a chance to think. She lowered it again, realizing that she was supposed to be going unnoticed by hiding behind Wayne. He was probably having a good ole time watching the women argue and hadn't even noticed, but she'd already called attention to herself.

"Either you hadn't or you just don't care," Sin whispered back. "Which ever it is, I don't care." She looked over at Ruth as she raised her hand, catching the movement in the corner of her eye. With the slightest shake of her head, she looked back to Simon. "Espionage won't do any good unless you have someone with masking abilities."

"I care about war, instead of tea parties," Athena replied. "There's no time for soft feelings or pretend. This is war. And while I'm fluent in German, I'd rather be speaking English for the rest of my life."

"We have people who are already inside enough to bring us mid to low level intelligence and who can get more people inside should we require it." Simon said, hoping that if he didnt acknowledge their argument they wouldnt continue it.

Wayne, unlike the other women, had the compassion and respect to not ignore Ruth. Turning to her, he asked quietly, "Are you alright? Did you want to say something?"

Ruth shook her head. The moment had passed and the conversation had changed. She did however point to her eyes then around at the room, asking if they could take a look around.

Rooming with Ruth had made Wayne somewhat accustomed to her signals. "I'm sure it's fine.... did you need me to come with? I think it's pretty secure down here. Boobie traps and all."

Ruth tugged on his sleeve, meaning, yes she wanted him to come with her. She pointed to Simon. It was probably best he know what they were doing.

"Hey Simon, do ya mind if Ruth an' I take a look around this place? Maybe get to know one another before we go out on missions an' things of the like?" Wayne asked, placing his hands on his hips

Sin looked over at Wayne and Ruth before turning to Simon. "Yes, but nothing high level, right? That's where you really need the spies." She gestured at Wayne with her head. "That's a good idea. And...what sort of munitions do you stock here?"

"No, nothing high level, so nothing from the General himself or anyone within 6-10 ranks of him." Simon said, answering Sin first. "And we have weapons including rifles, shotguns, SMGs, and a few light machine guns. Also a few combat knives, grenades, and landmines, and about enough ammo for us to last out for a month. We are working on getting some heavier weaponry and supplies that will be needed when this operation expands." He then turned to Wayne to answer his question. "You can explore what you want, but dont open any doors that arent already open and keep an eye on where your stepping."

Ruth only really wanted to see the living quarters and the kitchen. She produced her journal and wrote, "Where is the kitchen?" Since she didn't like wasting paper, she held the journal up to Simon and pointed to her question since there were other things written on the page also.

Simon leaned in a bit close to get a better look at the small text. "We dont have a kitchen exactly. The closest we have is a camping kit that allows you to cook over a fire, and a fridge/freezer in what was the break room."

Ruth nodded then circled the word "Where" and showed it to him again. She didn't want to snoop, especially since he said they needed to be careful.

"It should be down the hallway about one hundred feet. The door should say Employee Break Room." Simon said, putting down the hallway. "If you two want I can show you where the weapons and munitions are."

Ruth gave him a thumbs up and shook her head at the second bit. Wayne might be interested in guns and things, but she only wanted to see what she had to work with for a kitchen. She tugged on his arm, unwilling to go by herself.

Wayne looked to Simon and the group, "Be right back, ya'll. I'll check out the weapons room wit ya in a bit." And the two headed down the hall towards the cooking area. "See? This isn't so bad." he said down to Ruth in a hushed voice.

Sin nodded and looked at Simon. "I suppose I should go check out what you got in here." She headed after Wayne, looking at the walls as she did so.

Ruth Was somewhat disappointed when she saw the camping kit Simon had mentioned. She had been hoping for a proper stove, but this was a little better than the hacked off 55 gallon drum she'd been using in the rail station basement. So long as she had the dutch oven Wayne had gotten her, she could fix anything. She could even bake a cake if she could get the coals warm enough. Without everyone else so close she proceeded to investigate what there was as far as rations.

Simon watched the others walk down the hallway and turned towards Athena. "After you ma'am."

"Not too shabby." Wayne said, placing his hands on his hips as the two of them looked around. "Think you can do a bang up job, like I know you can, button?"

Ruth was looking through the supplies Simon had told them about. There were the usual things like potatoes, canned goods and a few cured meats. She nodded her head to Wayne. She could feed these people with the tools and supplies they had here and nearly starving for half her life she could keep the portions under control and make things last twice as long. She gave Wayne a thumbs up. She was satisfied. She placed her hands together and to the side of her face, tilting her head. She wanted to find out where they would be sleeping next.

Sin frowned at the makeshift kitchen. It was obvious that they wouldn't be getting much from that set up. But if the quiet girl could whip up something, it would be appreciated to the fullest from Sin. She looked over at Simon. "Which way to the armory?"

Simon heard Sin's question and turned his head to speak down the hallway. "Its further down. I wouldnt try for it right now."

"Donno- we're going to have to see." Wayne said, his attention going to Sin as she addressed Simon. He was quite curious as to where the weapons were as well. Perhaps he could gather some ammo?

