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The Spirit of Fire



Divina Kader

Ship Specs

Length: 2.5 kilometers
Engine Unit(s): Eight Thruster Units
Hyper Drive: Star Drive
Hull: Titanium-A Armor
Navigation: Aria AI Unit, Or Manual Computer


-Magnetic Accelerator Cannons
-50mm point defense twin-linked auto cannon turrets(two hundred)
-Deck Guns (50 heavy machine gun turrets)
-Missile Turrets


-11,000 Ship General Crew
-60 SD Engineers
-Black Team(12 operators, Lead By Vance)
-Orbital Drop Shock Troopers(120 members, primary role DLZ security and rapid response ground assault team)
-Marines(one battalion)


-Saber Fighter-Bombers(x30)
-Troop Transport Orbital Drop Ships(x10)
-Boarding Transports(x10)
-Mining Craft(x4)

Current Location:

Station Omega


“Dee, all I'm Saying is that we have accomplished so much already how hard could it be to find our own planet?” Vance smiled brightly as he keep cleaning his pistol in the Captain’s quarters of the ship. He loved spending time with his sister. This time cleaning weapons after his last operation was always the best time spent.

Divina sighed then grabbed Vance's assault rifle, and began field stripping it. “Vance, Recruitment of an able bodied crew, good reputation as a mercenary slash privateer crew, and never failing a mission do not come even close to what your trying to pros-wade me to do with this ship. Deep space exploration of uncharted systems is dangerous.”

“And blowing up a Federation fuel depot was not?” Vance asked Devina with a smirk.

Divina glared at Vance. “Well considering you bring it up now. I thought we had agreed not to take a direct assault approach to that Vance.” As she spoke she let the bolt assembly of the rifle fall onto the table with a thud. “You almost got my ship blow out of orbit you ass hole!” As she picked up the bolt Divina glared at Vance in a way she had not before. “You drooped in with all of black team, and first platoon ODST with out my okay! You shoot the place up, and while you were dealing with that, oh so heavy and by that I mean that near non existent security. I had two cruisers come back from the task force to engage The Spirit of Fire. I had to work my ass off to coordinate your extraction, and fight off two much faster and heavily armed Federation ships!” Divina then picked up the bolt, and began cleaning it up.

“Dee. Come on it was not that bad, The Spirit has way more fire power than those ships. You built her to be a capital ship. You know stronger than dreadnoughts. Pulse the fighter bombers give you more tactical advantage. You said this ship could take on a task force in a pinch...” Before Vance could finish the look Divina gave him shout him up.

“Vance! I am not playing around in a pinch! That means heavy damage, and major loss of life. I had to work double time and a half to keep from getting damaged and keep you from frying with the depot...” Divina stopped yelling and sighed. “I just want you to keep your word to me... I could have worked around the task force and the fighting if I had known it was coming ahead of time. I'm just glad I could inert the Cruisers, and destroy there long range capability with out having to kill the crews. You know that we do business with the Feds. There already going to be pissed we destroyed the fule depot, but popping two cruisers as well. Ekk.”

“Divina... I won't change the plane with out proper need anymore... but about the first question. What would we need- hypothetically speaking! To pull it off?” Vance returned the slide to his side arm, and began a functions check.

Divina sighed. “Good.” She then began to think. “Well assuming that we have literally all things in our favor. At least a cupple hundred mil in creds, and that’s not counting crew pay. A large bulk of fule in one of the cargo holds, consolation materiel, and an idea of where to go. Honestly I think we should talk about it after we have the money.”

“How close dose this last job put up Dee?” Vance asked with intrust while picking up the upper reciver of his weapon, and beginning to clean it.”

Divina laughed, and look at Vance. “Well. At that rate we will need about, oh...” Divina was crunching numbers in her head, then smiled hopfuly. “Sixty, Seventy more missions. Assuming we take no damage, and I don't see our luck streak holding over that sweety.” She then winked at her brother playfuly.

Vance sighed. “Why do you always get my hops up like that then crush them Dee?”

Divina smiled. “Because I never got to beat you when we would wrestle growing up and now I have no chance! so I have to take my hits where I can.” She then sat down the rifle bolt, and sat back on the couch. “We should be at Omega soon. Want to talk about it over a drink on the station?”

“Sure.” Vance smiled up and looked at Divina. “What ever happened to that boy you were dating at OCS by the way?”

“He's a federation admiral now. An he's always asking me to come to his home station when he is on shore leave to dwell time to go out to dinner, a movie, and marriage proposal.” Divina went on with a smile and playful tone.

Vance laughed. “Well now. I guess you don't want to be a trophy wife? Come on! Wouldn't you look great on his mantel!” Vance went on giving his sister a hard time.

