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User Name: [Flisky]

Character name: Adrianne "Addy" Wagner

Mutant Name: Blink

Classification: X-Men

Abilities/powers: Inherited from her 'father', she has the ability to teleport at will, but only into places she can see or knows very well (the *BAMF* ability). She also has extreme flexibility and climbing abilities, also inherited from her 'father'.

Sex: Female

Age: 15 18

Birthday: September 7

General appearance: Blue. Very blue. Her hair is long and blue, her skin is blue. Addy's eyes are yellow, the only other color on her. She stands in a crouch most of the time, but when standing fully, she is 5'9". Her feet are clawed and animalistic, and her hands have only two fingers and a thumb. She has a long tail and pointed ears. She also sports a pair of fangs that are visible when she smiles. Addy is extremely thin but very well muscled and sports several more scars over her body, including twin burn scars on her arms and a multitude of small scars on her legs.

Additional Appearance: A number of small scars cover her back and are clearly visible since she makes no attempt to cover them. She tends to wear little more than small shorts and gymnast tops.

Personality: Addy is fun loving, though it has to be dragged out of her most of the time. It's not that she's shy, it's just that she seems to be a bit...scared. She is kind, but a bit condescending sometimes. Addy lacks social etiquette that most people have and will say pretty much whatever comes to mind.

Update: After three years in the area in between, Addy came out with a sort of feralness that rivals even Wolverine. She doesn't trust people anymore, shying away from even the simplest gestures. She is also practically emotionless in front of people, and quiet.
Special Skills: She is naturally athletic, and loves to tinker with electronics of any sort, though she is more likely to break them than anything.

Place of birth: Washington, D.C.
Weapon(s) of choice: Addy hates fighting, so she really hates weapons. In a bind she will use a dagger type weapon made from a claw she brought back, or her own agility and powers.
Medical information: Addy is a test-tube child. She was made in a facility in Washington, so her medical records are not public.
Brief History: Addy's history is never brief. She was created with a sample of Kurt Wagner's DNA injected into a donated egg. When the child, codenamed Experiment 631539ADRN, was created, she was tested on, cut into, and otherwise experimented on in a facility underneath the country's capitol. Adrianne, as she was named by her handlers, grew into a unique child. She still retained her childlike fascination while at the same time being smart enough to keep quite and keep to herself. With the help of her 'father', she was able to escape from the facility and the operation was shut down. When she reached maturity at 14, she learned of her ability to teleport, a feat she had previously not known of. Now she is being sent to Xavier for additional training.

After being at the Institute for a month, a cruel practical joke on an already injured Addy caused her to misread her own teleportation. She only wanted to make a small jump, but her anger threw her elsewhere. Three weeks passed for the rest of the world, however, because of the fluctuations in her emotional stability, Addy was trapped for three years in a place of limbo, not quite here or there, a place that had sulfuric lava flows and creatures that would kill Adrianne. She barely survived to find herself sucked back to the very place she had left the mansion from, three years older, a bit more feral, and lost in the real world.

A Day In Time - Addy

Relatives: 'father' or DNA provider, Kurt Wagner.

How long your character has been in the mansion: Sevenish-ish months or so, with two weeks in between where she was 'missing'.


Thank you, [Duredhel]!

A gift for Christmas. :D

A WIP, faceless version.

Relationship Chart
1-bad, 5-neutral, 10-good

Character Rating Comments
Olexis Solnes 10 Likely the only person Addy will ever trust implicitly. She practically raised Olexis, despite the other girl being technically older, and they grew up together, helping each other cope.
Anthony Havelock 9 They are more or less dating. Although it isn't made official or public or anything. But it would probably be apparent to everyone given the amount of time she spends with him.
Coral Zhou 8 Her new roomie. Addy feels ridiculously protective of her, even against her brother.
Justin Alphar 8 There is something about the portals and Justin's overall acceptance and understanding that has made him tolerable.
Elizabeth Charms  7 Over the past few weeks, Addy has tried to befriend Flame a little more.
Mimic 7 The kid is cute in a strange way.
Kobayashi Hisoka 6 His unique power interests her. If there was a way to appear normal, she was willing to try it.
Gavin Zhou 5 The boy was lucky to walk away with most of his feathers intact.
Shade 5 Having survived something as awful as she did, Addy can see where Shade came up with some of the cynical ideas he had.
Shana Grace Tilar 5 One of the new leaders of the mansion. Addy doesn't mind her all that much.
Valerie K. Sprouse 5 Val was one of the few who believed Addy when she returned. That might say something about Val's kindness.
Daniela Morgan 4 Dani is smaller than Addy, which is the only reason she has any sort of comfort with the girl.
Light Blackburn 4 Light was a friend, but she attacked her when she returned. That does not make her high on Addy's 'want to know' list right now.
Sarah Criss 4 Something about this girl just rubs Addy the wrong way. But maybe she isn't as bad as Addy thought.
Kyle Bedlington 3 The boy is just strange and insulting and annoying and Addy doesn't really like him that much. Oh, and he smells funny.
Kaia Delwyn Gråheim 2 She straddled her and forced her down. What the hell was that?
Atsila 1 Mihir is a jerk and Addy feels he cannot redeem himself.
René Chastain 0 Asshole. Although she didn't think she could hate someone on first meeting, René has proven her wrong.

Current Clothing: Dark red two piece swimsuit with ties on either hip and over her neck and at her back.


X-Men Characters

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2010-07-28 [Figgy]: Did Kurt knowingly provide the DNA for Adrianne?

Also, a point Dur and I wanted to make is that there is already a secret organization in the main plot, and it would probably be inefficient to bring in another. So would this be like, the government doing experiments?

Just trying to clear things up before everything is accepted. :)

2010-07-28 [Flisky]: To the first question, no. He had no idea.

And as far as the main plot, the organization could be anything. She doesn't know who they were, so it could be still existing, it could be a governmental one that's shut down, or whatever. I'm amiable to suggestions. ^_^

2010-07-28 [Figgy]: I think we might lean more toward the shut down organization. One reason is because the organization for the main plot doesn't coincide very well with Adrianne, and such.

2010-07-28 [Flisky]: Okay. I can go with that. ^_^

2010-07-28 [Flisky]: How about that? (Would make things simpler in the long run, I think, if Nightcrawler knew of her existence so he didn't have to interact so much with her.)

2010-07-28 [Figgy]: Yep, that works. :)
Veltz can stick your character sheets back up there, so just let her know. :)

2011-12-14 [Flisky]: Updated for the time jump.

2012-10-16 [Flisky]: Addy's in the infirmary waiting for that mess to clear up.

2014-05-17 [Ms. Steel]: Woah, what the hay happened between Kaia and Addy?

2014-05-17 [Flisky]: Addy was shot and Kaia tried to heal her and wound up scaring Addy into fleeing and Anthony had to come in and save the day.

2014-05-17 [Ms. Steel]: Oh, oh, oh. I hadn't recalled that it had escalated in such a manner. heh.

2014-05-17 [Flisky]: Yeah. Addy was not happy with that situation. At all.

2014-06-23 [Flisky]: Practicing my art...EXTREMELY ROUGH. Took a page from Dur's book and made a model (that I'm admittedly still working on) for Addy. It's...okay, I guess.


*edit* Fixed her legs. It was bothering me that they were disproportional. And the tail. A lot about this is bothering me.

2014-06-23 [CuteCommander]: It's certainly a good start ^_^

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