Athena hung back from the rest of the group, letting her eyes become familiar with the twists and turns of the hallways, with the size of the rooms, with everything she would need to know if she ever had to maneuver the space in the dark.

With Athena on her way Simon joined the rest of the group. "The weapons are this way if your wanting to see them." He started off down the hallway again at a slower pace, to allow the rest to catch up.

Sin nodded and followed after Simon. "If there is anything worth seeing," she mumbled to herself.

Ruth could care less about weapons and ammo, but if it meant finding out where the sleeping quarters were on the way, she'd follow. She figured Wayne would want to investigate so she joined him and waited for Sin to pass by first.

Simon spent most of the time with his eyes moving from the ground to the walls and then back to the ground again. He was making sure that he hadnt accidentally had traps set here. He came across a trap that had been disarmed, it was a shotgun tripline trap, that would have cause a double barrel shotgun to fire when the trigger was activated. He grabbed the gun off its mount and took it with them. Eventually they came to a room labeled Generator and pushed open the door, revealing a decent sized stockpile of small to midrange arms and armaments. "Here ya go."

"Shoot!" Wayne exclaimed, lifting the front brim of his hat so he could take a good look. "Where in tar-nation did ya git all these?"

Sin glanced back when she heard Wayne shout and frowned at his need to be loud before turning to the weaponry.

"Most of them were looted from a few nearby military bases that were abandoned after the surrender." Simon explained. "A few came from out west when the Resistance out there formed our little niche. The rest, and mainly German weapons, came from hit supply trains."

Wayne smiled a wide smile and stepped forward, checking the ammunition section. He skimmed the piles of boxes until he found something he liked. Taking the small cardboard box out, he opened it and gleamed back to Simon. "Mind if I uh..." he gestured to the box, wondering if he could take it.

"Better them be in someone's possession then just sitting in here gathering dust." Simon said with a smile. "In fact I was going to have all of you grab a weapon from in here if you aren't already carrying one."

"I just need ammo, thanks," Sin said, inspecting the ammunition crates. She started grabbing bullets and putting them in her various pockets.

Ruth peeked around the ammo and looked at the supply. She wasn't exactly sure what her ruger held but she looked at Wayne and held up two fingers twice. She cocked her head to the side slightly as if asking a question.

Wayne stocked up and grabbed an extra heavy automatic. "You got yerself one hell of a stockpile." he commented, swinging the strap on his shoulder and stepping out of the way of the ladies.

"Unfortunately it's not enough for our purposes." Simon said as he watched them stock up, he really hoped that they wouldn't skip town after raiding the weapons supply. "We are going to need heavier weapons if we are to succeed in our overall goal."

Sin finished stocking up on enough ammo to keep her going for the next few days and took a step back. "I got some stuff in storage you can help yourself to. It's about an hour east, but if you got people to haul it, I can give it to you."

"We can have it brought over here." Simon said to Sin's offer of assistance. "We may even be lucky enough to find a subway tunnel that goes near it, then we can transport more at one time."

Wayne was ignoring her for all these big shiny guns. Ruth shook the little box of ammunition at him, asking if this was the ammo for her 22 ruger pistol.

Wayne's attention was stolen and he grabbed the box, looking at the label, then at the inside. "Perfect, Button." he said, handing it back to her. "What luck."

Simon watched as everyone loaded up on ammo and weapons wondering how many of them would be dead or missing this time next month. Hw shook his head to rid himself of such awful thoughts. "When you're all ready we can continue on with the tour."

Athena was already lost in the darkness, exploring the area for hiding spaces, unexpected, creative weapons, ways out, and anything else she deemed important.

Sin nodded and looked back at Simon. "Whenever you're ready, chief."

Wayne looked at Ruth, then nodded to Simon to continue.

Ruth stuffed her single box of ammo into her bag and looped her arm in Wayne's so they could follow.

Simon nodded and stepped out if the weapons room and continued showing them around their current base of operations. Upon completion of the tour he brought then back to the entrance of the maintenance corridor. "Thats what we have right now. We dont expect you to live here unless you want to. Any other questions?"

When no one posed a question, Simon nodded, "Alright then." He took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh before continuing. "As I spook to Wayne about earlier, I had a raid planned for after this gathering and I extend an invitation to any of you that wish to join us."

Ruth made it a point to take a step back. She was fairly certain no one expected her to go out on any raids of any kind, but she would have a good dinner waiting on them when they reutrned.

"You got me, and I got my own mode of transportation, unless that's against the rules as well," Sin said, her eyes locked on Simon, as if she was challenging him to say she couldn't bring her motorcycle.

"No rules against it, but you might want to leave it here once you hear the game plan." Simon said.

Sin stared at Simon. "So...what is the game plan?"

"The plan is to hit one of the soon to be arriving supply trains before it gets within the city limits. We are going to be going out there on foot to avoid the road blocks and checkpoints the Nazis have set up, so we can minimize suspicion and prevent the plan from being discovered by an accidentally uncovered weapon." Simon began, even though right now Sin was the only volunteer, "There is a small outcropping of stones near the tracks which will be our ambush point. Dynamite on the tracks will stop the train and give us the element of surprise. Once we have what we need or can get we run."

