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This page is part of The Eye of the Dragon Roleplay, but is currently under construction. Feel free to look around, I'm almost done. You can also return to the main page:

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About Nyan

I started the creation of this extension of my wiki, The Eye of the Dragon, with plans to put boundaries on the Realm that I have presented to you. That is no longer what I plan to do. Nyan is a place where your imagination is the limit. Here, I now give you what is, not ALL that is. Everything here is open to addition and is not written in stone.

I hope that you have as much fun Role Playing in my world as I have had in its creation.
[Mira Ravenheart]

Firstly, Nyan is pronounced Ny (rhyming with my or pie)- an (as in an apple).

The World

Realms of Nyan ~ Go here for a map as well as the recent histories of specific places in Nyan.

Histories of Nyan ~ From the beginning, to a prophecy of the end.

Terms of Nyan ~ Some dates or terms that are unique to Nyan. So if you don’t know what a term means, it’s probably here.

The Magic of an Ancient Tongue ~ Magic in Nyan.

The People

Religions of Nyan ~ What do you believe….?

Races of Nyan


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