Divina's smile went away. “Vance... I can't leave you, and I won't leave my ship... I want to be apart of this. Besides. I'm sure if you ever thought about him having sex with me. You'll kill him.”

Vance laughed and shook his head. “Well That is true... I would kill him.”

"Captain we have an emergency. Petty Officer Wane has received major disfiguring trauma. He is in the Medical bay now reciving treatment from Doctor Hallsy, but the situation is looking bleak." Aria the shipboard AI informed the room.

"I'm on my way Aria!" Divina jumped up and looked to Vance following her. "My head Engineer is injured... That's not good."

All crew prepare for launch, black team report to the hanger bay combat ready, ODST platoons one and two report to the hanger bay combat ready. All hands to battle stations. Hanger ground crew prepar to recive the ship Miss Fortuen. The commands repeated three times as the spirit of fire moved away from the station and then circled to zeros a lined up shot on the ship targeting the station. The one Mac on the aft deck reading to fire on the ship.

As the miss fortune finished docking the ground crew waited for Black team to give the all clear. ODSTs waited near boarding craft for orders to move in and make ready for an assault. It didn't take long for them to give the thumbs up and the ground crew began refilling the ships fule. And making arrangements for jump.

Divina stepped of the miss fortune and looked at the members of black team. As squard away as ever. Then noticed the ODST ready for an assault mission. "Make ready for jump. We have guests so on your best behaviour." She shook her head and sighed. "Aria why are the ODSTs in the hanger combat ready?"

Avandra looked awestruck as she looked around the hanger, her arm still looped around Vance's. She closed her eyes for a moment to better listen to the engines and smiled.

"What do you think?" Vance asked Avandra with a smile and longing grin.

Yasai looked around at all the combat ready members with their rifles and slowly put his hands up in the air as his mouth opened in shock. His cigar falling out of his mouth and bouncing off his boot before rolling away. His eyes looked around the room for a minute before he slowly lowered his hands. "Well this is a first..for once I'm not the one in trouble."

"She sounds amazing!" Avandra exclaimed, opening her eyes to look at Vance. She looked over at Yasai, grinning, "And your ship! I didn't get a good look at the outside before. It's a beauty too!"

"I decided they may be needed considering the lack of understanding we had of the situation." A voice came from what seemed like the room as a woman appeared before the group seeming to appear from no where at all.

"Aria! If I was in trouble we have code words for that. I didn't use any of them..." Divina looked angry as she approached the woman who appeared. "Your a ship board AI! Not a tactically trained supper officer." Aria was learning quickly what was the best answer in the way of heeding caution, but she was taking liberties...

Vance liked the way Avandra talked about ships it was cute.

Avandra seemed to suddenly notice the soldiers and shied slightly back toward the Miss Fortune.

Yasai was right there with Avandra as he picked up his cigar and started to slowly walk backwards too his ship. As he looked as Avandra, he smiled. Slowly pressing the switch to unseal and lower the ramp. "ATLEAST I'm not the only one who feels like this."

"Take your asses back to your battle stations!" Vance called out to the Marines who acknowledged and moved out. The rushed back to there original points in the ship. "Don't worry about the troopers. They don't just go shooting the place up with out orders." He explained.

"Aria. Make the jump damn it. Get us out of here..." Dev told the AI who responded snidely and went to work moving the ship. She went to the group near the Miss Fortune. "We will be clear of the problem in about sixty seconds."

Avandra visibly relaxed as the marines lowered their weapons and dispersed, "Are you guys...military?" She asked, looking between Devina and Vance a little nervously.

Yasai stepped onto his ship and took out his flask, unscrewing it as he looked at Vance. He went to take a sip but his face quickly changed to disappointment as he held his flask upside down and nothing came out. "I'll be here on my ship if you need me, forgive me but I'm not comfortable around this many new faces and I need my beauty sleep after all we been through." He started to close the ramp to his ship with him on it.

Divine smiled at Yasai, and nodded. "I understand. I'll bring you a bottle and make sure you get a full reapply before you leave. You look like a whisky guy." She said before walking for the bridge.

"Well... That would be an odd answer... My sister used to be navy, and I used to be a soldier. Now we're mercenaries. She dose the flying and I do the ground side opperations. This ship used to belong to the Federation. Well until Div convinced the few that we could do better in the world picking our own missions, and my old SF team came with me. So we're all Fed trained, but we aren't Fed owned." Vance smiled a bit trying to take her nerves down as the crew went about there business. "Do you want to see the Star Drive? Or are you worried that we're going to turn you into who ever your running from?"


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