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2009-03-24 [Imperator]: *jumps away*

2009-03-28 [mimzy]: ay i want a badge an i want to lern chinese where can i aply

2009-03-28 [Imperator]: There is a Chinese classroom in the Languages department. :-)

2009-04-10 [Alexi Ice]: Is a councling class wanted? Kind of like a stress relive, in home therepy kind of things open to the floor for Q & A? I am super good at that type of thing.

2009-04-10 [Imperator]: That would be cool! Take a look at ETA Classes and scroll to the bottom where we have a social science department and see if anything like that is in there already.

2009-04-10 [Alexi Ice]: I have already checked. There isn't ^^

2009-04-10 [Imperator]: Well then I would strongly encourage you to start one. We need all the help we can get. :-)

2009-04-10 [Alexi Ice]: I am working on an official contest right now and once it goes through, I will give my class some thought.

2009-04-10 [Imperator]: Excellent. :D

2009-04-10 [Alexi Ice]: Yep ^^

2009-06-04 [lraina]: Oh wow this looks awesome
I am a history education major
and I think it would be fun to teach a class on here :D

2009-06-05 [Thunder Cid]: Just fill out a classroom template and submit it for review ;)

2009-10-12 [Eyden13]: I was just wondering how the transition was going.

2009-10-14 [Imperator]: I have had no luck getting the old classroom unlocked yet but I'll keep trying. Once you have say, one or two more sections of your classroom done, then we'll just use yours instead and get rid of the old one if I can't unlock it before then. Sound good?

2009-10-14 [Eyden13]: Yup. ^-^

2010-10-16 [*Phoenix*]: I noticed Algebra could use a teacher. What would I do to help out there?

2010-10-17 [Jeed]: fill out an application, of course! since you'de be picking it up, just write a short resume-styled wiki on your qualifications and we can go from there

2010-10-18 [*Phoenix*]: Okay. I don't think I'll do it right now, because of school and other things going on, but I'll keep it in mind.

2011-04-15 [Jeed]: Just sent you a message with that answer.

2011-04-15 [Jeed]: How... immature. Yes, I think I'll leave it at that. Good luck with that council application. -[Jeed]

2011-04-15 [kians mummy]: what do i have to do to teach the class Algebra

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