"Sheee-oot! That sounds like a bang up plan there, Simon. Eh? Eh? Get it? Bang up?" Wayne asked, elbowing Sin a bit to catch his pun.

Ruth rolled her eyes at Wayne and took up her journal to write something. When she was finished she turned it around for Simon to read. "Is three of you going to be enough?" She wasn't counting the other woman because she appeared to have left some time ago.

Sin snorted with laughter at Wayne's joke. Even louder when he elbowed her. Once she got that under control, she looked at Simon, taking a deep breath. "Really, do you have any more people? And if so, how many, so I don't accidentally shoot any of them."

"We have several other people joining us and they should already be heading that way." Simon explained, "And you should recognize them as friendlies as they will be in plain clothes like us."

"When did ya want this plan to go underway?" Wayne asked, somewhat excited to be working with other rebels.

"As soon as possible." Simon said, "Gotta make sure we are there and ready before the train is."

"Then what the hell are we sitting around here for?" Sin moved down the hall and unholstered her gun from her bike. Since her baby was staying here, she put it off to the side, hoping no one would touch it. With her weapons on her person, she made her way back to Simon.

"Just wanting to make sure you were all on board." Simon said as he checked his own gear to make sure he was prepared. "So, if we are all ready to go we can move out together."

Ruth grabbed Wayne's hand and tugged. There was a stern nervous look in her eyes. She didn't want him to do, but she knew he was the most likely one to come back alive.

Wayne glanced down to Ruth. Taking his other large hand, he rested it on her head and rubbed it around, messing up her hair a bit. "Don't ya worry one bit, now ya'here?"

Ruth pulled her head out from under his hand and stuck her finger in his chest, somewhat sharply. He'd become accustomed to her writing on him and she spelled out "Just come back." With an exclamation point at the end. When she dotted it she poked him again just so he knew how serious she was.

Wayne winced at the pokes and gave a toothy grin at her seriousness. He gave her a wink, not really believing he would be in any true danger.

When he smiled and winked at her Ruth poked him again, harder and wrote "Promise me."

Wayne nodded and made an 'X' on his chest. "Promise." he said with a smile. "Besides, you need me to eat all your cookin'."

He'd made her smile. Alright... he'd be careful. Ruth made a little x on her own chest and pursed her lips together. She wanted to kiss him for good luck, but couldn't bring herself to do it in front of these new people.

Sin looked at them all. "So? We going or what?" She gave Ruth a quick thumbs up. "You look after my bike and I'll look after the big guy, okay?"

Ruth looked up at Sin and smiled. She gave her a thumbs up. She'd look after her bike, though she wasn't sure what could happen to it while they were gone. As long as she stayed away from it nothing bad should happen.

"Alright then. Lets go." Simon said as he waved them all to follow him. "We are taking a back way that will cut our travel time in half." With that, he led them to The Outskirts of Town.

While the others went ahead, Wayne stepped back and kissed Ruth on the forehead, resting his hand on her stomach. "I'll be back, don't you worry. Stay here and be safe. Only go in the tunnels we've already been in. Ah don't want you getting caught in one of those traps. An' be sure to make us a big dinner, would ya?" He pulled away and smiled, adjusting his hat. "Be back in time for supper, darlin'."

Ruth watched him go nervously. She'd leaned into his gentle kiss and her heart fluttered when he touched her stomach...

- Return to Weltherrschaft

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2011-05-04 [Lord Josmar]: Because it's a get to know each other sort of situation. I'm working to get us going into some action, but there isn't a lot of posting going on. As soon as everyone says "Ok, I'm in." or "No thanks, I dont want to."

2011-05-04 [Ravenclaw]: Well they all know Ruth isn't going. She already asked if three was enough, excluding herself.

2011-05-04 [Lord Josmar]: Yea. I didn't figure she was going to come along. Just waiting on the rest of 'em.

2011-05-04 [Ravenclaw]: Sticks! Out of asses NOW!

2011-05-06 [Lord Josmar]: PREGGERZ!!

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2011-05-26 [Chel.]: Only Ruth is here.

2011-05-26 [Chel.]: And easy for you to say... the Nazi's have all the cool shit and no one wanted to be "ordinary" so we have a group of like...5

2011-05-26 [Evolution X]: I'm standing in a bar chel... that's all I'm doing...

2011-05-26 [Chel.]: Ahh- well I thought JC had some plan up his sleeve to get everyone, even Ruth into some action?

2011-05-26 [Evolution X]: I dunno. Bar times.

2011-05-26 [Ravenclaw]: I'm not supposed to get any action though. I'm content to just sit here till everyone gets back. But stuff has to happen for them so they can get back.

2011-05-26 [Lord Josmar]: Well I had it set up for all the resistance (cept RC) to get into combat and I was trying to find a way to get more Nazi's into it but wasnt able to get Sigu and Rocco in, while all the other Nazi's are doing something. I am working on something with Rocco and Sigu, but not sure exactly, but this Jim guy you are talking to is going to be a major staple in the game for awhile, thats why he got his own wiki, lolz.

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