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Wiki-pages can be ranked by the crew-members. Rating 1 means that it's a good wiki-page that should have extra attention. Rating 99 means that it's a very good and unique page. But even higher ratings might appear. The wiki-page has to be exported and free for everyone to read (Other pages are considered "private")!


Classes of rating

Ratings are given in 4 classes and the 100 highest rated pages in each class are listed. A page will normally only have one kind of rating, but sometimes it's rated in more classes(examples: A page about drawing with very beautiful example-images or a funny information page). The classes are:

Informative A wiki-page will get a high informative rating if it teaches something well. It doesn't have to be something serious, but the page should be serious about explaining it.

Artistic An artistic page contains wonderful images, great stories and/or beautiful poetry.

Funny A funny page is something people laugh at.

Friendly All wiki-pages are of course friendly and they don't yell at you, but friendly-rated wiki-pages are pages that are constructed for social reasons. It can be chat-pages, pages to honour something/someone, a page that is used for some kind of project, a list of members that want something and so on. It's basically a good wiki-page that doesn't fit into the other classes.


Meaning of ratings

This is a provisional concept.

Rating:		Meaning
 1		Attention worthy page, but there might be a better 
                page elsewhere.
14		Nice page, probably best in some way.	
29		Good page, unique in some way
49              Very good page, clearly the best page of its kind.
79		Great page, so good that even people not
                interested in the subject will like it.
99		Excellent page
 >99		More than excellent page


Type of pages

Pages that are index-pages for pages with different content will never be rated. For example: The tutorials that one person has made, a list of the best wiki-pages and so on.

Pages that are index-pages for a particular subject might be rated instead of their subpages, but sometimes both index and subpages will be rated. For example: If there is a drawing-page that links to all the best drawing-pages, then that is the best page about "drawing" and will therefore be rated, but also all its good subpages about different kinds of drawing. On the other hand the page "how to draw ducks" with 7 chapters will be rated instead of its subpages, as the subpages aren't that interesting alone.

To get a page rated, it should have a good name that describes its content well (Less important, but still important for friendly-rated pages). "how to draw ducks" is a good name, "qwacky drawing" isn't (even though it's fun, but you can write that as a comment on the page instead). This also applies to funny pages! So, call the page "Blond jokes" if that's what it's about.

Official pages about Elftown and how to use it are generally not rated. Those pages get attention in other ways.


Criteria for rating

Firstly there has to be good content on the page, but that's not enough. The page also has to be unique or best in some way. If there already is a much better Wikipedia-page about this subject, then your page will not be rated even if it's quite good. To get it rated, it has to have some unique feature like being shorter, having more or better links or something like that.

And to impress the ones that rate the page, it's always good to have images, links to more information and tables. The images should be uploaded to this site if possible.

Some Notes about ratings:

1. Pages will not be given an artistic rating just because they have a pretty banner at the top, or pretty dividers.

2. Pages will not be given an artistic rating simply because it has pictures on it - if the pictures are there to help clarify a point that the text is making, then that may help improve it's informative rating, but not it's artistic rating.

3. If you disagree with a rating, please discuss it here first (even if you have the privs to change it yourself) - find out why it got rated how it did in the first place. Remember, some of these pages have already had their ratings discussed by the Featured Wiki Bosses, so if you want to change something, or disagree with something, bring it up first.

See Crew Guide to Wiki-Ratings for more information.






- You can mention any wiki for rating, as long as you realise it may be denied and that it doesn't grant you the right to throw a tantrum in this wiki. Rather than doing that, it might be a better idea to add your wiki to the Wiki Nominations, since the Featured Wiki not only gets a rating but will also get placed on the Main Street (plus more people watch the nomination-page than this one).
- Don't message crew-members repeatedly asking to get your wiki rated. It will be considered spam and will have negative consequences for you. You can suggest your wiki here, it will be taken into the Council forum and you will get an answer. You'll have to accept the answer for what it is.


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2007-09-06 [Silver Moon]: subpages?

2007-09-06 [Veltzeh]: All the other pages associated with the RPG.

2007-09-06 [Silver Moon]: ok I will thnx

2007-09-06 [Hedda]: I gave The Tower Of Seletar a friendly-rating now. Should it be listed on and be linking to some role-playing wiki? [Veltzeh], you know about that stuff?

2007-09-06 [Veltzeh]: Well, Text Adventures would be the place to list it. It's optional, though. In general, if you want to advertize it or are looking for different people to join, it's a good idea to list the game, but if it's only for a select few people, there isn't too much point in listing it, unless you want people to just look at it.

2007-09-08 [Silver Moon]: I would like a few more players

2007-09-08 [Veltzeh]: You can add it to the list yourself if you wish. :)

2007-09-12 [Mystereality]: I'm just trying to get some comments on my works, so I guess I will get it added here. LeonRes-Evil2's Writings the linked pages are not subpages, but they link to private pages.
thank you.

2007-09-14 [Hedda]: OK, but I'll not rate that as it doesn't have public interest.

2007-09-23 [Jitter]: Would it be possible to get a rating for Jitter Art? I know that's mainly a wiki index but all sub-wikis are also exported.
If it doesn't qualify it's okay! Thanks in advance for your time!

2007-09-24 [Hedda]: I gave it an artistic rating, but I'm generally not the one who should do that as I'm not into art and stuff. <img:44166_1164557415.gif>

2007-09-24 [Jitter]: *giggles* Thank you :)

2007-10-23 [†SYN†]: †vampires† It's an RP but I think it might be worth a rating... Well I hope so anyways.

2007-10-23 [Hedda]: I leave that up to someone who wants to dig into RPs. I have a hard time seeing if it's worth rating. See [Veltzeh]'s comment about though!

2007-10-24 [SilverFire]: At least some of the banners that you're encouraging people to put in their houses on that page break the UAR. You should probably take care of that before getting it rated.

2007-10-28 [Jitter]: Could someone please check Cooking? I think it might worth rating :)

2007-11-26 [roslyn]: If anyone has time, I'd love to have my Costumes and Crafts rated. 

2007-11-26 [Hedda]: OK, I gave it a rating. Maybe I should have given it an artistic rating instead, but at least it's rated now.

2007-11-26 [Mortified Penguin]: I still would like a rating for maze of guile if it's ever possible...

2007-11-27 [Hedda]: [Mortified Penguin]: That has to wait until someone in the crew tries it out and think it's good.

2007-11-27 [Mortified Penguin]: Okey dokey, smokey...

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