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2009-04-09 18:22:30
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All of my paintings appear glossy, the reason behind this is I had taken the pictures while they were still wet to get the glossed look.

1. Close up of Bamboo. Inspiration was candle holder you see in the third picture. Stems done with brushes, the rest just almost poured on the board.
2. After applying fresh paint, I would let it dry, and then add a new layer to get rid of the streaks it would leave beind. I wanted a pitch black look, not black streaks.
3. Here you see the inspiration included.
4. And this is the finished product.
5. This one, I wasn't sure where I was taking it in the beginning, just letting the flow come out through my arm as it curved.
6. This particular painting I did included no brush work at all, just the paint bottle straight streaming onto the board.
7. Eventually it started forming, I was stuck between two names: Entwined Swans or Fire In The Night. The latter became the title of course, as I always like to go for something really different and unusual.
8. This only took one go actually, I didn't need to two a second layer of paint.
9. The finished product.
10. This painting was actually a complete accident. It started off as something completely different, which I didn't like and wasn't feeling any flow to it, and then I started in this direction. The painting is simply called The Led Zeppelin Influence, as it was ALL I was listening too at the time.
10. You'll see around the green circle some white, the white was actually the beginning of the painting, and I didn't like it. Then I turned the white into the border of the leaves on a tree, added the brown trunks below, and it turned into trees! It's great when you can turn a mistake into something worthwhile, that way you don't waste a board, time, or paint. Not to mention creative flow.
11. There are also several different elements of Led Zeppelin songs incoporated in to this painting. If you look really closely you will see either three or four pairs of eyes, thus being "The Eyes That Sparkle".
12. The yellow streak in the middle symbolizes a stream of light that leads to the fire, I can't remember the exact lyric that this matched the moment. I think it was, "In The Night, You Will Find The Road"
13. Almost finished, you will see that I started to add the darkness around the forest, but didn't want to add too much darkness INSIDE the forest, because then I didn't think anyone would be able to tell it was a forest.
14. Finished product. You'll see in the right hand bottom corner some wings, these are "The Wings of Desire", I think. I will have to check my notes to make sure that's what I called them. You'll also see a monster/creatur/owl hiding in one of the trees. This painting includes barely any brush strokes at all, most of it was free hand, meaning I hold the bottle over the board and draw with just the flow of my arm & hand.

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