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Welcome to the adoption agency roleplay! Here you can act your role as pet! Also pets and owners can meet here and maybe some matches will be the result!
You can enter what you want down below and pleas don’t forget to also write your name! Have fun yall!


Enter below

[Czestawa]- *sighs* "I love you Kiss. I mean I um.... I uh I'm glad your here and I um yeah uh heh heh." *Just sits in Kiss's lap and enjoys the strokes*
[lohawefniwubf] blushes & giggles, continuing to pet [Czestawa]; "I love you & your cuddles" and with that he scratches her behind her ears.
[Czestawa]- "mmmmm my favorite spot to be scratched. hee hee, I love being around you Kiss, you make me happy."
[lohawefniwubf] smiles and continues scratching & petting.
[Czestawa]- "Hey!, Kiss, I see a mouse. It looks like it might get into the food. I'm gonna catch it." *as she gets in a pouncing position and chasses after mouse*
[Czestawa]-*Stops chasing mouse and looks around for Kiss* "Kiss, Kiss, *a worried look as she runs around trying to find Kiss* Kiss where are you? Please don't leave me...... Kiss, come back! *tears are forming as she stops running* Please Kiss, *crying* come back don't leave me. *as she whispers* Don't leave me." *In fetal possition, crying, hoping Kiss will return*
[lohawefniwubf] scoops up [Czestawa] "I'm here gorgeous!" and cuddles her protectivly. "Everythings ok" he says, comforting her.
[Czestawa]-"Oh Kiss, I thought you left me. Oh don't scare me like that again." *Begins to purrr loudly, closes eye and falls asleep*
[Czestawa]- *Wakes up in a panic* "Kiss where are you....I had a bad dream...."
[lohawefniwubf] pets [Czestawa] from behind "It's ok, I'm still here" he says, and smiles; gently scracthing the top of her head.
[Czestawa]-"Kiss I had a bad dream, I dreamed I was being chassed by a wolf, and he was trying to eat me."
[lohawefniwubf]smiles "Well it's ok, it was just a dream... Not reality." he says, and cuddles [Czestawa].
[Czestawa]- "I want you to meet my best friend sometime. Shes so cool, shes a kitty too. You can find her at [redrosevamp]"
[lohawefniwubf] giggles. "I'd only be too pleased to meet her" he says with a smile.
[Czestawa] "I miss you."
[RayneRiverStone] "Does Czestawa need a new owner?"
[Czestawa] "Maybe, I think I was forgoten." *Looks down and cries*
[lohawefniwubf] scoops [Czestawa] up protectivly; "No she doesn't!" <--(has had internet & computer problems)
[Czestawa]- "Kiss, theres something I need to tell you... I'm pregnanet, I fell in love and now I'm gonna have a baby."
[RayneRiverStone]- "Did people forget about this place or something, cause it seems that I'm the only one who comes here anymore. Whats up with that."


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2004-12-23 [i fall from the sky]: i missed alot of things

2004-12-24 [XxIrish_CloverxX]: Yes you have.

2004-12-25 [Sunrose]: *comment with huge font deleted* Thanks! Same to you! ^^

2004-12-31 [XxIrish_CloverxX]: *nods*

2005-04-12 [Bloody Napkins!]: *poofs into existence* hello people! *twirls the ends of my hair a bit*

2005-06-28 [Czestawa]: I want to play....

2005-07-10 [lohawefniwubf]: lol

2005-07-22 [Baja Ryld]: new here looking for adoption, pen pal ro whatnot... hi all

2005-07-22 [Baja Ryld]: anyone else about?

2005-07-26 [Czestawa]: Meow..... hee hee, hi.

2005-08-04 [lohawefniwubf]: *Giggles*

2005-12-04 [grey wanderer]: hello? i'm looking for an owner

2005-12-05 [Lady of Lore]: Well I would be more than willing to adopt more pets, I'd like to eventually draw a picture of all my pets and post them up. You can add your name under my list of paulas pets once the official adoption stuff is okayed. ^ ^

2005-12-05 [The real life Bella Swan]: Hm, would you like me to take care of it for ya?

2005-12-05 [Lady of Lore]: sure, that is if Grey Wanderer wants to be one of my pets

2007-08-13 [Eriseith]: *slinks into the room just in the doorway, glancing around before moving around the outside of the room* Hello *looks out the window then purrs contently before relaxing on a rug by the window*

2007-09-09 [Czestawa]: [Czestawa]: Hello, please don't run away, I have been waiting for you.

2007-09-09 [RayneRiverStone]: Walks up to both and says, " I have been waiting for both of you, would you like to join me tonight?"

2007-10-09 [the blackridinghood]: *walks in shyly*Um.. Can I join you guys? I'm, well, lost..

2007-10-20 [Czestawa]: "I miss [lohawefniwubf], I hope to see him again soon."

2007-12-13 [lohawefniwubf]: I am hereeeeeeee

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